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Cemeteries Located in Mercer County, WV
This page last updated August 25, 2006.

Name Contributed by
Belcher - Coadale Mountain Ken Bowen
Cline/Graham Linda Akers
Conner Mt. Linda Akers
Cunningham Bob & Pauline Pruett
Jimmy Cunningham Bob & Pauline Pruett
Fairview (also known as Cook)    Linda Akers
Gross  Sadie Elliott  

Gross - Jennings 

Sadie Elliot  
Hall-McKenzie Elke Hall
Harman Linda Akers


Tom Harmon  
Henry Clay Bell Yvonne Booz
Hunsuckle Bob & Pauline Pruett
Keaton Mills Linda Akers
King     - Kegley, WV Beverley Underwood 
Wayne Arrington
Maple Park Robert L Perry III 
Meador Robert L Perry III
Morris - Kegley, WV Beverley Underwood &
Wayne Arrington
Peyton  Linda Akers
George Washington Shrewsbury Bob & Pauline Pruett
Walnut Grove Charles D. Pruett
Whitfield Shrewsbury Bob & Pauline Pruett
Wimmer Bob & Pauline Pruett


RootsWeb Cemetery Listings for Mercer Co, WV

Mercer County Funeral Homes



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