~*~March 28, 2009~*~
Mood: A Bit Tired

Well, I actually did a little of my homework. I got research done for my Sophomore Core paper. I haven't finished reading the articles yet, my yellow marker I use as a highlighter is dying. It made me stop lol. But I outlined what I am going to write about in my paper and I made the title page! It's a good start. I'll probably start writing is soon, maybe today, maybe not...depends really.
I also did some filing last night for my final video production project, and more is going to be done tonight. It's good to get that out of the way.
Now, I just have to get in the mood to do my storyboarding homework and finish the animation/layout tests I have to do. I have to do that soon and it's a lot of work. I'm just never in the mood for it.
Japanese quiz Tuesday on reading and writing all the hiragana we learned so far. Then economics test Wednesday and a differential equations test Friday. Gotta study for all that!.
I got to Floraroma Town today in Platinum. I have like 7 Pokemon now...though my Chimp evolved. It's even more ugly now. Oh well. Gotta go save the Valley Windworks lol.
Sigh, nobody to talk to. I wish more people were online, but then again my friends kind of suck.
I cleaned Pancakes cage today, so he's less stinky...
I guess I'll stop since I'm just blabbering on and on.

~*~March 26, 2009~*~
Mood: Tired

OMG I love the BoA USA cd, it's awesome. I'm so happy I got it. I mean, it gets repetitive a little bit, but I still like it. I hope she tours the US so I can see her.
Anyway, I have a really big problem. It's nearing the end of the semester and I have all this work to do. It's not only that I'm lazy, but I just don't have energy for anything. It sucks. I don't know why I am tired all the time. I just never feel like even moving. I need to find a way to fix this. I have so much I have to get done, and I really would like to work on bits of it all everyday. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm going to try though. I hope I can kill this lazy/tired problem.
I guess another addition to my problem is because my birthday passed...I got all these great gifts and I bought new stuff for myself as well. I mean now I have some nice new games to play. Pokemon Platinum, Dragon Quest V, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echos of Time, and I have Brisignr to read as well. I started playing Pokemon...that was a mistake...because now I just want to play it. But, at the same time, I'm like I can't, I have to get stuff done.
Ok, thinking about the work I have to get done soon. I have a research paper for Sophomore core, only 4 pages. I have another research paper for Japanese, that one is 8 pages. Then I have a short economics paper, only 2 pages. I have to get all those done. Then I have to finish filming and then edit my video production final project. I'll see how it turns out. I also have my final storyboard project to work on. That's a shitload of work. That's going to much to do. I feel school is the only thing I really worry about. Well, it's a lot of work.
Well on Pokemon Platinum I picked Chimchar as my starter. I picked Turtwig in Diamond...and I didn't really want to pick him again. I really hate Piplup or whatever and Chimchar. But I started with and all, you know? I named him Chimp. The first Pokemon I can was Shinx with a premier ball, named him Barnaby. And now I have a Magikarp named Splash. That's it. I don't feel like catching every Pokemon...only the interesting ones, at least for now. Gah, it will probably, hopefully, be a while before I play again. I really need to get my work done!

~*~March 22, 2009~*~
Mood: Pissed off

10 days later...
Well my birthday came and passed. Now 20. Got lots of manga, roller skates, games still coming in mail. All good.
Party was yesterday. Decorations were great, food was great, presents were great (thank you all who gifted me). However, it was just The friends...are fucking weird...all of them. I mean, really, wtf were they talking about? Like, it's my fabulous party and the best thing you can talk about is unicorn porn and fucking video games I don't even play. The conversation just sucked. I felt like one person didn't want to be's like, why come? And then there were mess it's not even my house we are at, can you please not get marker/food/drink on the carpet? Also, everyone was supposed to wear fabulous hats right? Well I guess no one is fabulous...because it was like a baseball game with a homeless girl and two animals.
And then, my one friend called me...on her way...I didn't answer it because I was busy at the time...but I got the message on my voice mail. I didn't call her back because I figured she was driving. And well an hour or so goes by, I call her. And she's all like bitching at me. Telling me she got lost for two hours and went back home and she couldn't get a hold of me. Well i checked my other messages....and it only said she called at 8:35...which was the message about her on her way. I told her I was sorry like 50 billion times and she was so mean and bitchy on the phone. That made everything worse. Even if she did call me and it didn't show up on my phone, she didn't leave a message. I was checking my phone periodically to see if she called or if there was a message. Fucking friends.
I have to fix this website, it's bugging me. I don't have the time or motivation to do so anytime soon, though.
Homework...must do much. Three papers...sigh. I hate this shit.

~*~March 12, 2009~*~
Mood: Tired, slightly sick

Well, my spring break is not going as planned. I ended up getting a stomach flu. So I was puking and shitting. Not fun. Now I'm recovering. I have my appetite back and ate meat today! lol so happy just to eat meat.
So I didn't get much done. I managed to pick the topic for my Japanese paper - fashion. And I requested some books from the library. So that's something....other schoolwork still needs to be done. I have to still start my economics paper. And my video project..well I no longer like the idea I had. i don't want to have to go to the beach to film. So I'm trying to come up with a new idea.
Cleaning started, then stopped when I got sick. We were actually getting it's just like ehhhh....i dont want to.
Well I still need to buy stuff for my cosplay...I haven't even started making the doll yet. Maybe it'll just be ready by Otakon? Most likely.
Sigh, so nothing really got done this break, except me puking and shitting and cleaning myself out instead of cleaning the house out. Maybe Easter break? lol no, it's too short. Oh well.




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