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Well-Known American German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees

This is a list of pedigrees of well-known American-bred German Shepherd Dogs. Canadian dogs are also included in this list.

NEW!Photos have been added to many of these pedigrees. More pedigrees and photos will be coming. To see dogs for whom I have photos, but not pedigrees, click the link American GSD Photo Gallery

Guide to American GSD Titles and Their Meanings


Abraxas Cinnabar ROM
Adelhaus Cameo Girl ROM
ACCh Ajax of Lee Mar Farm
Sel Ch Alpinebeach-Baobab Clouseau
GVCh Altana's Kriket, Sel Ch Altana's Mystique, Ch Altana's Detroit
Amanda of Lebensraum ROM
Amber's Diane ROM
Ch Amber's Flair ROM
Ch Amber's Maxima ROM OFA
Amber's Pearl ROM
GVCh Amber's Rosie of Bracewood ROM
Ch Amber's Stockbroker ROM
Amber's Strider of Zar-Zal ROM
Ch Amherst's Deck The Halls TC OFA
Sel Ch Ardric's Stromberg, Sel Ch Ardric's QT of D'Hil, Ardric's Quite Nice of D'Hill, Ardric's Quantrell of Trager, Ardric Benrod's Pistol Pete
Sel Ch Asgard's Big Ben of Encore, Asgard's Big Deal of Encore
GVCh Aspen of Fran-Jo ROM
ACCh Ausgang's Deville Couvoissier, Sel Ch Ausgang's Tres Vinerable, ACCh Ausgang's Intiale Extra, ACCh Ausgang's Remy Martin, ACCh Ausgang's Erte Couvoissier
Ch Autumn's Shaquille
Ch Awlful Good of Edan CD ROM
Ch Ayrwood's Hector, Ch Ayrwood's Joshua, Ayrwood's Jody

ACCh Bakervue's Breman of Cedar TC
Sel Ch Balsam Biscayne v Wellspring TT CGC OFA
GVCh Baobab's Chaz ROM
Ch Baskerville's Razz-Ma-Tazz CD, Baskerville's Abra Ka Dabra, Baskerville's Daulton
Ch Beau of Fran-Jo ROM
ACCh Ben-Jo's Quality Time OFA
Ch Ben-Jo's Zonker OFA H/E
Ch Berjan's Joelle of Kaleef, Ch Berjan's Just Jim of Kaleef OFA, Ch Berjan's Jubilation Landmark
Bestest of Edan ROM
GVCh Bethesda's Earth of Jada-Edan ROM
Bethesda's Lake Tahoe
Ch Bihari's Droll
Sel Ch Breauhausen's Spectrum ROM
Sel Ch Brentaryl's Gunner ROM

GVCh Caesar v Carahaus ROM
2xGVCh Campaigner's-Gatewood Uzi ROM
GVCh Caraland's Unlimited, Ch Caraland's Limited Edition
Ch. Caralon's Jedi of Brookswood
Ch Caralon's QED Sword v LeBarland
Sel Ch Charisma's Stonewall Jackson
Ch Checkmates Way to Go
CGV,ACCh Chimney Sweep of Long Worth CD ROM
Sel Ch Cinnabar's Edward Teach OFA
Sel Ch Clayfield's Allways A Lady ROM OFA
Clayfield Smithfield Jordan ROM
Clayfield Woodside Texaco ROM
Ch Clover Acres X-Citation ROM OFA
Sel Ch Coastline's Poison of Asgard
Cobert's Kalahari of Windigail ROM
Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM
GVCh Cobert's Trollstigen ROM
Ch Cottenwood's Superstition
Ch Covy's Aida of Tucker Hill ROM
Can GV, ACCh Covy's Altana of Tucker Hill ROM
Covy Tucker Hill Bomar Red Baron
Covy Tucker Hill Bomar Rio Grande
Covy Tucker Hill Bomar Zapata
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Candyman
Covy Tucker Hill's Carmelita ROM
Sel Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Check Marc OFA
Ch Covy-Tucker Hills Chipewyan
Ch Covy-Tucker Hills Cresty
Ch Covy-Tucker Hills Crimson Wolff OFA
Am/Can Sel Ch Covy-Tucker Hills Don Quixote TC ROM/C OFA
Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Felita, Finnegan, Flanigan
Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Ghostbuster
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Hearthrob OFA
Am/Can/Mex Ch Covy Tucker Hills Hot Legs CD
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Knight Rider
A/C Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Manhattan ROM
Sel Ch Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM, Ch Covy's Mercedes of Tucker Hill, Ch Covy's Triumph of Tucker Hill (the "car" litter)
Sel ACCh Covy-Tucker Hills Monte Alban UD, Can CDX, Ch Covy Tucker Hills Carte Blanca ROM
Ch Covy Tuck Mordecai Nordlicht ROM
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Right Stuff II
Sel Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Romantico ROM
Ch Covy's Rosarita of Tucker Hill ROM
GVCh Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill, Covy's Oregano of TH, Sel Ch Tartar, Tarragon
Ch Covy's Rosita of Tucker Hill ROM
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Rem Sendaria OFA
Covy Tucker Hills San Mars Jag
Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Serenata TC
Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Storm Brier
Ch Covy Tucker Hill Street Blues
Ch Covy-Tucker Hills Windswept ROM
Ch Cross Timber's Basic
Cross Timber's Chuey Clihu

