Just received #105 and great as usual. Ernie Ladd story from Mooneyham brought back instant memories. Seeing Ladd in the ring meant you were seeing a legitimate star. In November '75 at the Philly Arena, he beat Ivan Putski in the main event in a 34 minute classic! That led to a title match against Bruno in the Spectrum that drew 15,000 during X-Mas weekend, 1975. Dynamite!

Looking forward to the Bobby Shane piece in the annual. I loved late Sat. nite UHF Florida shows in '72 that showcased Shane vs. Bearcat Wright. Just missed him during short northeast tour at Arena- Feb. '73 vs. Jack Brisco. Just great stuff.

Keep it up, baby!


* * *

I just wanted to write and let you know that I heard from Bobby Shane's mom about the article from the Annual. These are the words that she wrote: "Thank you for sending me 'Wrestling Then and Now.' I enjoyed your article, 'Remembering the King of Wrestling' and also the article Dr. Mike Lano wrote. Tell Mr. Evan Ginzburg that I appreciate the copy that was sent to me."

That was all she wrote regarding the article, and again, she didn't mention Bobby at all. I can tell that it's very difficult for her to talk about him, so I don't mention him anymore when I write to her.

I do know that it does make her feel good that Bobby is remembered by the business that he loved so much, and she knows that he will never be forgotten. It is such a nice feeling knowing that we were able to reach out to her with the article. When I first sent her the original draft last year, I had no idea if it would ever get published. And thanks to you, Evan, it became a reality. I hope your readers enjoy it!


* * *

This is to let you know that I didn't receive my copy of WT&N yet and the month is nearly 2/3 over.

If it's to be late because you're turning out more than your usual great issue, that's cool.

But Evan, Evan, Evan, if that's not the reason and there is no reason for its tardiness, then all I can say is Evan, Evan, Evan!!!

Seriously, if they were mailed I didn't get one yet. If they weren't I'll be patient a few more days. But Evan, Evan, Evan?


EDITOR'S NOTE: Rich, Rich, Rich. I teach four classes. Do a radio show. And production ace Jeff Archer's promoting Theater in a Squared Circle. Sometimes this little (ahem) money machine isn't priority one. So Rich, Rich, Rich whenever you need a WT&N fix just call my hotline at 1-900-GREEDY for all the latest results from 1973. E.G

* * *

I appreciate the stimulation "WT&N" brings me as well as the opportunity to be connected with a class act.

Let's hope the holiday season brings happiness and that '99 puts us in the lives of more wrestling romantics.


* * *

Bluesman David "Honeyboy" Edwards was great. We saw him in Arkansas.

By the way, with the WWF & WCW having "heel" kingpins, don't you sometimes think of the heel stabbings back in the "old" daze?


EDITOR'S NOTE: The more vicious the heels, the more the fans seem to like them. It's the end of the world as we know it. E.G.

* * *

The annual arrived the other day, and what a delight it was to see it autographed by the great Killer Kowalski whom I first saw back in the 1950s on TV shows from Chicago. Then on Sunday, Oct. 11, on a "Golden Age of Wrestling" program on cable's Classic Sports Network, he was featured in a 1963 match against Buddy Rogers in the Chicago Coliseum. (Killer lost the third fall when he came off the top rope for a knee drop, missed, and fell victim top Buddy's piledriver and then a pin.)

Aside from everything else about this all-time heel (and there are volumes that can be written), he has one of the five greatest wrestling names of all time. When you hear "Man Mountain Dean," "Gorilla Monsoon," "Dick the Bruiser." "Andre the Giant," and "Killer Kowalski," you feel the ground tremble. Their names are their identities. Wrestlers who adopted names like "Percy Pringle," "Magnificent Maurice," and "Playboy Buddy Rose" must have had different agendas.


* * *

A few months back you mentioned seeing Johnny Maestro perform. One of my all-time favorites! Still sounds great. Had a big string of hits.

If you could just keep the music and wrestling from late 50's to late 70's we'd be all set.


* * *

Pretty scary that it takes TV GUIDE sixteen years to realize that big-time rassling is the third largest televised spectator sport in North America, isn't it? (Football and automobile racing are one and two. As the audience for the latter is increasingly female, more stock cars would be carrying soap powder logos in the future.)


* * *

You're selling your annuals way too cheap. They are outstanding pieces of work!

Proud to say I've been with WT&N since issue #1...and plan to be around as long as you're still publishing it. Might even get enough energy to write a nostalgia column for you.

Thanks again for your dedication.


