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of the Writing Process

~ A Universal Process for Any Writing Task ~

Writing Process Links

Secondary Students

There are many different stages of the writing process.  
Different students and teachers use different approaches to meet their needs.  
It is by no means a fluent process.  
Instead the writer may go back and forth through different stages.  
In this collection we hoped to provide you with links to some of the best.  

General Writing Process Links I Prewriting I Revising I Editing I Publishing For Teachers

General Writing Process Links

Young Authors' Workshop Resource Pages - The purpose of these pages is to provide middle school students (about Grades 4 through 7) with links to online resources that will take them step by step through the writing process. The steps in this process are those used in Writer's Workshop. The pages are designed for use by an individual student or small group of students working on a project, but could also be used by a child working at home or by a whole class.  There is also a page for teachers with links to additional creative writing resources and some writing projects.  These pages were prepared by Barbara Larochelle as the final project for the course ED PSY 597 at theUniversity of Alberta (site).
Implementing the Writing Process - "This web site is an online workshop for classroom teachers that are interested in implementing the writing process in their classroom. The implementation will be broadly referred to as "Writers Workshop". - site introduction.  This is an excellent site out of Saskatchewan that includes a rationale, curriculum connections, sections on pre-writing, mini-lessons, first draft, revision, editing, publishing, student evaluation and teacher self-evaluation.
English Language Arts 20: Teaching and Learning - An excellent resource from Saskatchewan Education that could be adapted to other grades.
Ten Tips for Young Writers - Write regularly, write about what you know, imitate writers you admire, don't be afraid of rejection... (site)
Improve Your English with WritingDEN! - Visit the paragraph section in tips-o-matic to review the different types of paragraphs and how to write a paragraph using the writing process.
Purdue Online Writing Lab- With over 150 instructional handouts in the resources for writers section, Purdue Online Writing Lab is one of the most extensive collections of advice about writing on the web. Most other sites, instead of providing their own handouts, point to Purdue's. The handouts are generally short but useful and contain examples.
The Writing Process - This site unifies and clarifies the process, modes, and forms of writing.  It also includes a visual handout of the writing process.
The Writing Process Web - Explore this unique site that explains each of the stages of the writing process, as well as having a section of samples of student work.
The Writing Process: Planning, Drafting and Polishing - These are the guidelines available at Maragaret Riel's Learning Circles site.
The Worlds of T.A. Barron: The Writing Process - See an author at work through the writing process.
Tools for Writing and Editing - A helpful overview of the different types of tools that can help you during the writing and editing phases.
The Writing Process: The Most Important Things to Know - In addition to taking you through the various stages of the writing process, this site stresses the importance of finding a voice when writing.
A Few Words about the Writing Process - An eight point list of priorities for the writing process.
Alphabet Superhighway Writing Center - The Travelling Tutor - Visit the writing center in this unique online resource that includes an activity center, writer's reference library, cyberzine and writing contest.
The Writing Assignment - A visual for students that describes the writing process.  A written explanation of it is available here.
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - A site with extensive information on discovering, organizing, revising, editing and different types of essays.
Writing Project: A Brief Overview of the Writing Process - Another succinct overview of the five stages of the writing process: prewriting, writing, revising editing and publishing.
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District: Writing Strategies - Explore the Index page that will lead you to the writing process: think and plan, first draft, revise and edit, final draft and a visual.
Milano OWL (Online Writing Lab) Overview of the Writing Process - In addition to an overview of the writing process, visit the workshops on writing.
The Maple Woods Writing Center Handouts: Index of Useful Handouts - Some of these include prewriting techniques, generating sensory details, thesis statements, transitions and effective introductions and conclusions.



Graphic Organizers- An awesome collection of graphic organizers.  They are in pdf format so you will require Adobe Acrobat to view, print and use.
Three Step Creative Writing Process - Idea collection, idea mapping and conversion to linear for and explained and are useful in the prewriting stage.
Pratt's Writing and Tutorial Center: Understanding the Writing Process/Preparation Writing - Another overview of different types of prewriting with links to mapping, planning and first draft.


Revision Strategies - Writing Center, Youngstown State University - Explanation and suggestions for revision.


Editing and Proofreading - Writing Center, Youngstown State University - Explanation and suggestions for editing.


ABC's of the Writing Process - Submit via the email link
Alberta Author Connection - Submit book reviews for online publication.
English Online: Writers' Window -   Poems and stories can be published online.

For Teachers 

Ten Ways to Emphasize the Writing Process
Oral Presentation in the Writing Process - Two suggestions for incorporating oral components in the prewriting and writing stages of the writing process.
Writing Process Poster - Copy and paste into a word processing document, print, then display


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