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Irish Spring Festival - 2001

List of Winners

  King and Queen 2001 Irish Spring Festival

John Shields - King Andrew XX
Gale Craig - Queen Elizabeth XX

  Find the Butterfly
Day 1 - Jackie Stewart
Day 2 - Cassandra Bruffey
Day 3 - Ann Bosely
Day 4 - Cecilia Bosely
Day 5 - Brittani Taylor
Day 6 - Jackie Chisler
Day 7 - Sheena Horner
Day 8 - Jackie Chisler

  House Decorating Winners

1st Place - Lucille McCray
2nd Place - Clarence & Jean O'Dell
3rd Place - Dave & Sally Mealey
4th Place - Mary Ratliff
5th Place - Darrell & Connie Bleigh
6th Place - Larry Hedricks

Costume Winners

1st Place - Bill Richards
2nd Place - Peggy Rexroad
Wearing the most butterflies - Jean Bruffey

  Limerick Contest Winners

1st Place - Tressie George
2nd Place - Sharon Dennison
3rd Place - Lynn King


The Signature Quilt sponsored by Crawford 4H and CEOS club - Sharon McGinnis

  Horse Shoe Pitch

Youth Winner -- Chelsea Marple
Adult Winner -- Carmen Ratliff

  Parade Winners:

Best of Show --  Hungry Caterpillar - Ireland Head Start
1st Place --  Randy Hall Family
2nd Place -- Stewart & McClain Families
3rd Place --  Barbie Jeep with Courtney Putnam & Katlyn Moneypenny

  Scavenger Hunt Winner:

Rachel Haggerty

  Duck Race

1st Place - Matt Spaur
2nd Place - Joel Lamberette
3rd Place - Ron Adams
4th Place - Jenny Smith

  Flying Rainbows (Kite Fly)

Flying Highest - Nicholas hedrick
Up the Longest:
1st Place - Kayle Pickens
2nd Place - Cecilia Bosely

  Talent Show

Best of Show - Catherine Tamlyn and Danielle Pickens
First Place - Rebecca Sandmeler
Second Place - Kyle Moneypenny
Third Place - Shae McClain

  Road Bowling

Con O'Callaghan team from South Boston

  Road Bowl Lofting

1st Place - Jared Putnam
2nd Place - Brian Craig
3rd Place - Travis Craig

  Snake Chase

1st Place Male - Dave Petitt
1st Place Female - Amy Hedrick
2nd Place Male - Nathaniel Burgett
2nd Place Female - Wendy Craig

  Fried Potato Contest

1st Place...... Mona Ware
2nd Place...... Connie Bleigh

  Pet Show Winners

Best of Show  - Melody the Collie
1st Place - The Hamster with Amy Hedrick
2nd Place - Whatisit with Anna Mae Wimer

  Mountain Bike Tour

16 bikers participated in the 10 and 1/2 mile Mountain Bike Tour.

We wish to thank all those who participated and we welcome you back in 2002 for another week of funfilled activities and contests!  Happy Spring!

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