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LK2000's Wrestling
Welcome to LK2000's Wrestling

Site Updates

Put up Shocker: The Battle for the Mask match review up.

Added a lot of moves for wrestlers from CMLL and Osaka Pro. I also added a bio for Shocker. A new match review will be up soon.

My newest tape review is up: FMW Flying Assassin. Also please sign my guestbook if you get a chance. It has no entries at all. I just want to know what people think of the site. Thanks

My newest review is up: Jushin Liger vs. Tiger Mask IV from the Super J Cup 2000'. Also updated moves and tapelists.

Updated moves page. Also email me if you want a match reviewed I will review it for you. Email me if you have any ideas for my site or questions. Thanks

Well the site has not been updated in a good while. I am changing the move section a bit because the sections are getting too large. I will not be putting any reviews up for now because my thumb is currently fractured. The Move Descriptions is being worked on also. It will take while until get everything I need. Stay tuned!

Check out my newest review:Taka Michinoku & Shochi Funaki & Gran Naniwa vs. Great Sasuke & Shiryu & Tiger Mask IV. I am going to try to update more often since I have had a long break. Also you can email me at my regular contact address for questions or comments. Thanks

Added a new match to the match reviews.

History of Junior Heavyweight Championship Part 6 review is now up.

"Cimania" review is now up.

League Discussion page is now up. Added some moves.

Added a new match to the match reviews.

Added audio section to the site. It contains wrestler themes, names, and moves.

I am adding more and more things to this site all the time. I have added a poll, message board, and a guestbook, so check out all three. Thanks

Welcome to LK2000's Wrestling. Your source for bios, reviews, and wrestling moves. Email me if you have suggestions or questions.