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SPIDER Ė extra Information

© 1999 Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

(Red Back Spider)
Weaving; Interconnectedness

The key words around the card: Web, Legal entanglements, Documents, Relationships, Weaving & Interconnectedness. The Rune Symbol of 'Nauthiz' for Constraint, Necessity and pain. It is important to not take the world personally. The need for restraint is unquestionable here. So amend, restore, redress. Consider the uses of adversity in your life. This rune gives you the power to overcome your limitation and achieve your long-term goals. Red Back Spider is the featured spider on the card but this is applicable to all Australian spiders.

Spider is the Auz Astrology sign for the zodiac symbol of Scorpio the Scorpion. Spider is card number 26 in the deck and therefore the numerology number is 8 and the planet of importance is Mars and the fire it brings.

The Number Eight is the cyclic energy of decision. The Number Eight, shown as the infinity symbol, is the energy of the endless cyclic processes. This is actually a double number, being of both the masculine and feminine energies, showing that there can be a harmonious synthesis of the two energies. When in balance there is the energy of the celestial into form and when imbalanced manifest as the apparent Heaven and Purgatory opposition. It is indicative of the order and symmetry of the numerical system. Eight is the Arbitrator.... Colours: Tan, Canary, Bronze, Buff, Opal & Ivory.

Our Red Back Spider is depicted on the card on the lower bottom of the card with a large red symbol for Scorpio in front of her. Also her web is depicted sparkling and shining in the Moonlight just waiting to catch some unexpecting thing. The background colour is blue for communication. It is important that you remember to communicate your needs and not just expect others to know what it is your want or feel. You need to be aware that you donít get too caught up in the physical as depicted by the colour Red. Passion for you can entangle, so be aware to control your desires. Find out what it is that you need not what you want. As needs and wants are very different. We donít always need what we want.

The Medicine

The medicine of Spider is Weaving and Interconnectedness. Spider ceaselessly weaves the web of life. She knows that so long as she remains active in her lifeís purpose she will always be nourished by the Universe. Her knowledge of the Interconnectedness of all energy is reflected by her ability to catch what she needs but not to waste.

The Shadow Side

You have been weaving a web of deception, be careful that you donít get caught in your own web!

The Crystal Ė Turquoise

Turquoise is a Master Healer that protects the environment as well as your physical body. Turquoise reminds us that we are related to all!

The Message

If Spider has weaved her way into your life ĎSpirití is reminding you that all things are interconnected. All things are woven together in this web of life. You need to put things together to see the whole picture. Hear, feel and see your answers. Donít allow yourself to be trapped by anotherĎs web of deception. If you are about to sign documents or enter into agreements make sure you clearly understand what you are about to commit to and how it will effect you. Donít rush in without looking, donít get caught up in someone elseís tangled web.


We are all connected

Spider has a message for you

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