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Beat the Six Trainers

Misty's Gym is empty, so take the path North across Nugget Bridge towards where Bill's house was.

You'll encounter 6 trainers who will challenge you to a fight, and promise a prize for winning. Once you get done with 6, there's a 7th... He said he wanted to fight you because you'd be tired... All he has a Porygon anyway, so he's not tough.

After beating them all, you'll get a Nugget as a prize... And guess who it's from? Cooltrainer Kevin! ^_^ He'll challenge you to a battle after he gives you the Nugget.


Find Misty

Misty in love?
Continue on toward where Bill was and you will find Misty romancing with someone. She'll run off back to her Gym after you see her.


Cerulean City Gym - Misty

Inside Misty's Gym
Misty is still using Water Pokemon of course. Her Starmie is the only Pokemon that makes a return, but this time it is really beefed up.

Misty's Pokemon can be easily taken out with a few Electric attacks. The only problem though is Quagsire who is Wooper's evolution. These strange creatures are impervious to Electric attacks since they are part Ground, so a Grass attack should do the trick.

After beating Misty she will give you her Cascade Badge and you should be on your way.

Head to Lavender Town by going East from Saffron City.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Golduck 42 1566
Quagsire 42 1233
Lapras 44 2064
Starmie 47 2083
Prize: $4700


Cleanse Tag
When you're going South from Cerulean to get to Lavender, stop by the house that is at the bottom of a bunch of ledges. Talk to the old lady inside and she'll give you the Cleanse Tag. It will help keep wild Pokemon from attacking you.


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