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Peyton Family Cemetery
August 28, 2000

This cemetery is located in Beeson, Mercer Co, WV.  

Information contributed by Linda Akers --

Name Birth Death
Akers, Letha Cline
w/o Dale
7-?-1913 15-?-1997
Akers, Dale
h/o Letha Cline Akers
6-Mar-1909 7-Jun-1975
Akers, Earl Tracy
29-Nov-1914 22-Sep-1982
Akers, Ernest D. 23-Aug-1965 29-Aug-1992
Akers, Infant 
child of George P.
Akers, Infant 
child of George P.
Akers, James R.
s/o Dale & Letha Akers
8-Aug-1937 15-Sep-1999
Akers, Lacy
12-May-1913 26-Nov-1987
Akers, Manervia C. 30-Mar-1863 4-Jan-1941
Akers, Mollie E. May - 1895 4-Jun-1957
Akers, Norma D. 13-Jun-1937  
Akers, William H.
s/o Lewis & Manervia Akers
4-Apr-1890 24-Mar-1934
Lilly, Clara Jane Akers
d/o Lewis & Manervia Akers
29-Mar-1894 9-Feb-1974
Mills, Charley Zack - US Army WWII 25-Apr-1909 29-Apr-1983
Mills, Guy 12-Oct-1903 8-Apr-1957
Mills, Hester A. 23-Jun-1918 18-Nov-1994
Pendergrass, Shane Douglas 9-May-1992 9-May-1992
Peyton, Annie A. 27-Mar-1892 11-Sep-1982
Peyton, Carl Ray 28-Nov-1991 4-Jun-1992
Peyton, Dorothy D. 22-Nov-1929  
Peyton, Dosle 30-Aug-1920 27-Feb-1984
Peyton, Douglas 25-Mar-1891 8-May-1970
Peyton, Mattie M. 13-Feb-1939 21-Mar-1939
Peyton, Maynard A. 18-Feb-1926 24-Mar-1994
Peyton, Ronald C. 10-Mar-1940 10-Mar-1940
Peyton, Shirley A. 30-Jan-1947 23-Aug-1947
Peyton, W. Willo 4-Mar-1916 13-Oct-1958
Thompson, Larry E.
c/o Allen & Carol "Peyton"
23-Jan-1970 30-Mar-1999


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