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Harmon Cemetery
October  2001

Located on Bluff Mountain, Mercer County, WV

Many thanks to  Tom Harmon for providing this information.

Name Birth Death
Combs, Garfield (infant)
s/o Veda & Corbitt Combs
1928 1928
Harmon, Charles Nimrod
s/o John & Rebecca Harmon
09/27/1894 10/04/1922
Harmon, Florence
d/o John & Rebecca Harmon
1892 1894
Harmon, George
s/o Patrick & Mary Harmon
July 1828 bet 1892-1902
Harmon, Hubert D.
s/o Will & Hattie Harmon
1932 1932
Harmon, James Franklin
s/o John & Rebecca Harmon
07/31/1904 12/31/1926
Harmon, John Harrison Taylor (Booge)
s/o George & Wealthy Harmon
01/13/1862 02/16/1939
Harmon, Ray
s/o Troy & Nora Harmon
1933 1935
Harmon, Tracy Estel
s/o John & Rebecca Harmon
03/04/1907 11/09/1929
Harmon, Wealthy Ann Taylor
d/o John & Mary Taylor
05/31/1838 03/01/1913

In the back of the cemetery there are three unmarked graves,
 belonging to children of the Tyree family who worked for John. 
 No one in the family can remember the names of the children.


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