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of the Writing Process

~A Universal Process for Any Writing Task ~

 Graphic Organizer Links
Links to Collections of Graphic Organizers

The Writing Website: Graphic Organizers - Story maps, character trait analysis charts, expository organizers, compare and contrast organizers, brainstorm webs and concept maps are the categories which you will find.  These are geared towards elementary students and are ready to print and use.
Graphic Organizers - Seven types of organizers are provided here with suggestions for their use: decision making model, character map, main idea pyramid, question answer chart, story map, Venn diagram and sequence chain.
SCORE Graphic Orgainizers - This collection of twelve graphic organizers is used to meet the Language Arts Standards in California.  It includes chain of events, clustering, compare/contrast, continuum, cycle, family tree, fishbone, interaction outline, problem/solution, spider, storyboard and venn diagram.
Graphic Organizers- An awesome collection of graphic organizers.  They are in pdf format so you will require Adobe Acrobat to view, print and use.
Graphic Organizers Index - Webbing, concept map, matrix and flow chart examples are categorized according to their purpose: description, compare/contrast, classify, sequence, cause or decision making.
Inspiration - Webbing and graphic organizer software



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