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Legendary Beasts

243 - Raikou - Electric

244 - Entei - Fire

245 - Suicune - Water

These three Legendary Pokemon have no specific location of where you can find them because they are always on the move throughout the tall grasses of the Johto map. Once you run into one of them you can always keep tabs on where they are by going to your Pokedex and then checking their location (the first choice at the bottom of their Pokedex entry).

The Tower

TM08 Breaks Rocks

Watch Them Scatter

But first, if you haven't already waken them up you will have to go to Ecruteak City. Go in the Burned Tower, break the rock in the way and fall down the little hole. Walk up the stairs and they will awaken and scatter.

Another thing about these Pokemon. They will never attack you, they'll run away the first turn so you'll have a tough time catching them. But don't worry, if you damage them they'll stay damaged until you encounter them again. So the next time I encounter Entei, I'll fight Entei with the same HP it had when it ran away from me. If you knock them out however, they are gone for good.

Entei ran away!

Now I should be able to catch Entei


Lugia - Silver Version

Lugia swimming

Lugia wants to fight!

Go to Olivine (Asagi) City and surf south trying to stay as far to the right as you can. There are 4 entrances to the Whirl Caves where Lugia is so if you follow the wall the first one you come to is the one you need to enter.

Once inside go to the right and choose the top path when it comes to a fork. Now you'll make your way to a waterfall, go down it, then surf up and you should find Lugia swimming in the water.

Lugia is also level 40 and will give you 1257 experience points if you beat him. But DON'T, what are you crazy or something!? Again, using the Master Ball at this time isn't wise.

If you wanted to know, Lugia learns Hydro Pump at level 44.

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Lugia - Gold Version
Yes, Lugia can be obtained in the Gold Version, you just won't be able to get it as soon as you got Ho-oh. In Pewter City there is a man who will give you a Silver Wing. Take this Silver Wing and head to the same place as Lugia is in Silver and you will fight a level 70 Lugia.

For a Map, click here.

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Ho-oh - Gold Version

Ho-oh on the Rooftop

Ho-oh wants to fight

Go back to Ecruteak (Enjyu) City and go into the northern house. Go in all the stairs and you'll eventually come to a tower. Go inside, work your way through the maze inside, and once you make it to the roof you'll find Ho-oh.

You better save your game before fighting Ho-oh, because like Mewtwo, there is only one. Ho-oh is only level 40 so using the Master Ball isn't a good idea.

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Ho-oh - Silver Version

Ho-oh on the Rooftop

Level 70 Ho-oh

Yes, Ho-oh can be obtained in the Silver Version, you just won't be able to get it as soon as you got Lugia. In Pewter City there is a man who will give you a Rainbow Wing. Take this Rainbow Wing and head to the same place as Ho-oh is in Gold and you will fight a level 70 Ho-oh.

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Lapras is another fun Pokemon to find. On the lower most level of Union Cave you should be able to find Lapras on Fridays.

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Shiny Pokemon

Red Gyarados
You remember the Gold...err... Red Gyarados in the lake north of Mahogany (Choju) Town, right? Well that's not the only Pokemon that is colored differently. Throughout the game, through all wild grass, there is always a very very very slight chance you'll run into a shiny Pokemon. They have above average stats because they have DVs of 10 for all stats (except for HP which has a DV of 0) than the normal "regular" colored ones.

To make sure you have a special colored Pokemon look at its stats and if it has 3 pluses by it's gender, then that means it's a shiny one. Also, when used in battle it will sparkle and shine when you bring it out.

Every Pokemon has a special color, even the ones that you can only catch once like Lugia or Ho-oh (though it is VERY rare for them to be shiny when you run into them), so always be on the lookout where ever you go since one could pop up at any moment.

Rhyhorn I found in Victory Road


"Free Pokemon"


After defeating the first Gym Leader go into Violet's Pokecenter. Talk to the Scientist at the counter and he will give you Togepi.