Ch Darby-Dan's Audi SchH1
Ch Darby-Dan's Magic OFA
Ch Dean-Etta's High Time
Ch & OTCh DeBrut's Butch Cassidy UD TDX OFA
Ch Derringer of Timberlane
Ch Destino's Serge
Diamond Jade of Bramblewood TT ROM
Doppelt-Tay's Annie Oakley ROM
Sel Ch Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye/Hammer ROM
Ch Doppelt-Tay's Zeek v Stonehaven ROM
DuChien's Jane of Langenau ROM

Ch Earth Wind and Fire of Edan ROM
Am/Can Sel Ch Echolane Jo San's Eve
Am/Can Sel Ch Eko-Lan's Nemesis OFA
Ch Eko-Lan's Quo Vadis ROM
Ch Eko-Lan's Talisman ROM
Ch Elfie of Fran-Jo/Ch Eisenberg's Erika of Fran-Jo
Sel Ch Eva-Heim's My-My ROM

Ch Fels v Gesundbrunnen, whelped 1912
ACCh Frack v Rosshaus ROM
Ch Frohlich's Elitist, Ch Frohlich's Coaltrain

Can Sel Ch Gabriel of Gan Edan
Sel Ch Galewynd's Georgio Armani
Ch Geranack's Idea of Friendshipe
Ch Ginger Ale of Bob-Lyn ROM
Ch Gone With The Wind of Edan ROM

Ch Heritage of Halcyon
Ch Herta v Ehrengrund-1st US Champion German Shepherd Dog
Sel Ch Hi-Lo's Flannigan OFA
GVCh Hickoryhill's Bull Durham ROM
Can Ch Hoheneichen's Cassandra Survival ROM
Sel Ch Hoheneichen's Flag ROM
A/C Sel Ch Hoheneichen's Magnum ROM/C
Sel Ch Honda v Cypress ROM
GVCh Howard's Magic Moment ROM
Hy-Hope's Jenny Wade of Towaco
Ch Hylock's Prosecutor CD ROM OFA

Ch I'm A Gypsy of Shel-Ray
GVCh, Can Sel Ch Inflight's Heaven Only Knows TC OFA
GV,ACCh Inflight's Spencer v Sandyhill
Ch Janry's Chivas Regal
Ch Janry's Locomotion v Jerilan
Ch Jecoda-Egleroc Bandeirante ROM
Ch Jeenellyn's Ufo
Ch Jendhi Shepherds Tomahawk
Ch Jennarick's Danang ROM (& Jennarick's District Attorney)
ACCh Jericho's Gatineau TC HT ROM, Ch Jericho's Zapf Chancery D'Arte OFA
Ch Jerland's Jeda Warrior
GVCh Jerr's French Pastry
CGV,Am Sel Ch Jimeni's Laredo of Rejoy ROM OFA
Sel Ch Jo-Bar's Othello v Cypress OFA
Ch Jo-San's Enterprise ROM
Ch Jo-San's Kareem
Just A Joy of Billo ROM

