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Miss Peach's Home Page

Hi this is my page and I just turned 6!! I go to Kindergarten, 5 days a week, all day long.

My favorite thing to do at school are listed below:

I like to play with playdough, play with my dolls & Barbie's, play with my two brother's and my sister, and bake with my new Easy Bake Oven I got from Matt & Diane for Christmas.

I like music and really like Brooks & Dunn. I also like Uncle Squatty & Colleen they play music where I use to go to pre-school.

I like watching t.v., my favorite shows are: Dragon Tales, Kipper, P B & J Otter, Dora & Little Bear.

My favorite color is pink, blue and purple.

My favorite food is my moms crab salad.

Check out my links they take you to my Mommy & Daddy's Genealogy Page, to my brother's pages and to my sister's page. Just make sure you stop back at Mommy & Daddy's page & sign our Family guestbook!! Have fun and come back soon.

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