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Illusion; Elusiveness

Tasmanian Tiger - Extra Information

© 1999 Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

Tasmanian Tiger is the harbinger of change, the ‘silent one’, the carrier of the deep messages we need to hear.

Tassie Tiger is card number 20 in the deck. This being the numerology of 2. The Number Two draws up the blueprints and gathers information. It is spiritual inheritance, and is gifted as the "Light-Bearer". It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. The Number Two is related to the energy of Oppositions and the balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis. Two is The Peace Maker... Colours for two: Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black

Two symbolises polarity, and division of unity into male/female (yin/yang), representing duality, alteration, diversity, conflict and dependence. Two is a static condition. It is rooted, seen as balance (two sides), stability; and reflection. Two are the opposite poles and represents the dual nature of the human being. It is desire, since all that is manifest in duality is in pairs of opposites. As one represents a point, two represents a length. Two represents two-fold strength, which is symbolised by two of anything, usually in history, by animals in pairs.

The Rune symbol for Tasmanian Tiger is ‘Othila’ which strengthens family or group connections. This Rune whispers that this is a time of separating paths. A peeling away is called for, a letting go of the old, a time for retreat. A time for a separation is called for that will free you to become more truly who you are in essence. This is an illusion rune. To receive one only needs to let go and give. Maybe you are being called on to give up your attachments so you can become who you truly are. This is a time for ‘Self’, a time for going within.

Our Tassie Tiger is depicted on the card standing in the background of violet with a New Moon scooping upwards on the horizon. The colour Indigo is placed on the top of the illustration. Tassie Tiger is just there, just being seen, just watching. We are able to see him because of the moon’s white light reflection on his stripes. The colour Violet is the colour of spirituality, oneness with all life, bliss and vibrates to the Crown Chakra, while Indigo is the colour of the Third eye and the Brow Chakra and brings self awareness, clairvoyance, intuition and power.

A New Moon symbolises youth and receptivity, which attracts everything towards it. Our new moon is scooping up to hold all that comes your way. Look towards your New Moon, for it is on its way.

The Medicine

The medicine of Tasmanian Tiger is Illusion and Elusiveness. Tassie Tiger once roamed the mainland of Australia but is now restricted to Tasmania. Though the Tiger is listed as extinct, the illusive animal has been spotted by a few lucky individuals, while the Tiger was hunting at dusk for his food. Tasmanian Tiger is so called because of the distinctive white ‘Tiger’ stripes adorning his chest and rump. The Tiger is more like a wolf in build though, they have a tail that resembles a Kangaroo’s. Part of his elusiveness can be attributed to the fact that he sleeps in caves and hallows during the day and hunts on dusk thus making him elusive and more difficult to see. There have long been reported cases of Tasmanian Tigers being seen on occasion, though the sightings were often thought of as practical jokes. Those that have had the great fortune to see the animal, knows how lucky and fortunate they have been, and know its no joke.

The Shadow Side

You tend to play too many practical jokes on people…Be cautious for your jokes may backfire on you. Stop fooling yourself.

The Crystal - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rare stone that will bring in good fortune and brings in the art of manifestation.

The Message

If Tasmanian Tiger has materialized into your life you are being advised by ‘Spirit’ to act with caution, become a little illusive and don’t put yourself out there for everyone else too freely. Allow yourself to slip into the background and become invisible for a while. In other words, step back from the goings on around you and observe from the outside, looking in. This is a self protective move and may be necessary so that you can have some meditative time alone with your own thoughts.


I take time for myself

Tassie Tiger has a message for you

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