Sel ACCh Kaimacha Jamaica v McCoy OFA, Kaimacha Bahama v McCoy
Kaleef's Kannon of Checkmates ROM
ACCh Kalihan v Cypress
Ch Kallendar's Incan Warrior
Ch Kameraden Crusader
Ch Kansten's Ducati TC OFA,Kansten's Britton HT PT OFA, Kansten's Simplicity, Kansten's Moto Guzzi, Kansten's Ariel, Kansten's Sexy Rexy, Kansten's Europeana, Kansten's Bimota, Kansten's Jim Dandy, Kansten's Norton
Sel Ch Kansten's Fisher of Asgard OFA
Sel Ch Karagin's Crusader ROM
Ch Kebre's Remington Steele
Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Avia ROM
Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's MasterCharge ROM
Sel Ch Kinni-Oz v Kubistraum ROM OFA
Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb
GVCh Kismet's Impulse vom Bismark ROM
Kolbrook's Ol' Waylon
1st US Grand Victor Komet v Hoheluft
Ch Kubistraum's Kane ROM

Sel Am/Can Ch Lady Gabriela of Al-Clemya
Ch Landaleigh's Instant Replay
Sel Ch Landaleigh's Quedo Vuelo
Ch Landhaus John Denver, Ch Landhaus Dolly Parton
Ch Lanehaus Larado
Ch Lane's Branigan
Sel Ch Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM/C
GVCh Langenau's Watson ROM
Ch Legendaire's Skywalker
Ch Leiter's Excalibur ROM
Leiter's Firecracker
Ch Linnloch Sundown v Freya ROM
Ch Lockleen's High Sierra CD
Ch Lothario of Heinerburg ROM
1st US Grand Victrix Ch Lotte v Edelweiss
ACCh Lynrik's Shanon of Winchester TC ROM

Ch, V Manto vd Wienerau SchH3
Ch Mariner's Buck Shot
Ch Marlin's Place Your Bet OFA
Ch Marty v Bid-Scono ROM, Ch Margo v Bid Scono
Ch Matushka's Orpheus
Sel Ch Maverick of Bob-Lyn ROM, May-Hem of Bob-Lyn
Ch May The Force Be With You of Edan
Merivern's Harlem of Eko-Lan
Merivern's Ms Fortune v Sierra CD ROM OFA
Ch Merkel's Quaestor CD
Ch Merkel's The Cutting Edge
Mira of Dalmore, 1st GSD recorded in US
Can Ch Mirheim's Brat ROM/C
ACCh Mirheim's Mystique
Mordor's Cologne TC ROM

Sel Ch Nike-Clayfield Andretti ROM/C, Ch Nike-Clayfield Amour, Nike-Clayfield All American
Ch Nike-Clayfield Lone Star
Ch Nike-Clayfield Run For The Roses
Ch Nobleman of Hollabird

Sel, Can Sgr, ACCh Omega's Allegro
GVCh Ossipee Caesar v Clover Acre CD ROM/C

GVCh Padechma's Persuasion ROM
Sel Ch Pappillon of Fran-Jo
Ch Patja's Racketeer of Amber's ROM
Sel Ch Peddacre's CrackerJack TC OFA, Ch Peddacres Caprice of Bevally
Ch Peddacre's Mr Moses
Pinebeach's October v Glisando
Sel Ch Pinebeach Stars N Stripes ROM
GVCh Piper Hills Polo ROM
Can GV,A/CCh Prime Time of Billo ROM
AmCanGVCh Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C OFA
Ch Proven Hill's Sunshine ROM
Sel Ch Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM

Quig's Debonair Playmate ROM
Ch Raps v Piastendamm SchH3FH
Ch Ravenslair's Waco CDX HIT TT
Sel Ch Rex Edlu-Mibach ROM
GVACCh Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch ROM/C TC OFA AOE
Ch Rohan's Reaction ROM
Ch Roje's Horseshoe of Kovaya
Ch Royal Crown's The Godfather
Ryder of Fran-Jo

