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of the Writing Process

~A Universal Process for Any Writing Task ~

Descriptive Writing Links

LEO: Literacy Education Online - This resource has an index of possible difficulties that one could encounter when writing.  It provides solutions in many areas.  Scroll down the page to the section on writing for school that includes sections on descriptive and narrative writing along with others.
Improve Your English with WritingDEN! - Visit the paragraph section in tips-o-matic to review the different types of paragraphs: description, compare and contrast, sequence, choice, explanation and evaluation.
The Writing Corner: The Writing Process - Explore descriptive, narrative, expository and persuasive writing here.
Our Book of Wanted Posters - In this elementary activity, students choose two nouns that they "wanted."  They had to describe these in words then draw what they described.

Germantown Academy Sixth Grade Descriptive Writing - Summary of a lesson where students painted nature then described it.



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