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Irish Spring Festival - 2000

List of Winners

  King and Queen 2000 Irish Spring Festival
Richard Hoover - King Andrew XIX
Shelva Skinner - Queen Elizabeth XIX

  House Decorating Winners
1st Place - Lucille McCray
2nd Place - Mary Ratliff
3rd Place - Mike & Linda Hogan
4th Place - Tom & Carolyn Merrill
5th Place - Clarence & Jean O'Dell
6th Place - John & Cathy Bruffey

   Chase The Rainbow Winners

#1 and #2 found by Kristen McClain
#3 found by Ramona Bosley
#4 and #5 found by Brittani Taylor

Costume Winners
1st Place - Felicia Smith
2nd Place - Bill Richards
3rd Place - Roger Marsh

  Limerick Contest Winners
1st Place - Nellie Lowther
2nd Place - Sharon Dennison
3rd Place - Jean Bruffey


50/50 Drawing - Bill Wince, $ 163.00
Bushel of Irish Spuds - Ann Spaur
The Signature Quilt sponsored by Crawford 4H and CEOS club - Sue Westfall
Bird House - John Hedricks
Youth Group 50/50 Drawing - Hill Marple

  Horse Shoe Pitch   (Sponsored by Connie Bailey)
Youth Winner -- Danielle Pickens
Youth Runner-Up -- Amy Hedricks
Adult Winner -- Junior Marple

  Parade Winners:

Best of Show --  Fall Run Youth Group, "Noah's Ark"
1st Place --  The Hall Family, "Racing Under the Rainbow"
2nd Place -- Faye Heavner & granddaughters, "2 Pots of Gold"
3rd Place --  McClain's Rainbow Float

  Scavenger Hunt winners were:

1st Place:  Xesia Pickens, Jessie Fisher, Stacie Yearago, Patrick Frame and Angel Frame

2nd Place: Laura Cogar

  Just Ducky Sweepstakes

1st Place $100.00 winner: Paul Riffle
2nd Place $50.00 winner: Cathy Bruffey
3rd Place $30.00 winner: John Shields
4th Place $20.00 winner: Robert McCartney

  Flying Rainbows (Kite Fly)

1st Place - Amy Hedrick
2nd Place - Cassandra Butcher
3rd Place - Rex Putnam

There were 14 participants and Howie Marsh, from the American Kite Flyers Association, provided a fasinating display of homemade kites, some of which had historical purposes.  Thank you Howie!

  Talent Show

Best of Show - Jr. Lloyd & Hubert Riffle

First Place Winners

Briana Pittman
Shae McClain
Kristen McClain & Danica Kempinski
Kris Granados
Alicia Brown

Second Place Winners

Ali Pittman
Amy Hedricks, Danielle Pickens & Kayla Pickens,
Brittani Taylor & Cassie Bruffey
Cassie, Brittani, Samantha Robinson & Stephanie Cantor

  Road Bowling - This year was the largest turnout ever for the Road Bowling this year with a total of 12 teams!

Road Bowl Teams and scores for Saturday March 18, 2000:

Lowest Scores:

Lucky Charms 39
Don and Boys 41
Abrams Run ACats 43
A-Team 44
O'Holy Rollers 44
Salem Shooters 45

All Teams:

Rainbow Warriors - Score 70
Josh Wine
Anthony Horner
Scott Dennison
Phillip Higham
Danny Higham
Old Timers - Score 48
Chet Lowther
Dave Loudin
Keith McClain
Buck Stewart
John Bruffey
Don and Boys - Score 41 Second Place
Jerrod Putnam
Shawn Stewart
Eric Stewart
Travis Craig
Bubs Baby Roller - Score 60
Melinda Davies
Cecilia Bosley
Ramona Bosley
Andy Long
Rainbow Connection - Score unfinished
Tera Sapp
Ashton Carter
Leigh Ann Craig
Tim St Clair
Virginia Gum
Wildcatters - Score 61
Dennis Sapp
Tammy Sapp
Minnie Lowther
Donna Hall
O'Mean Greens - Score 62
Beaverly Putnam
Chrystal Ratliff
Stephanie Moneypenny
Dora Spaur
Halls Heroes - Score 93
Randy Hall
Christopher Hall
Courtney Hall
Shea Wimer
Anna Mae Wimer
A-Team - Score 44
Burt Hunter
Ray Sampson
Ann Dotterweich
Milt Dotterweich
Gail Reich
Hill O'Billies - Score 49
John Hunter
Bonnie Stoffregen
Nancy Hunter
Makiko Horado
Laura Hunter
Rick Reich
O'Burns Bowlers - Score 63
Anita Sue Burns
Judy Burns
Mary Beth Powell
Alyssa Prete
Bill Burns
Salem Shooters - Score 45
Don Gain
Dave Powell
Joe Gruner
Bill Bill
Lucky Charms - Score 39 First Place
Matt Gissy
Cory Smailes
Zach Smailes
Doug Smailes
The Spaurs - Score 55
Nathan Spaur
Josh Spaur
Matt Spaur
Jayson Spaur
Adam Spaur
Jocelynn Spaur
Andy Spaur
Irish Wildcats - Score 65
Jill Singleton
Seth Holster
Jessica Wine
Sheena Horner
Tasha Sapp
O'Holy Rollers - Score 44
Ellis Conley
Craig Presar
Bill Nicholson
Russ Warner
Brad Lincicome
Abrams Run Alley Cats - Score 43 Third Place
Brian Craig
Bo Hendershodt
Denny Spaur
Danny Spaur
Connie Simmons