Sel Ch San Jo's Eastern Express ROM
Ch Sandyglen Black Mt Sensation, Ch Sandyglen's Southern Belle
Ch Schaferhaus Huston of Azuma, Schaferhaus Holly of Azuma
Sel Ch Scharo's Spellbinder
Ch Scharo's Wizard OFA
Schatzmar's Jackpot
Sel Ch Scherzar's Decision ROM
Sel Ch Scherzar's Jordan, Ch Scherzar's Jamaica, Scherzar's Jellybean, Scherzar's Jubilee Jakahra
Sel Ch Schokrest's Denver
Ch Schokrest's Firestone
GVCh Schokrest's On Parade ROM
Ch Schokrest's Presidio
Schokrest San Diego
Sel Ch Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy CD TC AOE
Sel Ch Sequel's Lonnie v Glisando ROM
ACGVCh Sequel's Senator v Merivern ROM
Ch Sharlen's Hot Copy ROM
ACCh Stargazer's Gibson
Ch Stonekroft's Josie ROM
Ch Stonekroft's Laser
GVCh Stoneway's Uecker OFA
Ch Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf OFA
Sel Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C
GVCh Sukee's Mannix ROM
Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM

Ch Talimar's U R Rowdy ROM
Ch Tamirak's Eli v Hensan
Ch Tanglewood Dark Side Konigin, Tanglewood Joshua of Konigin
Ch Tannenwold's Igor ROM
Ch Tara Bella's Impresario
Teramar & Johnsondale's Chase
Ch Ticketman of Fran-Jo
Sel Ch Timberlane's Jakata ROM
ACCh Tollhaus T-Ho Tuscany OFA
Sel Ch Topflight's Laredo v Freeling
Ch Totana's Zando
Ch TR's SuperGlide v Kenlyn TC OFA
Ch Trinket of Eberling ROM
Ch Trotwood's Capezio CD

Utopia's Ghost Writer, Utopia's Gigolo TC, Utopia's Paperback Romance
Utopia's Ricochet v Backaher
Ch Valco's Monterey v Schokrest
Valmy's Coaltown ROM
Sel Ch Valmy's Uncola ROM
Sel.ACCh Von Der Ley's Rhinestone Cowboy
Von Ivo's Tru Spirit of Jericho
Am&Can Ch Von Nassau's Dayan ROM
Ch Von Nassau's Ginny of Tracy
Ch Von Nassau's Sinbad

Walkoway's Fireball of LeeMar
Sel AmCan Ch Waltraut's That's Black Jack CD TC ROM/C OFA AOE
Ch WeLove DuChien's Matthew
GVCh WeLove DuChien's R-Man ROM
Sel Ch Wellspring's Howard Johnson ROM, Sel Ch Wellspring's Ironsides, Wellspring H & I Litter
Sel Ch Werttemberg's Boku
Werttemberg's Remington Steele ROM
Where's Waldo of Edan OFA H/E
ACCh Wilmarc's AM vd Trommel, ACCh Wilmarc's Astarte vd Trommel
Sel Ch Windwalker's Leroy Brown
Ch Windwalker's Que Belle
Am&Can Sel Ch Winning Way's Chimo OFA H&E
Ch Winsome's Paddington Bear
Wonderland's Holly ROM
Sel Ch Woodacre's Dakota ROM
Ch Woodhaven's Darth Vader, Ch Woodhaven's Tall Dark N Hansome
Sel. Am/Can Ch Woodhaven's In Search Of, TC ROM
ACSel Ch Woodland's Miss Ellie of Robar ROM
Sel Ch Woodland's Raintree Crackerjack HCT HT OFA
ACSel Ch Woodside's Future Vision OFA
GV,CanSel ACCh Woodside's Nestles Quik v Merwestyn ROM/C HT AOE OFA

Can Ch Woodside's Kennedy Echolane CD
Zeto, Ch Zeus of Fran-Jo, both ROM
Ch Zorba von Bleibtreu ROM

NEW! American Show Bloodline Photo Gallery
Photos of American GSDs whose pedigrees have not been posted yet.


Sel Ch Nike-Clayfield Andretti ROM "Progeny" List

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