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Eagle Feather



In the land of the Ojibwe, the Eagle feather is


a powerful possession. Those who are lucky


enough to obtain one are either very wise or


very brave. There is a story about a man who


spent his whole adult life in search of the


wisdom that comes with the Eagle feather.



Every day he searched and prayed to be given


this magical gift, ignoring even his family and


closest friends. then one day he could stand it


no more. and he said to the Creator. "I have


given up everything in search of my Eagle


feather and my life is passing me by. I will


now stop and spend the rest of my life helping


others." All at once a shadow fell over him and


he looked up to see an Eagle! As he gazed up


at this Great Bird, a feather slowly drifted to


earth, and fell at his feet. 


His wisdom had finally come.




                Fly high,

                                Touch Great Spirit


Share your medicine

                Touch me, honour me,

                                So that I may know you too.


Buffalo Hand


Inner Wisdom