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HOT💥TIPS for September, October 2023
March - August 2023
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1270 KIML WY Cheyenne 12/25 1800 P end of song, LID-local nx. - XXX-WY

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SEP AV:147.03(^145.51) HI:389('20),LO:41('84) SEP'2022:324 NOW:231<-<- ABOVE AVERAGE AGAIN! MONTH #123 in-a-row! Thanx for Hot Tipping since 1981! RED HOT NOW:1320
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******9-97 <-- first month on the internet
740 UNID 9/27 0625 P Heart & Soul, Huey Lewis-News. "80s/90's..." not CFZM, WRPQ, KMZN either. JJR-WI
790 UNID 9/26 0615 P ESPN, ESPN promos, etc. Good to SW. Alone, lost. Fizzled out. JJR-MI
1270 UNID 9/26 0652 Vp 4 psa's back to back. NO CALLS, AMerica's First News. JJR-MI
1580 UNID 9/19 0616 P Fox sports chatter on college ftbl. Tire Rack ad, Dan Patrick promo. NO CALLS. Not KQFN WJFK KTGR KOKB, per skeds. Exhaustive search on Patrick website yielded squat. I'm guessing something missing, not updated. JJR-MI
540 WXYG MN Saint Cloud 9/20 0602 P Calls after Only You Know & I Know, by Delany & Bonnie. No CBK. JJR-MI
540 KNMX NM Las Vegas 9/21 0553 P no CBK. SS & EE version of Stand By Me (not by Ben E.King) K-New Mexico. JJR-MI
540 KNMX NM Las Vegas 9/18 0626 P no CBK. SS music, "K-New Mexico" noted into next song. Steady. JJR-MI
550 KTSA TX San Antonio 9/3 0601 f- several "5-50 KTSA IDs" into ABC News, no sign of usual WKRC or KTRS. TL-IN
560 KLZ CO Denver 9/18 0623 Vp thru others. 2 "live read" ads. A/c 970 noted in both. No calls noted. Talk show. JJR-MI
580 KUBC CO Montrose 9/14 0600 P thru others. Calls, Life's Been Good, Joe Walsh. JJR-MI
580 KJMJ LA Alexandria 9/3 0555 p- weak but the only thing on 580, promo and request for donations for Radio Maria. TL-IN
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 9/23 0527 F CFL, Ottawa ments. Alone. Assumed. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
600 KSJB ND Jamestown 9/23 0526 F! Live, local, legendary! KSJB tween C&W songs. Alone, steady. JJR-MI
600 KSJB ND Jamestown 9/18 0620 P ments of AM600, FM100.1, AM600KSJB app. t/c, live morning show.JJR-MI
600 KSJB ND Jamestown 9/11 0600 f- in well with full ID, translator ID and "Jamestown, North Dakota". Very rare here. TL-IN
600 CJWW SK Saskatoon 9/8 0515 "Country 600" . WMT QRM, NEW! GH-IL
610 KARV AR Russellville 9/4 0600 f- "The News Authority is "carve", KARV Russellville" into CBS News, NEW! TL-IN
620 CKRM SK Regina 9/18 0617 P simple "CKRM" tween C&W songs. No WTMJ to null! JJR-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 9/4 0601 g- strong over pest WMFN with sports betting ad, ID as "KWPN Moore, the Sports Animal", ESPN Sports. TL-IN
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 9/4 0603 g- in well with KWPN and over Megapest WMFN with quick weather and KFI ID, back into C2CAM, I've not heard KFI since 1982!!! TL-IN
660 WLOY VA Rural Retreat 9/8 2320 f- oldies, clear "WLOY Royal 660" ID, mention they would be on all night, NEW! TL-IN
670 KHGZ AR Glenwood 9/14 2356 While listening to local WSCR, they completely left the air for more than a minute, leaving a fairly strong signal with a country version of “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” WSCR came back before any ID, and I checked the possibilities, including KLTT and KBOI. Nothing fit among nighttime signals, but checking daytimer KHGZ’s site I found that Don Gibson’s version of this song had been played a few minutes before. So it seems that KHGZ was on with their 5,000 watt day power. KDF-IL
680 KNBRtCA San Francisco 9/21 0626 P alone. Talk of Bears, SF ftbl, CBS sports radio feed! No CJOB, WEBC in at :34. 99% sure this was (unn) KNBR, but nice. JJR-MI
680 KNBR CA San Francisco 9/4 0600 p- heard KNBR and KNBR-FM ID weak behind CJOB, KNBR has become pretty regular here lately. TL-IN
