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Almost there...
Eventually you'll make it to the "other half" of Victory Road. This half is much more easier because there are no trainers and no puzzles.

But there are a lot of Pokemon in there that will give you grief if your Pokemon are not leveled high enough. Graveler, Onix, Rhyhorn, Golbat, and Ursaring (Gold) or Dohphan (Silver) are what you will find in here.

Strangely enough, when I was playing and leveling up my Pokemon before I battled the Elite Four, I ran into a shining silver Rhyhorn. It, like all Shiny Pokemon, has a constant DV of 10 for every stat (except for HP which has a DV of 0), making its total stats be somewhat higher than regular Pokemon. Whenever it goes into battle it sparkles like the Red Gyarados, and as you can see in its stats, it has 3 stars next to it's gender like the Red Gyarados.

Click here for a map.

Silver Rhyhorn


TM 26 - Earthquake
Inside Victory Road you can find TM 26, Earthquake. Right near the exit, head to the left and fall down the hole you find to get to it.


Perfect Place to Level Up
The Pokemon in Victory Road are perfect for leveling up your Pokemon before the Elite Four. The Graveler give you experience points in the 600's, Onix in the 500's, Rhyhorn in the 600's, Golbat in the 700's, and Ursaring/Donphan in the 800's.

The best place to do this is at the end of Victory Road where the exit is because you can go up to Indigo Plateau to heal your Pokemon. But before you reach the end your Rival will battle you one more time.

Now when your Pokemon are about level 50 or so I think it is a good time to take on the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Sneasel 34 960
Golbat 36 1310
Magneton 35 1207
Haunter 35 944
Kadabra 35 1080
Starter (3rd Evo) 38 1692
Prizes: $3973


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