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Little Bud's Home Page

Hi Welcome to my very own page! I am 8 years old & in second grade. I love to paint and play. My favorite toys are my Power Ranger figures, Pokeman things, I also enjoy coloring and making things. I even won a National coloring contest sponsored by Dalmation Press, they put my picture on the back of one of their books.

I like music and really like Brooks & Dunn song called "My Maria", Elton John's music from the "The Lion King" and N-Sync. But my VERY FAVORITE song is "You Are My Sunshine" because my mom sings it to me all the time.

My favorite snack is gingerbread man cookies & cake.

My favorite colors are turquoise like my birthstone and red.

My favorite tv show is Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lost In Space & we can't forget the Original Power Rangers or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or the newest one Power Ranger's Light Speed!! Can ya tell I like "POWER RANGERS" :-). I dont get to see them much anymore because of school but I watch them when Im home if they have them on.

My mom and dad are also the leader's for my Cub Scout group we are Den 6 and we have lots of fun. Three of my friends are in the group.

Check out the links below they go to our Genealogy Page & to the page's for my brother & two sister's.

Hope you had a good visit & will come back again. Don't forget to sign our Families Guestbook back on Mom & Dads page.

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