680 WPTF NC Raleigh 9/27 0549 P NC references. No CJOB. "98-5 & 680 WPTF, news, talk, traffic"JJR-WI
690 WJOX AL Birmingham 9/25 0545 "JOX 94.5" and "WJOX" ID's. Good signal. NEW! GH-IL
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 9/9 0556 P talk of New Orleans Archdiocese. Alone. JJR-WI
690 WNZK MI Dearborn Heights 9/11 0645 P It Will Be, Natalie Cole, calls, upbeat host, lost to WVCY. JJR-WI
690 CBKF-1 SK Gravelbourg 9/11 0611 P- almost F! Never heard this well. FF chatter-male, female "Ici" -alone! JJR-WI
690 CBKF-1 SK Gravelbourg 9/1 0559 f- in French, alone at first then faded to SS stn, heard "Canada" in ID, NEW! TL-IN
700 CJLI AB Calgary 9/1 0559 p- @ 0559:00, for the first 17 seconds WLW was off the air, weak music, recording verified by two other local DXers, NEW! TL-IN
710 WDSM WI Superior 9/13 0557 P "the Game wx update from CBS 3 Duluth" was all I needed. JJR-WI
730 KKDA TX Grand prairie 9/3 0558 f- in Korean with music, ID in English at ToH "You are listening to KKDA, Grand Prairie". TL-IN
730 CKAC QC Montreal 9/11 0610 P listening to mx, when FF chatter & "Circular" ments/chatter crept in. JJR-WI
740 KCNC TX Texarkana 9/4 0600 g- ID "KCMC AM translated on K300DW Texarkana, all sports all the time CBS Sports 107-9 The Fan", lost to Zoomer, NEW! TL-IN
760 KGB CA San Diego 9/9 0600 f- weak but clear u/WJR with "KGB San Diego" ID into sports. TL-IN
770 WTOR NY Youngstown 9/13 0550 P ETHnic programming. "Toronto" o/UNID mx stn. No WABC. JJR-WI
770 KAAM TX Garland 9/3 0558 p- promo for Dr. James Dobson, "KAAM Dallas-Fort Worth" ID. TL-IN
790 KGHL MT Billings 9/25 0631 P #406 area code in ad, MT farm nx, NW Energy,"in Montana" Calls. No KFGO. JJR-MI
790 WETBtTN Johnson City 9/9 0550 P Walk Away Renee, 4 Tops, You Can't Hurry Love, Phil Collins. Lost to WKRD. Assumed. Did not hear calls. Only "93.." Most likely. JJR-WI
800 KXIC IA Iowa City 9/14 0555 P Nat'l ads, tho a/c #319 given, requesting traffic reports. Alone, steady. JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 9/21 0537 P tho alone. Steady. AMazing how this is more common than 1520 KOKC! JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 9/18 0611 P Bott REL teaching w/??? behind (//stream). KOKC in today too. Unreal. JJR-MI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 9/25 0630 P "800-CHAB" after Gordon Lightfoot song. Alone. JJR-MI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 9/11 0608 P "800 CHAB" jingle tween Aerosmith, Jefferson Airplane songs. Alone. JJR-WI
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810 KLVZ CO Brighton 9/18 0610 P songs by Coasters, Joe Cocker, "Legends 95-3FM, 810AM" tween. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 9/14 0550 Vp Stumblin' In,Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro. Legends 95.3 lost to (assumed) WJJQ. JJR-MI
810 KLVZ CO Brighton 9/1 0606 P "Legends 95-3"into Bobby Goldsboro's See the Funny Little Clown.JJR-MI
810 WZRK WI Dodgeville 9/24 0547 P "Z-Rock" quick chatter, very hard rock stood out. Alone! Been a while. JJR-MI
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 9/27 0543 Vp tho 100.7 & 810 WJJQ, Northwoods(?) (CBS) Sports. Good for 12w, hi. JJR-WI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 9/25 0600 P Your body of faith, Real Presence Radio, LID. EWTN Sonrise Morn show. JJR-MI
840 KMAX WA Colfax 9/11 0559 p- extremely poor way under WHAS but verified by matching to Tim Tromp's posted recording in an online chat for DXers. I'll keep trying for a better log of this, New WA #3. NEW! TL-IN
850 WKNR OH Cleveland 9/11 0604 P in-out for about 4 mins. Football talk. Lost to KOA. JJR-WI
860 KPWC IA Muscatine 9/4 0604 f- in w/CJBC with CW music, ad for pest control company in Muscatine, ID during weather. TL-IN
860 KNUJ MN New Ulm 9/17 0632 P 860AM FM97.3 KNUJ wx..." CJBC in later. JJR-MI
870 KPRM MN Park Rapids 9/11 0557 g- song "Every Time You Go Away", ID "You're listening to KPRM 8-70 AM Park Rapids Minnesota, now fifty thousand watts strong". TL-IN
