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SOURCES OF INSPIRATION - How do I get ideas in the first place?

  • magazines/newspapers/periodicals/CD-ROM
  • conduct an interview based on your topic
  • media - radio, tv, internet
  • experiences
  • film - movies and documentaries
  • music
  • visual art - observing or creating
  • dreams
  • memories
  • discussion and brainstorming
  • responding to literature
  • role playing
  • research
  • imagination
  • personal interest inventories
  • class interest inventory
  • other

TIPS - What ways can I prewrite?

  • free writing
  • journalling
  • image streaming (transplant yourself
    to another place or time and describe 
    from a first person point of view)
  • lists
  • visualization
  • brainstorming - individually or as a group
  • webbing/mapping/clustering
  • graphic organizers
  • topic or word chart


Graphic Organizers are brainstorming webs, mind maps and other
charts that allow you to organize your thoughts and ideas.  
There are many different types to choose from.  Pick
the one that is best suited to your topic.

Come Aboard a R.A.F.T. - Role, Audience, Format, Topic,
Strong Verb, a prewriting strategy

Descriptive Word Prompters - to help with description

Five Senses Chart - brainstorm the five senses in a chart
like this

Ten Prewriting Exercises for Personal Narratives

More Prewriting Ideas

The P.O.W.E.R.S. of Writing: A Student's Guide to the
Writing Process
- More prewriting suggestions


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