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ANT - Extra Information

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

(Green Tree Ant)
Patience; Teamwork; Community

On the top left-hand corner you have the rune symbol of 'Nauthiz' or CONSTRAINT. This represents the obstacles we create for ourselves as well as those we encounter in the world around us. To me Constraint gives us the power to overcome our limitations. The number of ant is 35 which equals 8 (bottom left hand corner) 8 is never ending, what goes out comes back. This is Universal Law.
When we look at the picture we see seven ants are carrying 'yellow' stars. The yellow is representative of our third Chakra, this is where we store OUR EMOTIONAL STUFF. The 3rd Chakra being our solar plexus and our seat of power – were we give away our power or were we reclaim our empowerment. The colour surrounding the ants is BLUE. Blue is for communication or 5th Chakra (throat) and the whole picture is surrounded by the yellow again. So by working through the throat and communicating we can carry away and work through the emotional blocks for a clear communication center.
The key words are HARMONY, MIRACLES, COMMUNITY & INNER STRENGTH. The Healing stone of Chrysocolla will enhance creative expression, power, communication, joy and emotional balance. You will find it will clear your sub-conscious imbalances. Don’t jump to conclusions here.

We tend to think of Ant and work. The real message is PATIENCE. There is strategy in patience. There is strategy in working together. What can you leave behind, dispose of today? Ant say "move forward with self sacrifice". Ant people are planners, they are organised. They are tireless builders of the dream. They never worry about being left out. They know that "Better" is always there…if they make it. And they make it so. Another Ant message is "trust in the Universe to provide". Faith coupled with effort always wins.

The Medicine

The medicine of Ant is Patience, Teamwork and Community spirit and support. No matter how large or impossible a project may seem, Ant will keep patient and know that no matter how long it takes, the ultimate out come will be a success. So Ant calls on and excites his fellow ants and enlists their equally patient natures to literally move mountains. All working together in a team as one community-minded being that can bring about all manner of miraculous changes. Interesting to note is the fact that the miracle lies hidden in the oneness of Patience, Teamwork and Community.

The Shadow Side

You are not a team player. You can be too self centered and focused only on your needs.

The Crystal - Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla will promote harmony, helping you release negative emotions. It produces great inner strength.

The Message

If Ant has crossed your path, ‘Spirit’ is reminding you to have patience. Spirit knows you would like to have it yesterday! But patience and a sense of community will bring it’s rewards your way. The importance of teamwork today will make short work of things. Many hands will ease the load! If you are feeling overwhelmed with jobs today, call on your Ant medicine and you will find that all those jobs will get finished. Consider making yourself available for service to the community.


I work with others in Harmony

Ant has a message for you

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