880 KRVN NE Lexington 9/25 0624 P "6:24 at KRVN" Sports scores - Fri night football. Alone, no WMEQ. JJR-MI
880 WRFD OH Columbus-Worthington 9/10 0625 P tho steady. "91.5 the Word" into My Pillow ad. JJR-WI
880 KJOZ TX Conroe 9/3 0559 g- Mexican music, ID "KJOX Ocho ochenta AM .. Conroe Houston .. 104.5 La Grande", NEW! TL-IN
880 CKLQ MB Brandon 9/11 0607 f- mixing with pest WRFD, CW music, weather for Brandon with a high of 18. TL-IN
890 KVOZ TX Del Mar Hills 9/9 0542 P but easy to hear in WLS null. R.Christiana, SS mx. Steady for 3 songs. JJR-WI
900 KSGL KS Wichita 9/19 0605 P alone, steady. NOS (WKDA?-not quite!) "for today in Wichita, hi:80's, 40% ch of rain." Been a while! Rare! JJR-MI
900 KFAL MO Fulton 9/18 0606 p- u/CHML with classic country, ID "The Big 900 KFAL and on FM 95.3". TL-IN
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 9/9 0540 P "on the sunny side! 900 WKDA & 98.3 W252DU" into Fever, by Peggy Lee. JJR-WI
900 WATK WI Antigo 9/12 0639 P More Than A Woman, BG's, Classic Hits 98-7 o/UNID REL (not KTIS) JJR-WI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 9/25 0620 P CKBI, (wx)hi:26, Tues 25, or PAnow.com, Fast Car, by Luke Combs. JJR-MI
910 WFDF MI Farmington Hills 9/17 0703 P "910AM - Detroit's News Talk Superstation" ABC news, Fox sports, Hannity JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 9/10 0606 P Calls into This Kiss by Faith Hills. Nice hearing here vs WFDF, others. JJR-WI
910 WBZH WI Hayward 9/1 0605 P tho no WFDF. 4 psas, Civic Media, "Up North Radio" show. JJR-MI
930 WGAD AL Rainbow City 9/20 0559 "WGAD" Peaked at right moment. NEW! GH-IL
930 KWOC MO Poplar Bluff 9/18 0559 g- weak but alone, ID for AM 930 and FM "Today's talk KWOC Poplar Bluff, Missouri", Fox News. TL-IN
940 WIDG MI St.Ignace 9/10 0621 P Relevant Radio content. (No others from UP in:WXAM WDMJ WTIQ) -alone. JJR-WI
940 WIDG MI St. Ignace 9/4 0635 P Relevant Radio. Much closer WFAW not in at all. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 9/21 0535 P tho alone. TSN news- stories on Russian corn prices undercutting US. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 9/20 0553 P calls noted into ad. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 9/19 0605 F! Fox News, ERTC.com (ad), "News Talk KIXZ" in solid, steady! JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX Amarillo 9/11 0558 f- very loud, "Newstalk 9-40 KIXZ" into America's First News. TL-IN
940 CJGX SK Yorkton 9/10 0605 P GX94 precision wx,, RadioPlayerCanada app, GX94. JJR-WI
960 KLTF MN Little Falls 9/10 0607 P FallsRadio.com, "AM 960 KLTF" said 2x after wx. No usual WSBT. JJR-WI
970 KCFO OK Tulsa 9/19 0602 P Thru the Bible, Dr. J.Vernon McGee. Lost to WZAM. Prog match. Solid when in! JJR-MI
980 WITY IL Danville 9/18 0622 f- WONE was weak, "Illiana's Best Choice WITY" into Doobie Brothers song. TL-IN
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 9/25 0556 P Black Hills Gold Hits-KDSJ 980 & 103-5FM, Welcome Back Kotter. No WPFP. JJR-MI
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 9/20 0629 F! no WCUB all morning! "The Bl Hills Gold Hits-980 & 103-5FM KDSJ" JJR-MI
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 9/14 0547 Vp, but "103-5, Black Hills..."& Herman's Hermits song cut thru. JJR-MI
980 WYFN TN Nashville 9/20 0540 BBN ID's and Preaching. Live stream verified. In WONE null. NEW! GH-IL
990 KRMO MO Cameron 9/14 0627 P -CBK weak, no KAYl, leaving this! Calls, C&W music. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
1010 KSIR CO Brush 9/25 0615 P Feed stores, ??? in Greeley, SidneyRNC.com, wx for Eastern Colorado. Alone. JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 9/21 0614 P CO ments, FarmMedia.net Text "radio" to Sterling #. JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 9/20 0622 P ??? in downtown Sterling, job board, Ag Law ad. Alone. JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 9/11 0559 f- good and alone with "KSIR Brush-Fort Morgan-Merino. TL-IN
