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Gym Leader is Missing
If you check out the local Gym your Rival will tell you that the gym is empty.


HM04 - Strength
Head to the house next to the Pokecenter. Talk to the Sailor on the right and he'll give you HM04.


Good Rod
Right above the Pokecenter is a house with a Fishing Guru inside. Talk to him and answer yes to his question and you'll get a Good Rod.


On Mondays look for Monica in Olivine City. Talk to her and she'll give you Sharp Beak. When attached to a Pokemon it'll raise the power of Flying Attacks.


Jasmine Needs Medicine

Next head to the Lighthouse that is southeast in the town. Scale to the top battling trainers and you'll find Jasmine. She'll ask that you get some medicine for her sick Pokemon from a pharmacy in Cianwood.

Well, not much else to do, so let's surf to Cianwood City.

This hole will get you to the top


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