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Team Rocket - Radio Tower

The other floors of the Radio Tower that were not accessible before, now are. Unfortunately these floors are reeking of Rocket.

The first part of this chore is easy enough. Just fight all the Rocket's and make it up to the top. You'll see a locked door on the third floor, but this will be opened later.

Beat the Rocket Executive on the top floor who was impersonating as the Director. He'll give you a key that will unlock the blue door to the Underground Warehouse, which you can reach by going into the Underground Tunnel in Goldenrod City.


Battle with Rival
Hey look, your Rival was following you and now wants to fight. Sneasel is one of those new Dark type Pokemon (Psychic has no effect).
Pokemon Level Exp.
Magnemite 28 534
Golbat 30 1098
Haunter 30 810
Sneasel 32 904
Starter (3rd Evo) 32 1424
Prizes: $1920


Evil Puzzle
Next you will have to press switches to open doors and remove walls. To get to the Female Rocket leader you must push the switches in this order: the Left switch (#3), then Middle (#2), then the Right one (#1).


Save The Director

You'll encounter more Rocket Grunts until you finally encounter the Director of the Radio Station. He'll give you a Card Key that'll unlock the 3rd Floor shutter that was locked before in the Radio Station.

Go back to the Radio Station and unlock the door. Beat the rest of the Rockets including the male and female Rocket Executives.


Get the Rainbow or Silver Wing

After defeating the Rocket Executives, the Director will come and thank you. He'll also give you a special Wing (Silver version: Silver Wing, Gold Version: Rainbow Wing). These wings will let you get Ho-oh (Rainbow Wing - Gold) and Lugia (Silver Wing - Silver).


More Free Gifts

Before exiting the Radio Tower, go around and talk with the people pictured. They will give you something for saving the Radio Tower.


Don't forget to stop by this house in Goldenrod (Kogane) City to get your own complimentary Eevee from Bill. Have a slot open for it though or you won't be able to get it.

Next head back to Mahogany (Choju) Town and enter the Ice Path.


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