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Guerre's Game Picks


Sissyfight Reviews

Make sure to download Macromedia Shockwave. You can find a link to the needed version at the official site. Create your own 2D avatar and enter the world of school aged young girls. Each person is trying to win the game by ending with the most self esteem.


Go to the offical site and choose the 'Play' door from the right hand side. Then choose a school (110 girls is the max). It will take a while to load (on your first time, after that its pretty quick). Create an avatar by selecting the 'HERE' button. Choose a hairstyle, hair color, face, skin color, and a name. Then click 'OK'. If someone already has that name, it will say so under 'type name' in red font. Keep creating names until there is one nobody has. Be sure to register (this option appears underneath the 'Create Girl' box). Then select 'OK' and you will get a new screen. This is a list of current groupings of people playing. Choose a game with a 'JOIN' arrow next to it.


As soon as the page loads, you will find yourself (your avatar) to the left side and next to her will be up to five other players. Near the bottom left there is a chat box, in ehich to chat (obviously). Next to that should be a green arrow which says "start". Be sure to click this button!
  • Booting: People who have already pressed start have an exclamation point next to their name, if they haven't then they have a question mark. Some people may never press start and you can't begin until they do, in this case you can boot the girl off. Just click and hold over the girl's image and select "Boot This Girl" from the menu. Each girl begins with 10 self esteem points. The goal of the game is to be one of the last two girls standing and this is accomplished by elimnating the other girls' self esteem points.

  • Chat I suggest looking inconspicuous in the beginning, so as not to draw attention. Do not type anything annoying or insulting! This is the best way to get people on your bad side. You can read people's chat messages by looking at the speech bubbles over their heads. Sometimes people like to gang up on each other, so watch out for this!
  • Attacks The attacks are tease, grab, tattle, and scratch. To do any of the above, just click and hold your mouse over a girl's avatar and select from the menu. Several moves, when combined with other attacks will take away more than the listed self esteem points. (ex: scratching a girl when she's about to lick her lollipop, takes away double self esteem points)
    • Tease only works when more than one person has chosen the move. This is a great mobe when you have decided to gang up on someone with the others. Tease takes away one self esteem point from the victim. Cowering and sucking a lollipop do not work as a defense against this attack.
    • Grab does not do any damage, but it will keep a girl from sucking her lollipop, or scratching anyone. This move also keeps a girl from cowering.
    • Scratch eliminates one self esteem point of the victim. Cowering is a good defense against this attack, unless you are grabbed.
    • Tattle on Everyone will take away 3 points from everyone not cowering or licking a lollipop. Tattling can only be used twice.
  • Defense There are two defensive moves: licking a lollipop and cowering.