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In Loving Memory of BRYAN



This page is in honor of the Memory of my brother Bryan who was born on April 5th, 1958. He was very active and loved life! He loved sports and participated in high school football, he was also on the wrestling team. He loved to hunt, his favorite color was blue, he enjoyed music & he loved animals especially dogs. He enjoyed his life to the fullest!

Christmas had to be his favorite holiday as he loved presents & had a very hard time waiting to open them! One of my memories about his last Christmas is that we fooled him with the gift I had gotten him. He liked candy & we had a big empty candy box so this is what I used to give him his gift in, when he unwrapped the box he just looked at it and said "oh candy thanks", we told him he could always open it and share a piece with everyone, so he opened it only to find two pair of pants! You could see by the smile on his face the gift was better now that it wasn't just CANDY!! LOL

My brother loved winter & loved to ride his snowmobile, this is what he was doing when his life came to a shattering end! He was on his snowmobile & out for the day with a couple of friends when it was time to come home they all headed home, he crossed the road to the left and was in the lane for traffic where there was no one coming but in the other lane a car was coming & for unknown reason's this car that should of missed him, hit him in the other lane. He was killed instantly, that is the only thing our family can be thankful for. Bryan died on Feb. 8th, 1976.

They say it gets easier as time goes by, yes it does but the sad thing is, there are always those dreams of what could been there are still the tears & daily thoughts of him. That is what this page is for to remember him & to let others know he was here on God's earth for only 17 & a half years but he made an impact while here!! My hope is that he is up above & able to see his 2 nephews & 2 neices that he never got the chance to meet. I see things in my two boys that remind me of Bryan for this I am lucky!!! Please don't forget to stop back at our Main Page to sign the guestbook, & most of all THANKS for letting me share my memories with you of my brother!!!




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