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Mtn Mist Aussies
(previously Misty Mountain Aussies)

Pincie Creek Mountain Man

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Mtn Mist Aussies


    Where we've been and where we are...
        We are farmers.  We do not have a big ranch with thousands of cattle, but we are farmers none the less.  As such, we need dogs that can help us with farming.  Certain breeds of dogs are better at this task than others.  Border collies make good working dogs.  Chows do not.  This is because certain dogs have been selectively bred for certain tasks over the years.  We therefore owned Australian shepherds to help work the livestock and Great Pyrenees to guard the livestock.  The first Australian shepherds our family owned were amazing work dogs because they had been bred for generations by ranchers and cowboys  to be so.  Eventually our original dogs grew old and passed away.  However, since the time we first obtained our first aussies, a change or rather a split had occurred in the breed.  A significant portion of the Australian shepherds have been bred for conformation with little emphasis on preserving the working instinct.  We purchased more than one of these dogs.  They were smart, loyal, and all-around wonderful dogs.  Unfortunately, they did not have the instinct to help in the farm work.  And it was becoming increasing clear that Rose Marie and Lou were not getting younger and they really needed help on the farm.  They needed another aussie that could get the cows and goats up for them and keep the bull away at feeding time.  Early in 2000, we performed an extensive search for aussies that still had the herding instinct.  In the end, we purchased two puppies from Pincie Creek in Alabama:  Monty and Gypsy Rose.  Monty especially contributed a great deal to the dogs we currently own. We have continued to focus on working lines and have retained females from our litters that best match our goals and bred them to carefully selected males that will hopefully continue to improve our lines.

Pincie Creek Gypsy Rose

Spring 2010 Litter

Our spring litter between Misty Mtn Little Miss and Wyatts Easy Going Joe has arrived!   >>Click here for Pictures<<<  The puppies were born late at night on March 4th. This is a litter full of color with reds, blue merles, and a red merle. Please contact us if you are interested in one of our little ones, and we will try to answer all your questions and send you some extra pictures. Contact us early if you are interested in a particular puppy because we are already getting reservations on these little ones. We would hate for you to miss out on your pick puppy.


We have a new website! Please find our most recent information at . I kept running out of disk space on this site. When we decided to launch a paid website for the store, it seemed a perfect opportunity to update our Aussie site as well. I tried to fill our new site with lots more information and make it more user friendly. This site will no longer be updated after May 2010. I really hope you like the new website.

We also changed our name up a little. I hope this doesn't confuse anyone out there, but we just thought everyone should know. "Mtn Mist" has now been registered with ASCA and will appear on our papers from here on out. We were a little too slow to get our "Misty Mtn" registered when we changed all of our registration papers from being owned by dad to me (Angela) after he got cancer. And we liked the "Mtn Mist" just as well. We just thought we should mention our new name for the people who occasionally check up on us through this website.


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