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© 1999 Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

(Australian Fur Seal)
Adaptation; Contentment

The Medicine

The medicine of Seal is Adaptation and Contentment. You will recognize the Seal’s adaptability by the fact that he is a land and sea dweller, dwelling on land during breeding season. Also his ability to find many kinds of foods to satisfy its needs. The Seal is a contented mammal who will rear its young on land. Seal is happy with it’s lot in life being able to adapt to either it’s land or sea environment.

The Shadow Side

You are not content, you feel that the “Grass may be greener over there”. You are being forced to acknowledge and accept your lot in life, instead of constantly feeling that there is more. Remember contentment is found within! Don’t get set in your ways.

The Crystal – Amethyst

Amethyst is the stone of contentment and spirituality. It will bring in flexibility in decisions and is an excellent stone to help you find freedom.

The Message

If Seal has popped up your way, ‘Spirit’ is asking you to acknowledge and be thankful for your surroundings. You enjoy life, you are contented and you have the unique ability to be adaptable to any environment you are placed in and so have the ability to turn any ‘house into a home’. What a truly wonderful gift that is!


I am contented

Seal has a message for you

This is as special banner for seals. The red-pink is for surrounding the seals with love.
The blue heart tear drops are for the protection and feeling for the seals collective spirit here on Earth.
May we share their feelings, and their love, ...and may we protect them as we can. KerryBear

Animal Banners by Kerrybear Graphics(c)
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