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Indigo Plateau
Just like in Red, Blue, and Yellow, you will fight the Elite Four and Pokemon League Champion one after another with chances to heal your Pokemon in between.

So I suggest before you go up the stairs to the first battle, buy plenty of healing items and Revives, because you might need them, and they definitely come in handy.


Will is your first match. He is a Psychic Trainer and uses a new Pokemon called Xatu. It is a Psychic Bird that evolved from Natu.

Electric attacks should do the trick on everything except for Exeggutor. A fire Pokemon can take out Exeggutor easily.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Xatu 40 1465
Jynx 41 1203
Exeggutor 41 1861
Slowbro 41 1440
Xatu 42 1530
Prize: $4200


It looks like Koga has moved from being a Gym Leader to an Elite Four member. He still uses Poison type Pokemon.

If you have a Kadabra or a Pokemon with Psychic, it can easily wipe out all of Koga's Pokemon.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Ariados 40 1147
Venomoth 41 1212
Forretress 43 1086
Muk 42 1413
Crobat 44 1923
Prize: $4400


Bruno is back and he's using his favorite Pokemon types: Fighting and Rock.

Hitmontop is a Hitmonlee/chan relative. It's the one where it spins on its head with three feet in the air.

You should have a strong water Pokemon that can take out all of Bruno's Pokemon. If not, a psychic like Kadabra can do.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Hitmontop 42 1242
Onix 43 994
Hitmonchan 42 1260
Hitmonlee 42 1242
Machamp 46 1902
Prize: $4600


Karen likes to use a variety of Pokemon, but mostly Dark ones.

Umbreon is the Eevee evolution that you can get if you level up Eevee at night (Espeon, the Psychic one, by leveling up Eevee during the day.) Use a powerful attack to knock out Umbreon.

Vileplume can be taken out with a fire move.

Murkrow is a crow Pokemon. One electric attack should knock it out quickly.

Gengar doesn't like Psychic.

Houndoom is a devilish looking fire dog. Use Hydro Pump or Surf.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Umbreon 42 1773
Vileplume 42 1656
Murkrow 44 1008
Gengar 45 1831
Houndoom 47 2053
Prize: $4700


Lance - League Master
Looks like Lance beat you to being the Pokemon League Master. Like in Red, Blue, and Yellow, Lance likes to use his Dragon type Pokemon.

Lance uses basically the same lineup as in Red, Blue, and Yellow, except for the fact that he has 2 Dragonites in place of his 2 Dragonairs. But that makes it even easier.

Gyarados - Electric attack.

Dragonite - part flying - Ice or electric attack.

Dragonite - Ice or electric attack.

Aerodactyl - Hydro Pump or Surf.

Charizard - Hydro Pump or Surf.

Dragonite - Ice attack.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Gyarados 44 2017
Dragonite 47 2194
Dragonite 47 2194
Aerodactyl 46 1990
Charizard 46 2059
Dragonite 50 2335
Prize: $4700


The End
Congratulations you have become a Pokemon League Champion. Professor Oak and an interviewer named Mary will come and congratulate you. Lance will save you from the interview, and will take you to the back room where he'll enter your Pokemon team into the Hall of Fame.

Then you will watch the credits and see "The End."

However, this is not the end. There is more to do.

Now you can explore the world from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow with Gold & Silver improvements...


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