1010 WIOI OH New Boston 9/1 2108 - Fairly good with standards, announced Music of Your Life Format, later heard ID 2200 as WIOI 1010 and 106.7, New Boston-Portsmouth, and into USA News. On day power. Not heard in a while. KDF-IL
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 9/13 0603 News items mentioning Hendersonville. Fair. Not heard in a long time. GH-IL
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 9/10 0643 P Babbel.com ad, "WHIN" jingle into mx. Alone, steady. JJR-WI
1020 WPEO IL Peoria 9/4 0602 P "also at SRN news..." Calls in wx. Embarrassed reporting this, but not in much. JJR-WI
1030 KBUF KS Goodland 9/20 0620 F Agriculture Today. Health Ins ad, SimpsonFarm.com - WBZ gone. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
1030 KCTA TX Corpus Christi 9/18 0559 g- alone, Radiobible.org, USA News, into spanish program. TL-IN
1030 KCTA TX Corpus Christi 9/15 0554 P KCTA for Hurricane Tips, a/c #361 in next psa. Alone. JJR-MI
1030 KCTA TX Corpus Christi 9/11 0629 P alone. Ad: Holiday Inn, 2400 HIghway 77, Kingsville into Dr.J.Vernon McGee. JJR-WI
1040 WPBS GA Conyers 9/13 0543 P w/a very weak WHO, ez to hear! Vietnamese chatter. JJR-WI
1040 WPBS GA Conyers 9/11 0555 Vp but Vietnamese programming cutting thru WHO. JJR-WI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 9/20 0610 P wx:We Th Fr Sa, SD area temperatures. With CKMX gone, might open up? JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/27 0400"(M) 97.1" into CBS News. QRN, Weak to fair sig. Not heard in a while. GH-IL
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/16 0608 P Writer's strike, "KNX spoke with..." long fades. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/14 0633 P talk of DOJ, ad placements. "KNX News 97-1 FM" and no WTSO. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/3 0559 f- add for charity called With This Ring, ID "Always live on the free Audacity app, KNX and KNX-FM HD Los Angeles". TL-IN
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 9/20 0618 P Classic Country 10-70 now has an app. No sign of WTSO. JJR-MI
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 9/16 0610 P out of nowhere, Big Iron, Marty Robins, Classic Country 10-70 into next song. JJR-MI
1070 KNTH TX Houston 9/3 0605 g- faded in after KNX faded, "AM 10-70 The Answer", NEW! TL-IN
1090 WFCV IN Fort Wayne 9/11 0726 P show ending, Bott ment. No WAQE, KAAY gone. Alone. REL JJR-WI
1090 KBOZ MT Bozeman 9/18 0604 Vp tho "KBOZ wx" noted - then calls 2 more times, Little Sister, Elvis. Alone. JJR-MI
1090 KBOZ MT Bozeman 9/14 0620 P Classic Country 1090 KBOZ, end of song, chatter, ads. Alone. JJR-MI
1090 KTGO ND Tioga 9/19 0552 P Hugh Hewitt doing an ad. Lost to XEPRS! Not WKBZ, WBAL. WCRA carries Salem talk. Live stream had First News-Gordon Deal. Ta-Da! KTGO has Hugh Hewitt! Lost in L'Anse? No, but it's been a while since this has been heard! A little detective work paid off! No calls heard but only fit! JJR-MI
1090 WAQE WI Rice Lake 9/19 0556 P Dan Patrick promo: Sports Talk 107-7 & AM 1090. Alone at this point. JJR-MI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 9/9 0631 P protect AM radio psa, more psas, Civic Radio ment. Lost to WTAM. JJR-WI
1110 WGNZ OH Fairborn 9/27 0531 P very little KFAB. Calls, Good News Radio. Christian music. JJR-WI
1110 WGNZ OH Fairborn 9/11 0534 P but Christian tunes, Good News ments wiping out KFAB! JJR-WI
1120 KTXW TX Manor 9/2 0559 p- heard fair under KMOX, mentions of Austin and heard Austin in ID and K26.. partial translator ID, NEW! TL-IN
1130 KAAB AR Batesville 9/16 0630 f- C&W, "From the ?? County outdoor studios, KKIK and KAAB Batesville, A White River Now radio station". TL-IN
1130 WBZB KY Murray 9/18 0601 f- "You're now part of the Beehive, WBZB AM Murray W283CP Murray". TL-IN
September -- AM DX is sizzlin'!
