TAB: Chiapaneca By Marc Frucht

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                a "cancion" by marco capelli frucht
                (c)1999 Marc Frucht
                Release date: 21mar99
                Part I
                Am          G                F
                                  E              (v)(v)
                Part II
                C        G          Bb        F
                G  C        G        Bb        A7
                Part III
                Am      Am          B    B    D B E B
                C  C*  A F  F      *Timing is
                -8--8---5-1--------  is misleading
                -8--8---5-1---x----  here in TAB;
                -9--9---6-2---10---  you'll have to
                -10-10--7-3---10---  get a feel for
                -10-10--7-3---10---  for it.
                [Repeat part I.] [then jump to IV.]
                Part IV 
                  hp          *
                [Repeat part III.] [Repeat I.]
                [Repeat part II.] [Hit one extra A7
                    or repeat part III depending
                    on crowd's "vibe." (or maybe
                    that stupid Beatles ending
                    chord; or scream at high G 
                    falsetto shaking your moptop.)]
                1. The numbers right next to each other are
                  thirty-second notes, but don't fret. Just
                  "tremelo" these notes a bit and you'll 
                  feel for them by the second time you play
                  this song, I'm sure of it.
                2. I chose to express this in TAB rather 
                  than standard notation (and have little 
                  intention of ever publishing this in 
                  "s.n.") for the same reason Dante chose
                  the language he chose for publishing
                  "Inferno." If you have no idea what I'm
                  talking about please 
                        a) go look it up
                        b) or delete this song from your 
                          memory and forget you ever
                          knew me. 
                3. I will never tell the name of the person
                  I wrote this song for (and about) but a
                  clue for people who know me well -- I 
                  bought a video-cassette from her in 1997
                4. I came up with a strange way to 
                  signify the repeats after I typee the 
                  last part. I wish to keep this easily 
                  played but exactly as I play it in-case 
                  anyone wants to catch the exact same 
                5. Please 
                  a) distribute this far and wide,
                  b) always keep my name with it;
                  c) never make money off of it.
                6. Each of the chords in part 1 are played
                  dragging the three fingernails (m,a and
                  the "pinky" from the bass-most note to 
                  the treble high in one quick snap. 
                7. (v) = vibrato. Very demonstrative. No
                  other vibratos the first time through
                  will make these two notes "hit home" 
                8. The following words are very important
                  to this song.
                  a) !presente!
                  b) basta
                  c) nunca mas
                9. The only way I know how to describe the
                  "9times" and "7times" in Part II. is
                  you strum them rapidly to get a tremolo
                  effect similar to what's done with a
                  single note, but the chord's repeated
                  those many times.
                10. h=hammer on
                11. p=pull off
                12. *=5th or 6th fret both sound good 
                    to me. I think I like 5 better.
                13. s=slide. (both up and down, 
                    you'll see right away)
                14. #=chords from part 2 if there's a
                    second guitarist. Otherwise, you're
                    on your own.
                15. I suggest sliding your thumb behind
                    fret 12 and dropping your left elbow
                    low, with the thumb almost touching
                    the "horn" if you're like me and 
                    think cutaways are stupid.
                16. Dedications: Maiko, Ingrid, Brenda,
                    Elevinio, Nana, Dad, and you.
                17. Have a nice day.
                Ya Basta,
                marco capelli

ps: I finally made a recording of this that
I don't dislike too much.

Hear "Chiapaneca" in:
mp3 or real audio.

Or please buy the record at: 

CD Baby ! Hopefully iTunes will embrace me soon too.

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