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German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees Around The World

American German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees
British and Australian GSD Pedigrees
DDR, Czech German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees
German Show Bloodline GSD Pedigrees
Working (ScH BundessiegerPrufung Competition) GSD Pedigrees
GSD Pedigrees Around the World


American GSD Photo Gallery
EIB Gallery-Excellence In Blacks-BLACK GSD Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery of Working Bloodline GSDs


Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees


Historical GSD Pedigrees 1930-70
Historical GSD Pedigrees 1900-1930

Historical GSD Photo Gallery Now on Historical GSD Site
The historical photos and pedigrees are at that site instead of this one to make room for more contemporary dogs photos and pedigrees.


Black & Black Carrier Males UPDATED!
Black & Black Carrier Females UPDATED!

NEW! German Shepherd Dog Online Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery!
Click the above link to enjoy a variety of German Shepherd Dog jigsaw puzzles online!

TO GET YOUR OWN DOG'S PEDIGREE Order includes all verifiable titles (not just AKC), Coat colors, OFA information (if requested), and Prices-4 generations-$25.00 5 generations-$35.00 6 generations-$50.00 7 generations-$75.00 Add $10.00 for extensive bloodline, genetic information, additional information on ancestors, and copies of ancestors pictures that are available. More generations are available by request. To Order: Send a copy of your dog's AKC registration slip, and a money order for the correct amount to:
1006 Independence Dr
Elwood, IN 46036

If you would like to submit a photo and pedigree of your dog to be included on this site, please mail it to the address above.

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My Favorite Web Sites

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Zwinger vom Birkenbaum White Shepherd Site
Includes pedigrees of white dogs from famous colored dogs and bloodlines, as well as excellent information on the white gene in the GSD.
Sahiela German Shepherd Dog Coat and Color Genetics
The Genetics of Coat Colors and Patterns Explained, How an Agouti (Sable) Develops in Color from Puppyhood to Adult, Long vs Normal Coat Length, Dilute & White Carriers, Pedigrees of Dilute GSDs, MORE
Historical GSD Photos & Pedigrees
Dwarf GSDs
Perianal Fistula Info Site
Dog, Dogs, Canine Wonderland! - Discover all you could ever want to know about dogs, get lots of free dog stuff, and interact with dog owners from around the world in our informative dog forums at!
German Shepherd Genetics e-mail list


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