Date: 7/2/02

Contact: Evan Ginzburg, evan_ginzburg@yahoo.com Website: Wrestling- Then & Now, www.wrestlingthenandnow.com

Address: PO Box 640471, Oakland Gdns. Station, Flushing, NY 11364

I am currently teaching what I believe is the only class of its kind, a Pro Wrestling Appreciation elective for 7th and 8th graders. The group of 30 includes several Special Ed (including physically challenged) students.

We bring independent wrestlers into the classroom to talk to the children about their favorite sport, to answer questions, sign autographs, and most importantly, to tell the children to stay in school and keep away from drugs. Thus far Nikolai Volkoff, world's greatest female bodybuilder and former WWF star Nicole Bass, 2X WWF Tag Team Champion Johnny Valiant, former Calgary Stampede headliner Tiger Khan, Japanese lady wrestler Sky Hosoya, Eric Adamz, Frankie Starz, The Mambo King, Stockade Joe, Lowlife Louie Ramos, J Lover, Laithon, Amanda Violet, Knightstalker, Nikita Breznikov, Justin Cage, Valentina, The "Sure Thing" John Shane, Brimstone, Dickie Rodz, Havoc, Papa Don , Ozzie, promoter Angel Diablo, Thunderbolt, Julio Torres, Kid USA, ECW's Musketeer, CZW's Steve the Teacher, Nelson Torres, Mike Extreme, Miguel Berosa and many others have generously donated their time to come to the class which is located in East Elmhurst, Queens.

Currently, we are looking for any other promotions and wrestlers who would like to appear. The class meets from 3:00-3:35 on Thursday and Friday afternoons and expands to include Wed. in Sept. with an Art teacher having the kids draw, write and do other creative projects that involve pro wrestling. I have also brought our guests grapplers into our Special Ed classes and video room so other children can learn from these colorful good-will ambassadors.

I hope to expand this program with the help of the wrestlers and the wrestling community. This term a documentary film crew covered the class, the WWE donated merchandise and we've received worldwide attention through the Cauliflower Alley Club and various other publications and websites.

I attempt to reciprocate for the generosity of those who participate through radio, sheet and website publicity. WBAI-FM's Light Show (99.5) has moved to Wednesdays at 2PM and we reach some 100,000 listeners plus a worldwide audience on the Internet.

With all the negative publicity wrestling gets, this is a chance to give something back to the kids and the community and show wrestling in a positive light. I thank you in advance for your support.

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