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Cody Roush's 2000 Honda ATV Website

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Welcome all Honda & Yamaha ATV Riders ... Check out the 2001 Honda Foreman Rubicon 500 & 2001 Cannondale FX 400!

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My name is Cody Roush and I have a Honda Fourtrax 300_EX and a Honda FourTrax 300 Utility! I like riding mostly in the summer. I ride in West Virginia nearby my residents. I usually go trailriding and I like to ride on the fly-ash property. There is alot of hills and mountains in West Virginia which is covered by wooded areas. This is a good place for trailriding. In the cold winters, it gets very snowy, muddy, and never dries up. In the summer it usually gets dusty and very dry. Four-wheeler riding is fun all year around, no matter what the weather is.

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Thanks: Honda's Homepage for pics!

Honda Home Page

Thanks Also: Yamaha'a Homepage for pics!

Yamaha Home Page

My Four-Wheeler

My four-wheeler is a 2000 Honda Fourtrax 300_EX which I just got on the date of 7/30/99. My other four-wheeler is a Honda FourTrax 300 Utility. They both have a282cc engine. They have a good amount of power for a 300. I take good care of them. My 300_EX is red and black with yellow lettering. My 300 Utility is red with black lettering. The decals on this model are the new decals that Honda made new for 98,99,and 00. It's a brighter and more glossier paint scheme. The new improvements from 1998 and above have made it a better sell item for Honda.

ATV Pics

Here is some personal-scanned pics of my four-wheelers.

This is the front of my utility four-wheeler after being cleaned up.

This is the rear end of my utility four-wheeler.

This is the side view of the model 300_EX that I own. (Honda Page Pic)

This is the front of my 300_EX.

This is the rear-end of my EX!

Power Means Everything... 300cc EX Engine

Suspension... EX Showa Shocks

Here is some Honda,Yamaha, and new Cannondale Pics from the Internet.

Here is the 1st most powerful Honda, new Honda Rubicon 500.

Here is the 2nd most powerful Honda ATV, the Honda Foreman 450_ES & S! The Honda Foreman 400 has the same looks as the 450.

Take a look at something fast...2000 400_EX

Here is the all-new Honda Rancher 350.

Now, here is the Yamaha Banshee, one of the best 2-stroke ATVs. It is also the 1000 5-Time Baja Winner up to 1998. The Banshee has the most horsepower, best acceleration, and best response than any other ATV built stock with its unique power source that powerbands sensitive. (350cc Twin Cylinder Engine)

Here is the 2001 Cannondale FX 400 sport four-wheeler. Cannondale is a new company that started in 1998 which then introduced 4 motorcyles throughout 1999. Cannondale is finally releasing their first ATV which will be avilaible in early 2001.

One of the best racing bumpers, "in my opinion", the DG KromeLite... This might look good on my 300_EX!

I Recommend

If you want a powerful four-wheeler by Honda I would recommend the all-new Honda Foreman Rubicon 500 4x4. If you want a size smaller I would pick the Foreman 400 or 450_S. The Honda Foreman 400 has a 395cc engine and a 450_ES and S has a 432cc engine. If you want a very fast ATV that's reliable you should be looking over the Honda FourTrax 400_EX with a 397cc engine.

My Next Purchase

Since I just purchased a Honda 300_EX I don't know when my next purchase will appear. After I get full experience I am most likely going to purchase the 400_EX!

What's New?, New Releases & New Articles

4 Updates Below

New Honda Rancher 350 & Honda Foreman Rubicon 500!

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For the new millennium in 2000 & 2001, Honda is coming up with the all-new 2001 Honda Rancher 350 and Honda Foreman Rubicon 500.

The Honda Rancher is available in these 4 models: 2x4, 2x4ES, 4x4, or 4x4ES. The electric shift can be found in the models as well. The Rancher is a like a FourTrax, Foreman, and Recon put together in an amazing 350cc class. The engine is side-mounted to deliver less slippage. The design of the Rancher delivers plenty of rack space and has the same plastic design of the other Honda utility four-wheelers. Many of the features of the Rancher are common with the FourTrax 300 model. Although, the FourTrax is not side-mounted the Rancher 350 is. The extra features include a multi-function computer like the new Foremans that can readout a digital speedometer, trip meter, clock, hour meter, reverse and neutral indicators, and a oil temperature light. The colors of the Rancher are available in the New-Orange,New-Red, and Light Green Olive. The colors are a littly different and brighter than the 1999 & 2000 colors.

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The 5th model for the year 2001 is the Honda Foreman Rubicon 500. This is Honda’s first fully automatic four-wheeler that is not belt driven like some Polaris & Yamaha models. This is the first automatic ATV without using the belt-drive system. Honda’s new gear driven transmission, the "Hondamatic" will create better driving conditions in mud and deep water. The Rubicon delivers a 500cc engine that is side-mounted. This is Honda’s biggest and most powerful 4x4 ATV. The new Foreman is also liquid cooled and has an additional oil cooler mounted to the engine. The transmission controls are easy to operate with a shifter lever mounted on the fuel tank that selects High, Low, Neutral, & Reverse. A dash mounted knob known as "D1" selects maximum torque and "D2" selects maximum performance. A third selection is optional to manually shift the Hondamatic with the electric shift buttons located on the left handlebar, like the previous Foreman 450 models. Honda let’s you choose the 3 shifting positions whichever is most convenient for you, the fully automatic or electric shift. This gives you a 3 in 1 transmission option in one ATV package. Colors of the Rubicon will not be announced until later on but the color Red is not like the 1999 & 2000 color; it's a new type of Red.

Stay tuned for the colors & prices and the releases of the Rubicon. (See below)

Honda FourTrax 300_EX and 400_EX's with new lettering!

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The new Honda FourTrax 400_EX & 300_EX is now available in the 2000 models with new lettering. The new letters are bright yellow with red and black paint scheme. So keep in touch with the300 and 400_EX's. Nice yellow lettering!

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The Honda Rancher has been tested and it seems to have passed all the test. The gears seem to be a little thicker that the FourTrax and seems to be a litle faster than the FourTrax model The Rancher was clocked going 51mph top-speed maxed out.


Press Releases for Ranchers, Rubicons, and More:

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Confused on Color Options?:

1999 & 2000 Honda & Yamaha Color Options

E-mail me if you would like to tell me about your ATV!!!

Surveys & Polls

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More Info...

This may help you if you are interested in the basic specifications of a particular model.

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2000 Honda Recon 250

2000 Honda FourTrax 300

2000-2001 Honda Rancher 350

2000 Honda FourTrax 300_EX

2000 Honda FourTrax 400_EX

2000 Honda Foreman 400

2000 Honda Foreman 450_ES

2000 Honda Foreman 450_S

2001 Honda Foreman Rubicon 500

More 400_EX Info...

The 400_EX is a higher class of a 300_EX with a powerful 397cc engine. The 400_EX is a replacement of the 250_R which had been discontinued of a few years back in 1988 and 1989. The 400_EX has met newer improvements of the 300_EX and the older 250_R. Although, the 250_R has a snappy 2-stroke it can accelerate quicker than the EX but the 400 eventually can pass the R. The good part of the 400_EX that the parts off of the 300_EX and the old 250_R can fit the 400_EX and can interchange if you own any of the three models.

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Here are some extra EX pics...

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