Tyrogue - (#236)

Tyrogue is pretty well hidden in Mt. Mortar which is between Ecruteak (Enjyu) City and Mahogany City. Hopefully you'll be able to find him with these pictures. And remember, you must only bring 5 Pokemon with you or you won't be able to take Tyrogue with you. You will need Pokemon with Flash, Surf, Waterfall, and Strength to reach Tyrogue.

Tyrogue can evolve into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop depending on his stats. If Tyrogue's Attack is higher than its Defense it will evolve into Hitmonlee. Defense higher than Attack - Hitmonchan. If its Attack and Defense are the same it will evolve into Hitmontop.

Thanks to Eevee Lugia and Meowth346 for this info.

Surf passed the first mountain entrance east of Ecruteak (Enjyu) City and enter this middle one.

Surf into the water right at the entrance and head north up a waterfall.

Head through the door and you'll want to keep to the right on the other side. You'll need to surf across water and navigate through a semi-tricky maze to get near the top.

You'll find this ladder leading down at the top left corner of the maze.

This portion of the maze is pretty simple, when you enter head to the right and up and around until you get to this ladder.

Defeat this Karate guy and he'll give you Tyrogue.

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Eevee - Espeon/Umbreon

House west of Pokecenter

Stop by this house in Goldenrod (Kogane) City to get your own complimentary Eevee. If Bill's not home that means you haven't met him yet. Bill is located in the next city's Pokemart. Have a slot open for it though or you won't be able to get it.

To get Eevee to evolve into the two new evolutions, Espeon (Psychic) or Umbreon (Dark), Eevee must reach its "Happiness Quota". Not only that, but to get Espeon, Eevee must reach that quota during the day. And just the opposite for Umbreon, Eevee must reach the quota at night.

Click here for a map.

Talk to Bill to get Eevee

Shuckle (#213)

On Cianwood (Taban) City talk to one of the guys when you only have 5 Pokemon in your lineup and he will give you Shuckle.


Trade Pokemon

The following Pokemon you can get by trade, either from a person in the game, or trading with another Game Boy.



Route 14

Here's a trade you can find on Route 14 which is East of Vermilion City. This girl is looking to trade her Aerodactyl for a Chansey.

Chansey can be found in the same grassy area where the girl is standing but good luck running into one because they are very Scarce.

Trade for Chansey

Here's another trade, though I don't think it's as good as the Aerodactyl one.

Go to Blackthorn (Fusube) City and enter the house with the girl. She will trade you a Rhydon for a Dragonair.

You can catch wild Dragonair with the Super Rod in a small little pond south of Blackthorn (Fusube) City.

And with all trades the Pokemon they trade you will be the same level as the Pokemon you trade them.


Go to Olivine (Asagi) City and go a little west of the gym, you'll see two houses. Go to the one on the left and talk to the guy. If you give him a Krabby, he'll trade you a Voltorb.

Slowking (#199)

Equip Slowpoke with Kings Rock and then trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Slowking.

The King's Rock is found in the Slowpoke Well outside Azalea (Hiwanda) Town. Bring a Pokemon with Surf and Strength to get to the guy who will give the Kings Rock.

Politoed (#186)

Equip Poliwhirl with the Kings Rock and then trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Politoed.

Since there's only one Kings Rock in G/S you'll have to find them attached to some wild or traded Pokemon like Poliwag.

Steelix (#208)

Equip Onix with the Metal Coat and then trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Steelix.

Metal Coat is given to you by the Ship Captain of the SS Aqua after returning the granddaughter to her grandfather.

Scizor (#212)

Equip Scyther with the Metal Coat and then trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Scizor.

Since there's only one Metal Coat you'll have to find them attached to wild or traded Pokemon like Magnemite.

Porygon 2 (#233)

Equip Porygon with the Up-grade item and trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Porygon2.

You can get the Upgrade item from the guy blocking the door inside of Silph Co.

Kingdra (#230)

Equip Seadra with the Dragon's Scale and trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Kingdra.

When sending Dratini through the Time Machine they will have Dragon's Scale attached to them. Or you can find one in Mt. Mortar.


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