1160 KSL UT Salt Lake City 9/21 0609 F! LOUD! no WYLL. Traffic & wx on the 9's. "KSL Newstime 5:09" JJR-MI
1160 KSL UT Salt lake City 9/11 0622 f- behind but peaking under WYLL Chicago, weather forecast and KSL heard at end. Now pretty rare here. TL-IN
1170 KJJD CO Windsor 9/1 0620 P SS singing (//stream) o/???? This was new, just a few years ago. JJR-MI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 9/27 0642 Vp Family Radio -possible fundraiser. WOWO much stronger, tho. JJR-WI
1210 WDAO OH Dayton 9/11 0548 Vp-P -R&B music, calls "102.3" ment, fighting & lost to KGYN. JJR-WI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 9/24 0627 Vp -? Bar & Grill, Western Auto-Jamestown, "1220AM-100.3FM, the Tornado" JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 9/14 0617 P Sain' I Love You, Neil Diamond. Chatter on "here in Manitoba." Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CFAJ ON St. Catharines 9/17 0658 Vp promo for AM,PM hosts. 1220-hometown radio, Classic 1220. JJR-MI
1230 WJOB IN Hammond 9/27 0658 P -no WCLO at all. Talk of Chicago, police. INdiana, "104.7" ments. Local TALK. Ads:02-:06. No calls heard, but //stream verified. JJR-WI
1230 WCDS KY Glasgow 9/18 0600 g- briefly atop with "on 104 The Score on 1230 AM WCDS Glasgow and 104.7 FM W284DH Glasgow, 104 The Score". TL-IN
1230 WFER MI Iron River 9/12 0700 Vp "Iron County Broadcasting....WFER..." and ABC news was in! No WCLO! JJR-WI
1230 WCLO WI Janesville 9/9 0605 f- "When you need to know what's happening ... WCLO Janesville". TL-IN
1230 WXCO WI Wausau 9/21 0608 Vp wx for Wi Rapids, Wausau, Waukesha ... Civic Media ment w/others. JJR-MI
1230 WXCO WI Wausau 9/16 0604 P atop. Tune in on the Civic Media app, or CivicMedia.us. JJR-MI
1240 KCCR SD Pierre 9/26 0606 P KCCR 1240AM & 99.9FM, 50 degrees at the Riverfront Broadcasting.... Alone! JJR-MI
1240 WOMT WI Manitowoc 9/24 0600 heard Manitowoc in ID, then clearly, “Welcome to Focus on the Family on the Lakeshore’s good neighbor, WOMT.” This is not common here. KDF-IL
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 9/25 0612 P community news, WJMCradio.com -alone. JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 9/26 0604 P the legends of country mx are on Bluff Country, Weatherology. No WSSP. JJR-MI
1260 WLAK WI AMery 9/23 0536 P "844-XXX-2789- if you called earlier, call back" -talk of Wisc politics. JJR-WI
1260 WEKZ WI Monroe 9/11 0600 f- mentions of Iron Country, "and for those of you on WEKZ 12-60 ...", proper WEKZ ID afterwards. TL-IN
1270 WWCA IN Gary 9/13 0613 P but on top. Relevant Radio content. No WMKT, no KRXO, in last 2 days. JJR-WI
1270 KRXO OK Claremore 9/12 0615 P alone. In again today w/ads, local area codes. Lost to WMKT later. JJR-WI
1270 KRXO OK Claremore 9/10 0615 P in for 4 mins in fade up. Travel "en Mexico" ad. "El Ritmo" slogan & lost. JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 9/9 0530 P "WLKI Rocky Mountain wx" jingle after newscast. Alone. JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 9/4 0536 P very localized news: arrests, etx. Lost to WMKT in 2-3 mins. JJR-WI
1290 WIRL IL Peoria 9/5 0629 P Wayne-Dalton/peoria (garages ad). NO CALLS, Fox news. Local WZTI off. JJR-WI
1290 WCBL KY Benton 9/16 0602 f- Journey Separate Ways, "This is WCBL Benton, covering the Lakes area like never before". TL-IN
1290 KOIL NE Omaha 9/26 0630 P Vala's Pumkin Patch (no addr or phone!) psa, Bill O'Reilley. Alone! JJR-MI
1290 WHIO OH Dayton 9/19 0547 P "WHIO's...(into report. OH, Dayton news, "WHIO newstime 6:49" -alone. JJR-MI
1300 WRDZ IL La Grange 9/22 0515 off the air for more than an hour, leaving WOOD with its big city-sounding morning drive and a rustic preacher I wasn’t able to identify. WRDZ back on at mid-morning check. KDF-IL
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange 9/5 0700 P multi stn LID. No usual WOOD (all morning), nor KGLO. JJR-WI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 9/22 0627 P "10cc, The Things We Do for Love on KOLY...." No KGLO,WOOD. JJR-MI