Road Bowl Teams and scores for Sunday March 19, 2000:

Lowest Scores:
Abrams Run ACats 38
A-Team 41
Don and Boys 41
Beckys Bowlers 42
Road Warriors 44
The Kings Team 47
All Teams:
Abrams Run Alley Cats - Score 38 First Place
Brian Craig
Brad Allman
Jared Singleton
Danny Spaur
Road Warriors - Score 44
Charles Chipps
Eric Chipps
Dave Chipps
Jamie Ables
Don and Boys - Score 41 Second Place
Jerrod Putnam
Shawn Stewart
Don Stewart
Travis Craig
A-Team - Score 41 Second Place
Burt Hunter
Ray Sampson
Ann Dotterweich
Milt Dotterweich
Bill Burns
Rainbows - Score 56
Brenda Moats
Tera Sapp
Stephanie Davis
Ashton Carter
Lucky Charms - Score 51
Matt Gissy
Cory Smailes
Zach Smailes
Doug Smailes
Irish Wildcats - Score 52
Jill Singleton
Cassie Moats
Tasha Sapp
John Mike Carter
O'Pudley's Posse - Score Unfinished
Chet Lowther
Keith McClain
Dave Loudin
Cassie Bruffey
Brittney Bailey
Mean Greens - Score 59
Sharrey Craig
Beverly Putnam
Stephanie Moneypenny
Kyle Moneypenny
Katlyn Moneypenny
Becky's Bowlers - Score 42 Third Place
Becky Posey
Chrystal Ratliff
Steve Craig
Dave Powell
The Kings Team - Score 47
Richard Hoover
Cathy Bruffey
John Bruffey
Buzz King

  Road Bowl Lofting

Jarrod Putnam set a new record of 192 feet and 5 inches only to be broken by Brian Craig who has established a new record of 192 feet and 8 inches.

The previous record was set by Travis Craig at 161 feet during the 1999 festival who broke the standing record prior set by Doug Smailes at 135 feet.

  Snake Chase

Name                  Time         Trophy

Joe Turner  50:27      First Place Male
Nathaniel Burgett   55:45      Second Place Male
J. R. Bennett   56:05      Best Over 40
Ben Culver   1:04:33      Best Under 12
John Burgett  1:04:34
Wendy Craig  1:11:33      1st Place Female
Leighann Craig 1:14:32      2nd Place Female
Camille Ramsey 1:16:58      Best Age 21-40
Abagail Ramsey 1:19:28
Jason Skinner   1:30:36
Sandra Conrad 1:33:27
Leeann Snyder 1:34:34      Best Age 13-20
Amy Hedrick  1:39:08
Nellie Lowther 1:44:32
Laura Cogar  1:44:55
Lynn King  1:44:55
Micha Burgett  1:45:15
Caleb Burgett  1:45:37
Jeanne Burgett 1:45:37      Youngest
Bill Richards  1:45:37          Oldest (71)
Thelma Chipps  1:45:37
Christy Chipps   1:45:37

  Fried Potato Contest

1st Place...... Mary Putnam
2nd Place...... Connie Bleigh

  Blarney Rock Hike

Monday (3-20-00)

Eleven hikers went to Blarney Rock at 2:00 A.M. to announce Spring at 2:45 A.M. Five cooks prepared a biscuit, gravy, hotcake breakfast that began serving at 3:30 A.M.

  Pet Show Winners

Best of Show ......................Anna Bonnell & Bubba the dog
Pet Best Depicting The ISF ........Jessie McCray & Brownie the dog
Pet/Owner Look Alike ..............Justin Marple & Pickachu
Best Behaved Pet ..................Brittani Taylor & Hermit Crabs
Prettiest Pet......................Brandi Culver & Buddy the dog
1st Place, Large Dog ..............Dusty Chipps & Hoss
2nd Place, Large Dog ..............Linda Hogan & Tony
1st Place, Small Dog ..............Cody Bleigh & Riley
2nd Place, Small Dog ..............Cecelia Bosley & Delilah
1st Place Miscellaneous ........Vickie Cunningham & Thumper Rabbit
2nd Place Miscellaneous ........Ann Bosley & Shea the cat
King Andrew XIX and Queen Elizabeth XVIII Closed the 19th and best attended ever, Irish Spring Festival at 6:30 P.M.

We wish to thank all those who participated and we welcome you back in 2001 for another week of funfilled activities and contests!  Happy Spring!

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