~*~February 28, 2009~*~
Mood: Eh...

Last day of the month. I have so much to do for next week. I have a 7 page paper to write (which I started but am now procrastinating from), an animation to do (bird jumps up and lands), portfolio to organize, stuff to scan, random misc. hw assignments, and lots of studying. I have my Japanese midterm Tuesday, economics test Wednesday, differential equations test Thursday, and a video production quiz on Friday. Lots to worry about.
Although, the week after is...SPRING BREAK! joy. But there's many things I have to accomplish. Here's a list:

  • CLEAN!
  • get bookshelf
  • get display case
  • organize everything
  • Start final economics paper
  • any homework I happen to get
  • Video Production project -with script, puppets, footage (some not all)
  • finish my Megumi cosplay
  • make Tia doll
  • make orange spellbook
  • draw something
  • Keep up with my Japanese studies

  • Well that's all I can think of for now. It's a little ambitious, but I have things I need to get done and the sooner the better.
    My dad just handed me all the PlayStation games he got for free from a garage sale...they're all in Japanese. But OMG Dragon Quest VII!! Lol, I love that series. I was flipping through the manual and I was like, OMG, I can read some of this! Though, I don't understand what it means lol, but it's so awesome that I recognize some of the characters. I'm a small step closer to understanding the language!
    Random burst of excited-ness aside, the plans for the rest of the day, see how much essay I can get done and then watch Naruto. I might play Animal Crossing City Folk a bit too, but I'm not really in the is a K.K. Slider night though, but I just don't feel like it.
    Well, peace!

    ~*~February 23, 2009~*~
    Mood: Tired

    I've noticed my mood rarely changes. Oh well.
    Research papers suck. Especially when you have no understanding of the topic and all the information on it is written in some foreign form of english that I cannot comprehend. I may just bullshit it. It;s only 15% of my If I dont hand it in, the highest grade would be like an 85 in that class. Not too bad. So if I bullshit it and get a C, I'm in pretty good standing. I may do that all of tomorrow after classes. Midterms are like next week. Economics should be no problem. I have to prepare a bit for japanese and differential equations though. Then it's spring break. Like omg i cant wait. I'm so sick of school shit. Most likely, I'll have a lot of work to do over break, but I am going to try and dish it out asap. That way I can focus on cleaning and organizing and playing video games.
    After spring break it's my birthday. I'll be turning 20 (17 in my mind since I've decided to go backwards). Meh, I just want presents. There are so many things on my birthday list. Lots of games and lots of manga. I don't really ask for much else. Maybe some lush stuff...could use more herbalism. I could also use some cage cleaner. That would help me out lots.
    I'm craving chocolate chip cookies. Not the shit kind you buy at the store, but like the big homemade kind that are just godly. I really fucking want one NOW!
    I'm hungry.
    I also have to do my storyboard for thursday, well just fix my current one up. I did the whole thing, plus an animatic for last class. But I did it all for nothing...stayed up all night...wasted my life...for nothing.
    I love Changmin!!!

    ~*~February 13, 2009~*~
    Mood: Tired

    Woot! Friday the 13th! Well it's almost the 14th now. I have art in ny class tomorrow so I have to wake up early. Class on Valentine's Day, oh well it's not like I really celebrate it anyway. I don't have a boyfriend. I get candy from my sister and parents though, so it's cool. It's also the day of the year with the highest suicide rate, whatever. Enough of that.
    For my storyboarding class I have to make a commercial advertising Jim Henson studios. It's a lot of work for a week. I have to do the storyboard, then scan it and make an animatic with sound and such. I also have to come up with the idea for my final video project by next week. I have no clue what to do. Then I have two research papers to do. I should be ok.
    I have to draw more, unfortunately, I have to much to do and any free time I have goes to relaxing and being lazy. I want to get better. I think I can, I'm getting better at drawing people. If I did draw everyday I'm sure I would be really good by now. Maybe I'll draw during spring break, unless I have a lot of homework, probably will. I also have to do my spring cleaning lol.
    I need friends.

    ~*~February 9, 2009~*~
    Mood: Tired

    Well I didnt get the snow day I was talking about last time, but I got all my work done for that week, and everything turned out ok.
    This week is going to be busy however. I have a research paper to work on. I did some research at the library for it, and took many notes, and I made the title page. Now I just have to organize everything, read a bit more online about the topic and start putting it together. I also have a Japanese quiz tomorrow. I have to know the greeting phrases we learned and 10 hiragana. Not too bad, I just have to study a bit more and I should be ok. Then I have an economics test on Wednesday, I have to study for that. An in class essay on Thursday, nothing big though, just a one page type thing. And lastly, I have a differential equations test Friday. This one I really need to prepare for. I've been lazy with my homework so I haven't been learning the topic too fluently. I'm going to do more problems and hopefully get everything straight in my head so i do well.
    It's been decided that I'm not doing anything for my spring break. I wanted to go to Epcot, but I kind of feel it will be nice to just be at home. I'm going to help my sister clean her room, then I'll clean the living room (my room). I'm hoping to buy a bookcase and a display case so I can organize some of my stuff better. I also plan on getting the rest of my Megumi cosplay together during my free time. I have to make the Tia doll and the orange spellbook and get the white shirt, red tie, and some pink sneakers. Then my costume will be ready for Tora-con in April.
    This layout of the blog is really bothering me. Maybe I'll fix it during spring break as well, probably not though. I'll try and do it during the summer if I don't get lazy. I also have to fix my art pages. The text is clickable when it shouldn't be. It's been bothering me a lot. I can at least fix that during break.

    ~*~February 2, 2009~*~
    Mood: Headache

    Well, I decided homework must be done, so I'm doing my essay...though I'm taking a break to write this. After some of my essay I'll do at least half the clean up drawings for my commercial, then my Japanese homework. It's supposed to snow tomorrow and Wednesday. I kind of don't want it to since I already had a snow day, but it'd be good for doing homework. We'll see what happens.
    I just did some Valentine's day shopping. I only got things for my sister and one of my good friends (not the one I bitch about). I also got one of those boxes of cards to give to anyone else.
    My head hurts so bad. I'm going back to my essay. I hope my headache goes away soon.

    ~*~February 1, 2009~*~
    Mood: Procrasting (not really a mood but oh well)

    Well, I'm not paying attention to the super bowl, and the commercials haven't been too good so far. That makes me sad.
    I have been avoiding my homework all day. I didn't get any of it done. I get distracted easily and I just didn't feel like doing it. I'm going to have so much work to do later. I hope I can do a lot tomorrow without being so distracted.
    I think my friends went down in numbers. I mean there's only like one or two of them that actually talk to me just to say hi and see what's happening. Not for rides to the airport or to know the location of the party or whatever. Speaking of parties, my so called friends only show up for parties or if we have an event like bowling or Ritas free ice day. I can't stand this anymore. It's really annoying. I don't like only hearing from my friends when I see them at the parties that my sister hosts. It's hardly ever a party someone else is hosting. If any of my friends do read this oh well. hopefully they get the point.
    Sigh, I have so much to do that I never feel like doing.


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