Greetings Wrestling Fans:

Nikolai and I are honored to be a part of this great site, as it gives everyone a look at wrestling's history and, for many of us, its glory days.

Wrestling has become what it is today, and love it or hate, it's still wrestling. Nikolai and I will answer your questions, keep you updated on our appearances, and just plain keep in touch with you the fans, the ones who supported and made this sport what it was.

In the coming weeks, I will post bios on both of us to give you younger fans an insight to the magnitude of Nikolai, and for those of you that don't know me, an insight as to my origin.

Nikita Breznikov

To contact Nikita for bookings call:
(410) 382-9324 Business calls only!
Calls are screened, and only professional calls will be answered.

However, if you e-mail me at, I will reply to all e-mails.

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