1300 WMTN TN Morristown 9/22 0602 Fair-good with country music, ID “Your home for classic country…WMTN Morristown” and an FM frequency I couldn’t catch. KDF-IL
1300 WMTN TN Morristown 9/22 0605 "Country Legends 93.9" Local ad's. Dominant. NEW! GH-IL
1310 WDTW MI Dearborn 9/11 0542 Vp-P but wiping out WIBA a few mins! La Z logged in 1968 as WKNR, "Keener" JJR-WI
1320 KMAQ IA Maquoketa 9/11 0600 p- "you're listening to KMAQ AM 13-20 FM 95.1" with very poor audio, into ABC News, NEW! TL-IN
1320 WDMJ MI Marquette 9/19 0633 P -no sign of WILS. Iron Mtn, Marquette ments in newscast. JJR-MI
1320 WDMJ MI Marquette 9/18 0633 P w/WILS about even. "Upper Michigan's largest sports...RRNsports.com" JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 9/27 0653 P REL:Thru the Bible, fading in/out. This replaced WILS, in earlier. //stream. JJR-WI
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 9/12 0655 Vp but popping thru. Calls after Thru the Bible. Two talkers in too/WILS & ? JJR-WI
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 9/5 0650 P Dr.J.Vernon McGee (//web match). WILS weak, no show all morning.JJR-WI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 9/20 0611 P So.Gos mx o/a weak WILS. "K-Heart news coming up at 6:30" in chatter. JJR-MI
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 9/14 0615 P no usual WILS. Sign up for things to do around state of WI. JJR-MI
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 9/18 0704 P atop, news "from the Thumb Broadcasting Studios" -2 Bad Axe ments. JJR-MI
1340 KROC MN Rochester 9/17 0648 P "at home or on your smart speaker- KROC AM" alone. JJR-MI
1340 KXPO ND Grafton 9/5 0026 Fair with severe thunderstorm warning for 6 counties in northwest Minnesota and 5 counties in northeast North Dakota, including Walsh County, where Grafton is located. EAS tones clearly heard at the end, with another storm warning that followed at 0036 for 4 counties in the same area. My 4th North Dakota graveyarder heard here, 22nd North Dakota logging overall, my 120th graveyard logging overall, and my first new AM logging of the 2023-24 AM DX season. NEW! RD-NE
1350 WCHI OH Chilicothe 9/13 1750 Oldies. Live stream verified. Weak under CIRF. NEW! GH-IL
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 9/18 0722 P no sign of usual WTAQ! Steve Gruber (Mich based) talk show. Only fit. JJR-MI
1360 WSAI OH Cincinnati 9/11 0658 P alone w/"use code WSAIAM" in ad. WTAQ in 2 mins later. JJR-WI
1380 WBEL IL S.Beloit 9/7 0646 P Aerosmith song, Real 92-9, 98-9. Despite closeness, due to WKJG, not common! JJR-WI
1380 WPYR LA Baton Rouge 9/16 0559 f- "Catholic Unity Radio is 13-80 WPYR and 105.9 WPYR-LP, K286CS 105.1 Baton Rouge", NEW! TL-IN
1380 WFXN MO St.Louis 9/7 0628 P Instrumental mx (//stream.) WKJG, in earlier, gone. JJR-WI
1380 KOTA SD Rapid City 9/26 0628 F AMerica in the Morning, KOTA Radio & Mel's Auto Body present the Lord's Prayer. Alone JJR-MI
1380 WOTE WI Clintonville 9/18 0650 P Charlies Family Market in Shawano. "Franchise wx" -usually WKJG. JJR-MI
1390 WLCM MI Holt 9/17 0744 P but o/WGRB, in earlier. "Tell them you heard them on Victory 1390 AM-WLCM" JJR-MI
1400 WQXO MI Munising 9/16 0620 P wx:"I'm Paul Trombley on Good Time Oldies-97-7 WQXO" WCCY uses same wx service, thus I listened. At this point, no WCCY. JJR-MI
1400 WXYQ MI St. Joseph 9/9 1734 P- WRJN running o/c over 2 hrs! 4 mins of ads, and contest & 106.1 QYQ, mx. JJR-WI
1400 WQYQ MI Saint Joseph 9/3 0628 Vp -Billie Eilish song, "the new QYQ"- WRJN running o/c. JJR-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 9/25 0607 P no sign of WCCY. #612-XXX-7123 "WX:High of 67 100.3 KFAN" JJR-MI
1410 WRMN IL Elgin 9/7 0628 Vp "on WRMN, current wx.." Despite closeness, due to WIZM, rare! JJR-WI
1420 WIMS IN Michigan City 9/130608 P Horizon Bank, Calls 2x 106.9 95.1 FM ments. Been a while. JJR-WI
1420 WOC IA Davenport 9/27 0604 F-P, lost. No KTOE. "103-7 WLLR for Country mx" promo, Good Feet store. JJR-WI
1420 WFLT MI Flint 9/18 0720 P alone. No usual KTOE. Very uptempo Blk GOS music JJR-MI
1430 WION MI Ionia 9/18 0718 P short promo for oldies show, sat night "on WION." WOLD, by Harry Chapin. JJR-MI
