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Wedgetail Eagle

Eagle – Extra Information

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

The Eagle we have depicted is the regal and majestic Wedgetail Eagle, but this card is for all eagles. The key words around the card are Spirit, Spiritual Healing, The Way, Purity, Creator & Wisdom. Which instantly tells us that Eagle is the card representing GOD. Eagle is also one of the six master cards within this deck.

The rune Symbol with eagle is Wunjo – The rune of Joy, Success & Pleasure. This rune is a fruitful one bringing the fruits of your labour and reminding you to enjoy these rewards. This is a carefree loving rune – just as Spirit wants us to live our lives – with Joy and carefreeness.

The number of Eagle is 33 and the numerology is also 33 as this is a master number and does not break down. 33 is the number of Christ, the number of Quan Yin, the number of the goddess – 33 is the Power over the total physical realm is revealed and the application of same if activated. Understanding of the ‘right time’ is expedited and the act of non-action is encouraged with 33. Patience is the keyword to those with a 33 vibration. The concept of ease in actualisation and the understanding of manifestation is reflected in the thirty-three vibration. This can be a difficult number vibration to adjust to.
Your PERSONAL YEAR is six - This year centers around the Home and Family. You can buy, sell, or redecorate a home or other properties.

Your focus is on Personal Relations......Marriage….Divorce....Affairs. Others will need things from you. Your family members are in focus. You can cement great friendships and find new and long lasting ones.

Our eagle is depicted surrounded by the purity of white, about to land with a golden triangle behind him. The triangle brings with it the message of as above, so below and within – taking us up to truth (as above), then taking us down to right point of Peace (below) and then within with Love & Light (within). Hidden within the golden triangle is a master symbol. This symbol is hinting at ‘The journey’ to be taken. White is the colour associated with purity and gold is the colour of the highest vibration. Allow Eagle to show you The Way to a pure heart and your connection with God.

The Medicine

The medicine of Eagle is the medicine of Spirit and your own Spiritual Healing. Eagle flies up, up so we can touch Spirit as he flies into the stratosphere getting the closest of all creatures to the Creator. There he mates and tumbles to Mother Earth. Eagle commits himself to a life long mate and will not choose another, if his mate chooses to go to Spirit. Legend has it that you are either very brave or very wise, when you receive the gift of an Eagle Feather from Spirit. Such a gift should always be honoured, treasured and held in great esteem. Be warned this gift can never be bought or sold with coins of gold.

The Shadow Side

You do not honour yourself or others. You can not demand respect from others, for you have failed to give it in return.

The Crystal - Gold

Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of God. It is the Master Healer.

The Message

If Eagle has soared into your life, ‘know that Great Spirit is with you, and is asking you to “Step off the cliff and fly with me”. “Use my wings, I will take you on your journey to the Spirit within”. ”Trust, then you will know the ‘way’ to wholeness. For I am in you as you are in me, and we are one.”


I am one with Great Spirit

Eagle has a message for you

In the Northern Hemisphere

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