~*~April 18, 2009~*~
Mood: Tired/sick

Well a few more weeks of school left, a shit load of work to do. And of course, I get sick. I have some sore throat shit, and I hope it goes away soon. I have essays to write, projects to do...sigh. It sucks.
Anyway, coming this summer, new blog. Yep, episteme is the title. It's Greek, meaning knowledge or science. Why is that the title? Wll you'll see this summer. It's going to be quite different than this blog. I'm making a separate layout for it. And well, just, you'll see.
Anyway, anyone else think Yamato/Tenzo from Naruto is hot? Am I the only one? I need to get a plushie of him.
Sigh I'm tired, probably go to bed lol. Night all!

~*~April 2, 2009~*~
Mood: Tired as Hell and massive headache

Well, I'm sitting in class, well it's lab now. Class ended at 7:40 (it's like 8). I'm waiting for the animation computer to be open so I can film. Someone is using it now. I must wait.
My head hurts like hell. I feel so out of it. I'm either tired, or dehydrated or both. I'm thirsty.
I wanna go home...but I must film my animation...this person takes forever.
It's April already? Wow, time flies...




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