1430 WYMC KY Mayfield 9/16 0600 g- ad for Y-camp, "This is your local radio station, 93.9 FM 1430 AM WYMC, Mayfield, Kentucky". TL-IN
1430 WRDN WI Durand 9/13 0646 P on top. "so nice you'll set two radios! 107.3 in Durand & Mondovi. 1430 in Western WI & Eastern MN." C&W Real Country. JJR-WI
1430 WRDN WI Durand 9/12 0646 Vp very quick "WRDN" popping thru WXNT. JJR-WI
1440 WIBH IL Anna 9/18 0559 f- "Southwestern Illinois' newsradio 102-5 1440 AM WIBH Anna W273DE Anna. CBS News, NEW! TL-IN
1440 KPUR TX AMarillo 9/19 0629 F! WRCA.org, West Texas - Cowboy culture, Bernard's Advance Collision, Modell (beer) ad. After band died, this was still in strong! "Farm & Ranch News-Ag 1440 KPUR" 2nd AMarillo in today! (940, 1440) JJR-MI
1450 WHTC MI Holland 9/18 0700 P "OK tire services, 99-7 & 1450 WHTC Holland" into CBS news. JJR-MI
1450 WMIQ MI Iron Mountain 9/16 0630 P "from the Radio Results Network." While close, not in much-poor ground conductivity. Hannity (replay) at :34. JJR-MI
1450 KYNT SD Yankton 9/26 0623 P song by Little River Band, #Yankton's Got Talent, M-F hosts, Yankton Arts. JJR-MI
1450 WDLB WI Marshfield 9/22 0643 P "1450AM-98.7FM WDLB" or "1450AM-98.7FM Marshfield" tween OLDies. Alone. JJR-MI
1480 WIOS MI Tawas City 9/5 2101 Ad in English mentioning Michigan. Weak. NEW! GH-IL
1480 KAUS MN Austin 9/20 0606 P "the v of Mower County-KAUS." Hoping for WIOS, but not today, I guess. JJR-MI
1490 WMPX MI Midland 9/3 0638 Vp C&w stations. One with "107-7" - Only match. Rare. JJR-WI
1490 WGEZ WI Beloit 9/3 9631 P ad ending "on Highway 51" "Iron Country wx" Harper Valley P.T.A.('68) and lost. Despite closeness, not common. JJR-WI
1490 WLCX WI La Crosse 9/1 0612 P "on your local Civic Media stn." CivicMedia.us given. JJR-MI
1500 WLQV MI Detroit 9/18 0712 P REL teaching. KSTP usually on top, way behind now. JJR-MI
1520 WHOWtIL Clinton 9/270630 P SRN news, then "from the Regional Radio..." NO local stories. Assumed. JJR-WI
1520 KRHW MO Seikston 9/4 0608 P "Classic Country-KRHW" tween songs. Not as common as once was. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
1520 WVXN WI New Holstein 9/24 0647 P Both Sides Now, Judy Collins, Air That I Breathe, Hollies, Oye Como Van, Santana, LID at TOH for AM, FM (93.9) Shakin All Over, Guess Who. JJR-MI
1520 WVXNtWI New Holstein 9/22 0637 P songs by J.Rivers, C.Simon, lost to KOLM, WMLM. Never in again. JJR-MI
1520 WVXN WI New Holstein 9/21 0554 P Grazing in the Grass, Masekela, Cara Mia, Jay-AMericans, "WVXN New Holstein" at :59 into Crossroads, Cream. Seems back on (tho nothing on website) JJR-MI
1550 KAPE MO Cape Girerdeau 9/18 0629 f- local news with lots of "Cape Radio" slogans, pretty much over everything else by this time. TL-IN
1550 KICS NE Hastings 9/26 0618 P -no WHIT. ESPN Tri Cities, ESPN promos, etc.JJR-MI
1570 WBGX IL Harvey 9/15 0545 P lively preaching, local service ments, lost to others, tho nobody dominant. JJR-MI
1580 KAGE AR Fort Smith 9/19 0620 P in fade up, lost. C&W music, sweeper: "for almost 60 years, in Fort Smith ....and now....(translator reference?) ..." into C&W mx. Wow! Long time since hearing this as KFDF KHGG. Rare! JJR-MI
1580 WHLY IN South Bend 9/11 0537 P some fades, La Raza & lively SS music. No CKDO all morning, again. JJR-WI
1590 WPIW IN Mount Vernon 9/17 2020 f- oldies CW music, several WPIW IDs w/AM and FM, ad for car dealer in Mount Vernon, my furthest IN unheard, NEW! TL-IN
1600 WAAM MI Ann Arbor 9/20 0652 P Steve Gruber show. Nothing great, but KGYM, in earlier, now nowhere! JJR-MI
1630 KFBU WY Fox Farm 9/17 0638 P but solid at times. Wiping out KCJJ! YNOP.org,Your Network of Praise. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 9/20 0603 P Relevant Radio ment in chatter. No WVON. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 9/18 0628 P w/no WVON! Relevant Radio content. Steady, alone. JJR-MI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
