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Pokemon Tower now a Radio Tower
It looks like all souls are rested now in the old Pokemon Tower so they converted it to a Radio Tower to stay with the times.

First things first, talk to the man facing the wall with a black hat. He will thank you for turning the power back on at the Power Plant and give you a Expn Card that will allow you to tune your Radio to all radio stations in Kanto. The important station you will need later plays the Pokeflute noise.


Name Rater
The Name Rater is still located in Lavender like he was in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Also the Pokemart has moved to next to the Pokemon Center for some reason... Oh well.

Now the rest of the game you can do pretty much however you want. But for sake of organization I'll continue on to Celadon City.


Super Rod
But before you go, if you head South of Lavender for a little bit, you'll come to a Fishing Guru's house. He'll give you a Super Rod after you answer 'Yes' to his question.

Also, if you go down a little further, there's a Pokeball with a Nugget inside.


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