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Where is Cianwood?

Cianwood (Taban) City can be reached by surfing from Olivine (Asagi) City. You'll encounter a lot of Tentacool and Tentacruel on the way. Not to mention a few trainers.


Cianwood (Taban) City Gym - Storm Badge (#5)
Heal your Pokemon at the local Center then head off to fight the Gym Leader. To get passed the stones blocking your way, you must press the stones on the ends up using Strength. Then Press the middle stone to the left.

Again, Kadabra comes in handy.

Chuck will give you the Storm Badge for winning. Now Pokemon up to level 70 will obey you and you can use Fly outside of battle. He will also give you TM 01, Dynamicpunch. It will confuse the opponent if it hits.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Primeape 27 861
Poliwrath 30 1188
Prizes: $3000, TM01


HM02 - Fly
After beating Chuck, talk to the lady outside the gym to get HM02.


#213 Shuckle
There's a guy that will give you a Shuckle on Cianwood if you only bring 5 Pokemon with you.

You can also catch wild Shuckle by breaking the rocks on Cianwood. By breaking the rocks there's always a chance a wild Pokemon will fight you.


Photo Studio
There's a man in a house above the Gym that'll take a picture of one of your Pokemon and then print it out on your Game Boy Printer.


Stop by this house to get the medicine Jasmine needs for her sick Pokemon before flying back to Olivine.
Medicine Man


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