880 UNID Sep21 0723 P spoken word. No music nored. Did hear "Habana" once. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City Sep19 1217 F! solid, "Musica! W Deportes!" after Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot (1992) -Kinda stood out from News-Talk-Sports one usually hears, hi! JJR-MI
730 MEXICO XEX Mexico City Sep13 1153 F! solid, "Musica! W Deportes!" Semi Charmed Life, by 3rd Eye Blind JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
760 MEXICO XEABC San Sebastián Chimalpa Sep27 1222 P Radio Cañon, Vezez ments. WJR weak. //stream. JJR-WI
760 MEXICO XEABC San Sebastián Chimalpa Sep19 1211 P -better than yesterday. Echo in chatter. -No sign of WJR at all! 3rd time in recent days! JJR-MI
760 MEXICO XEABC San Sebastián Chimalpa Sep18 1212 P "R. Canon" noted in chatter. Even w/WJR today. JJR-MI
760 MEXICO XEABC San Sebastián Chimalpa Sep15 1100 P solid. No WJR! "R.Canon, Mexico" no fading, alone! JJR-MI
900 MEXICO XEW Mexico City Sep26 1213 P-F male, female chatter, morn.talk -phones //stream. Alone. JJR-MI
940 MEXICO XEQ Mexico City Sep21 1218 F LOUD - SS songs - very quick "LaQ", unn. JJR-MI
1060 MEXICO XECPAE Mexico City Sep19 1157 P R.Education, after SS ballad. Alone. LID, calls! No KYW. JJR-MI
1090 MEXICO XEPRS Rosarito Sep19 1053 P very brief ESPN noted. Only fit. WAQE w/Fox Sports would take over. As XEPRS was in yesterday, & MEX was in today, this is not out of possiblity. JJR-MI
1090 MEXICO XEPRS Rosarito Sep17 1228 P ESPN. (I'm thinking, did WAQE flip to ESPN?) Nat'l ads, Subaru of San Diego. "the Mightier 1090! ESPN Radio" -no other West Coasters/MEX in! Unreal. Been a while! JJR-MI
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC
1116 unID TAs 9/11/23 0350 to 0430 UTC. 4 TA signals present upon tuning in @ 0350 UTC. 3 were unidentifiable, 1115.9950, 1115.9974, and 1116.0001. There were no frequency matches w/the /MWList website if you consider where the sun has risen across Europe. I am pretty sure 2 of them are the Spaniards. MWList has frequency posts for the Spaniards but the posts are too old (2015). TPK-WI
1116 GUERNSEY(UK) Saint Peter Port 9/11/23 0350 to 0430 UTC. A somewhat intermittent signal never rising above the 1110-1120 sideband level. It was still present @ 0430 when I tuned out cuz I couldn't stay awake, HI. Frequency was 1115.9996 with a recent MWList post(8/11/23) of 1115.9995. TPK-WI
Trans Pacific loggings: UTC
792 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 9/21/2023 910 to 1210 UTC. Steady signal staying above 790's USB level for the most part. Maximum was seen @ 1145 UTC peaking about 15 dBs over the USB level. Faded and gone by 1201 UTC. My LSR was 1137 UTC. Its frequency was 792.0023 with the latest (4/3/22) MWList post @ 792.002. TPK-WI
792 NEW ZEALAND Hamilton 9/21/2023 910 to 1210 UTC. Steady but weak signal embedded in 790's USB with a few brief peaks to 10 dBs over the USB level. Faded and gone by 1149 UTC. My LSR was 1137 UTC. Its frequency was 792.0016 with the latest MWList post ( 3/8/23) @ 792.0012. TPK-WI
1116 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 9/11/23 0945 to 1210 UTC. A lone strong signal always doing 10 to 20 dB over the 1110-1120 sideband level. Faded then lingered and gone by 1203 UTC. My LSR was 1126 UTC. Its frequency was drifting back and forth between 1115.9962 to 1115.9967. MWList's latest post(5/18/21) was 1115.9961. TPK-WI

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RD-NE Rick Dau South Omaha, NE
Sony ICF-2010, Quantum QX Pro loop
KDF-IL Karl D. Forth, Chicago, IL
Sangean ATS-909, DT-200VX, Bose Wave radio,
GH-IL Greg Harris, S. Chicago suburbs, IL
Icom R75/Quantum Loop/Terk Loop, Tecsun PL-330/Internal antenna.
Sangean DT200X/stock antenna, SRF-59 Ultralight/Stock antenna
TPK-WI, Tom Kirk, Milwaukee, WI
RFspace CloudIQ sdr w/a 140 foot, 2 wire phased system
TL-IN Tom Laskowski, South Bend IN
Airspy HF+ Discovery w/outdoor YouLoop
JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI
Grundig Satellit 750 -Terk AM1000 loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee,WI
Icom IC-R75 MFJ-959B tuner,preamp Kiwa loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
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