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Pincie Creek Mountain Man
Red with White Markings, 22 inches, 50 lb  
Birthdate: January 4, 2001         


Gotta love the ear.                                                 Monty being introduced to his goats.

Monty was the result of a cross between Justus McCain of Pincie Creek ("Mac") and Los Barancos Light of the Sun ("Sunshine").  Monty is the foundation behind all of our females. He was a very intense working dog and could be fierce when dealing with disagreeable cattle. He was always controllable, though, and had a strong desire to please the handler. His herding abilities were limited only because we were (and still are) novice trainers and were not been able to devote the time to him that he deserved. That being said, he was not a "chute dog" and did his best work in the open pasture. He wasn't fond of small spaces. In his basic personality, Monty was much more calm and dignified than some of our dogs (such as Gypsy prior to age 6). He was always a reserved gentleman in public and he passed that dignity to his daughter Mischief (and again to her daughter Little Miss). He was very attached to his family and believed he should be sitting in your lap when he wasn't helping with chores. He also believed he should be sitting on your lap when you were swimming which could be a bit unfortunate for all. We unfortunately lost Monty in a farm accident a couple of years ago, but his spirit lives on in his daughters and granddaughters.

Monty's Pedigree

Justus McCain of Pincie Creek STDcds
Hall of Fame Sire WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue, RTDc WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDx HOF Sire WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point RDx
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance CD
Bar LW Tequila Sunrise OTDc Bar LW Whiskey Joe ATDc STDs
Las Rocosa Sherry Delight ATDd OTDsc STDc
HOF Dam WTCH Justus N Lucy McCain CDX RDX HOF Sire CH Windsong's Raisin Cain CD HOF Sire CH Copper Canyon Caligari
HOF Dam WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong CDX
HOF Dam WTCH Parrish's Illusion CD CH Slash V Easy Jet CD STDdsc
Parrish's Possum ATDd OTDs STDc
Los Barancos Light of the Sun WTCH CH Shope's Goodnight Bandit CDX HS RTDsc CH Sand Ridge Ventana Windhill's Claim Jumper
Viva Las Vegas of Starcross
Wilcox's Bitablue Always Raven Trueluc's Bushup Kid
Wibi Black Velvet
Los Barrancos Harlequin Gaze CD STDdsc CGC CH Las Rocosa Hilton of Hilltop CD Temujin Ready or Not
CH Mistretta's Gabriella Maja
Los Barrancos Chaco P Bar J Marbles
Silverledge Cinnamon Dolly


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