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of the Writing Process

~A Universal Process for Any Writing Task ~


There are many ways to get published.
Within your own classroom and school,
books, magazines and online through
e-zines and showcases of work.

We encourage anyone who has used this site, or used the writing process
to write their piece, to submit their work for online publication.

  • FOIPP - Be sure that your school is FOIPP
    (Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection)
    compliant and permission has been granted to post
    student work on the internet.  Only first name of
    student and school will be posted.
  • The Work - The piece, whether it is a paragraph,
    short story or poem should have a title.  It should
    have gone through the stages of the writing process,
    including the editing stage so it should be free of
    spelling and grammatical errors.
  • To Post - Copy and paste the following into an
    email, fill in then paste the submission after it.  
    Attachments will not be accepted.  

    Teacher Name:  Alex Carter
    School Name:    Write School
    Class/Grade:      Language Arts 7
    Teacher Email:
    City/Province/Country:   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Student First Name:        Sam
    Title of Piece of Writing:  The Write Way
    Suggestions for publication:



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