* * *

I must be in the minority among so-called "smart fans" as I prefer WCW to the WWF. There is no wrestling in the WWF anymore, just angles. Not that there was ever much wrestling there in recent years. WCW does have a lot of this, but they don't seem to go as far off the deep end as the WWF. Again, I think for myself and don't go along with the crowd, as I like Bill Goldberg. He's no Thesz, but he reminds me of Dick the Bruiser.

I continue to enjoy WT&N and the Annuals. I have every one. Will gladly pay more for more pages in WT&N. Take care.


* * *

I write to introduce our Sport promoting outfit Royal Sports World, an independent organization established solely for the promotion of Pro Wrestling in the African Continent and Worldwide. We offer consultancy services to wrestlers, link worldwide promoters and wrestlers with one another and we have some wrestling publications.

PO BOX 2965

* * *

The piece of "Doc" Roller in the annual was very interesting stuff. I've done a lot of research on the Jenkins-Burns-Roller-Gotch era, too. For the most part, pro wrestling has always been "worked", despite what people want to say. There is strong evidence that Gotch used Roller as a "policeman."


* * *

Received and immensely enjoyed the Dec. 1998 issue. Some comments on the Ginzburg's Gab section.

1) What's the problem with the new name change? At Banco Popular, they speak Spanish. El Ultimo Ginzburg forever!

2) If you have paternal feelings to satisfy, you can rent one of my 7 nieces and nephews.

3) My Pavlovian response to Lex Luger is to get up and pee.

4) Glen Jacobs (Kane, Yankem, etc.) is one of the biggest stiffs ever. He should be a jobber for NWA 2000 if he's lucky.

5) Ron Simmons was WCW World Champ. Plus The Rock is only 1/4 Black (along with 1/2 Samoan and 1/4 French Canadian).

6) Carpal Tunnel Syndome, huh? You want nude photos? Of me? You like gladiator movies? Or do you mean someone else?


* * *

November's was another great issue as usual. Bryan Walsh and Walter Kowalski give a viewpoint that only people in the business can offer. The La Raza interview as intriguing as well as WT&N seems to be the ONLY sheet dedicated to giving any and all indies some deserved space.

The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was Mr. Zaremba's article. RE: Bill Alphonso. He states that Alphonso "sliced his forehead so deeply and bled so profusely that the entire ring was awash." In short, that means Alphonso bladed wrong. That and taking a chair to the head is NOT wrestling; it's bullshit and his opponent, Beulah, saw the light and went to college.

According to Zaremba, most of Vince McMahon's top stars "suck." That's why Austin gets bigger pops than any bingo hall bums (bigger pops than when he worked for ECW, actually). Scorpio is tons better than Lance Storm or Jerry Lynn. Christian is twice the talent Douglas or Candido will ever be and Rob Van Dam hasn't been on a Monday night show in over a year, so that gimmick doesn't mean anything. I've seen better work on bad and horrible indy cards than anything Heyman has done in the last 3 years. Shane Douglas is a crybaby who wasn't good enough when his break came. Where did all Heyman's talent go? To the big leagues as Ol' Paul E. couldn't afford them anymore.

I applaud Evan for giving everyone's viewpoint on ECW, even Zaremba's. I know other sheets like Dave Scherer's Lariat would rather kiss ass than tell the truth, or be house organs or suckups. Maybe Zaremba's column would be more appropriate there as he'd probably be welcome with open arms and cans of beer.


EDITOR'S NOTE: As a trained English teacher (licensed, even), I have read all the context clues and conclude that Bill's not a big ECW fan. E.G.

* * *

Thanks for the many years of providing enjoyable reading on wrestling history and other subjects (there is more to life than wrestling). Due to the work of both Scott Teal and yourself, the memories of those who gave of themselves, and those who still do, to entertain us in the ring remain alive. I look forward to many more years of receiving WT&N in my mailbox.


* * *

Sorry you couldn't make the Cauliflower Alley Club function. Convention and dinner seemed to be well attended. Our good friend Karl Von Hess received the Mike Mazurki Award- good choice. There were some old wrestling mags for sale which were virtually passed over by the buyers- a shame. One of the reasons I don't set up at these so-called "conventions" any more. Judging from what was being purchased I could make a fortune on the figures I have from several years ago. Whatever happened to real memorabilia?

I received a payment check to Wild Bill Longson signed by Sam Muchnick (endorsed by Longson). Doesn't sound like much to the modern day "fan" but to us old-timers it has a place in our memories and an item to place in a scrapbook.

I finally released the Danny McShain Red Book at $25 each plus $3 postage and handling. As expected, the response has been luke warm at best. A helluva worker/showman.


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