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Master Ball
When you get back in New Bark (Wakaba) Town after beating all 8 Gym Leaders in Johto, talk to Elm and he will give you the Master Ball!

Now that you have this, and the Rainbow Wing (Gold) or Silver Wing (Silver) from the Radio Tower Director, you can go catch Ho-oh (Gold) or Lugia (Silver).


Ho-oh - Gold Version

Ho-oh on the rooftop.
Ho-oh is really easy to find compared to Lugia. Go back to Ecruteak (Enjyu) City and go into the northern house. Go in all the stairs and you'll eventually come to a large tower. Go inside Tin Tower, and go to the top after the winding mazes and teleport pads and you'll find Ho-oh.

You better save your game before fighting Ho-oh, because like Mewtwo, there is only one. Try getting Ho-oh down to as little HP as possible, and put it to sleep. Ultra Balls should do the trick.

Wild Ho-oh appears!

Click here for a Map to get to Ho-oh


Lugia - Silver Version

Lugia swimming
Lugia can be found in Whirl Islands, south of Olivine City. You'll need a Pokemon with Surf, one with Whirlpool, and one with Flash to get to Lugia.

Go to Olivine (Asagi) City and surf south trying to stay as far to the right as you can. There is 4 entrances to the cave where Lugia is so if you follow the wall the first one you come to is the one you need to enter.

Once inside go to the right and choose the top path when it comes to a fork. Now you'll make your way to a waterfall, go down it, then surf up and you should find Lugia swimming in the water.

Lugia is also level 40 and will give you 1257 experience points if you beat him. But DON'T, what are you crazy or something!? Again, low HP, asleep, and ultra balls should do the trick.

Lugia wants to fight!

Click here for a Map to get to Lugia


Pokemon League
Now head back to New Bark (Wakaba) Town and get ready to advance to the Pokemon League.

But first make sure you have a Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall. And heal all your Pokemon in Elm's Lab.

Next it's time to surf east from New Bark (Wakaba) Town.


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