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HOT TIPS for Spring/Summer 2023
January-February 2023
Domestics:CENTRAL LW,PanAM/World:GMT
1270 KIML WY Cheyenne 12/25 1800 P end of song, LID-local nx. - XXX-WY

MAR AV:145.46 (^129.58) HI:409('05),LO:19('88) MAR'22:214 NOW:195 <- <-ABOVE AVERAGE AGAIN! MONTH #117 in-a-row! THANX for HOT TIPPING with DX-midAMerica SINCE 1981!
MOST reported frequency/HOT NOW:---, - reports!
******************** 3-22
***************************************** 3-05 BEST MARCH!
When there are multiple reports of one station, most recent logs are at the top, with the older logs pushed downward.
560 KLZ CO Denver 3/17 0705 Vp SSB (KLZ plays daily!) way u/CFOS. JJR-MI
600 CJWW SK Saskatoon 3/17 0702 P "Country 600, #1 for Country" into mx. CKAT(Country 600 also) lately says "North Bay" JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 3/20 0650 P no WREY. Calgary in, hoping for CHED! No way today! Fox nx, sports. "K-How" JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3
660 CFFR AB Calgary 3/20 0641 P news stories, nat'l in nature. City News 660. Alone. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 3/19 0648 P Traffic & wx next. This is City News 6-60, Everywhere! ReMax 1st! JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 3/17 0700 P LID, CityNews timeis 6 o'clock, City New 660, Everywhere! Alone. JJR-MI
690 WNZK MI Dearborn Heights 3/18 0700 P LID "690 days, 680 nights" played OVER REL preacher. Alone. JJR-MI
730 KWOA MN Worthington 3/19 0758 P AMerican ?????, Ryans Road in Worthington. Alone. JJR-MI
730 KWOA MN Worthington 3/18 0813 P "Fan" network chatter, just noted on KNFL. Alone, steady. JJR-MI
730 WPIT PA Pittsburgh 3/16 0653 P Alone, steady w/REL teaching - very low key //stream JJR-WI
730 WZGV NC Cramerton 3/13 0709 P ESPN fare. All alone. JJR-WI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 3/19 0757 P at the Holiday Inn, 15th Avenue in Fargo, while chasing others. JJR-MI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 3/18 0812 P "Fan" network chatter. No CFZM, WDGY. JJR-MI
750 WNDZ IN Portage 3/17 0735 Vp but ctting thru KBNN. Catholic Mass. No WSB, CKJH. JJR-MI
750 KBNN MO Lebanon 3/17 0735 P long, drawn out chatter on economy. Nat'l feed//stream. No WSB, CKJH. JJR-MI
760 KCCV KS Overland Park 3/18 0811 P Paster Roberts, REL teaching. No sign of WJR. JJR-MI
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 3/15 0740 P "Radio K, Rock & Roll over" & chatter. Don't hear this much.JJR-WI
770 KATL MT Miles City 3/20 0646 P This Love, Maroon 5 (same WW1 feed as local WCCY here.) Alone. JJR-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 3/20 0644 P "Ag News at ..., noon & 5 on ...the mighty 790 KGHL" after Crazy, Patsy Cline. JJR-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 3/19 0643 P for listeners in....790 K G H L thru KFGO WSGW. C&W music. JJR-MI
800 WVAL MN Sauk Rapids 3/18 0728 P "WVAL. Where is it on FM?" other person yells "102.3!" in promo. JJR-MI
800 WVAL MN Sauk Rapids 3/16 0650 Vp sports scores from MN given. No calls noted. CKLW in later. JJR-WI
830 WTRU NC Kernersville 3/13 0700 P REL preaching. LID, no sign of WCCO! JJR-WI
860 KWPC IA Muscatine 3/17 0730 P "meats in Muscatine" CJBC nulled. Been a long time! No KNUJ. Rare! JJR-MI
880 WRFD OH Columbus-Worthington 3/14 0715 Dr. J. Vernon McGee o/2 news stns (WCBS WMEQ?) JJR-WI
880 WMEQ WI Menomonie 3/17 0728 P AMerica's First News, "WMEQ is WMEQ Memonie and translator...."JJR-MI
880 WMEQ WI Menomonie 3/15 0735 P Student Transit (and website), NO CALLS! AMerica in the morning. JJR-WI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 3/19 0755 P OLD C&W songs. WLS totally gone. AgNews890. Alone. JJR-MI
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 3/14 0652 P Statler Bros, Tanya Tucker, Patsy Cline mx, finally a Real Country slogan. JJR-WI
930 KKIN Aitkin 3/18 0808 P "KKIN 930 & 103.1" tween 70's songs. Alone. JJR-MI
970 KQAQ MN Austin 3/19 0640 P talk of Latin Mass. Raymond Arrayo/EWTN feed. JJR-MI
970 KCFO OK Tulsa 3/14 0739 P but in over, equal to WHA. REL preaching. JJR-WI
980 KDSJ SD Deadwood 3/18 0646 P Beau Brummels, Elton John OLDies, calls, "and the Northern Hills at 103-5 FM" Alone. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 3/20 0636 P "CJME newstime is now 5:36" after Top3 movies over weekend. Alone. JJR-MI
1000 KSOO SD Sioux Falls 3/18 0759 P "at the Holiday Inn, Empire Mall, Sioux Falls" LID, Results Radio. WMVP nulled. Been a while! JJR-MI
1000 WLNL NY Horseheads 3/17 0720 P Hugh Hewitt, Pure Talk, Balance of Nature, NO CALL (of course) into Hewitt. WMVP nulled. Only fit:Salem Talk JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 3/20 0635 P "forecast today for the Calgary region... +3" Alone, steady. JJR-MI
1010 CFRB ON Toronto 3/16 0733 P "News Talk 1010 Toronto" after quick traffic report. Not so common this year. JJR-WI
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 3/20 0634 P steady w/REL in SS "Christo" -no KDKA until later. JJR-MI
1060 WILB OH Canton 3/16 0732 P Living Bread Radio ments in newscast. No KYW, poss WHFB in back. JJR-WI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 3/18 0753 P calls after C&W songs, lost to "103-1 KFIL" also w/C&W music. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 3/20 0633 P talk of strikes. "KNX News 97-1 FM" All alone, steady. JJR-MI
1080 WOAP MI Owosso 3/19 0716 P lively SS mx, LaPoderosa sweeper @ :18. No KYMN WNWI. JJR-MI
1080 WWNL PA Pittsburgh 3/20 0717 P tho steady. REL teaching. No KYMN WNWI. All alone. JJR-MI
1090 WENR TN Englewood 3/16 0728 P "423" are code "Tri-County's" Remodeling ad. Poor copy. JJR-WI
1090 WAQE WI Rice Lake 3/16 0727 P "the WAQE homepage" noted. Usually KAAY & lately WBAL here. JJR-WI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 3/18 0749 P "KXRB" jingle tween 2 C&W songs. JJR-MI
1150 KWKY IA Des Moines 3/15 0805 P EWTN chatter on Pope Francis, Easter, etc. Alone, steady, no WHBY JJR-WI
1150 WIMA OH Lima 3/14 0735 P "morning news from AM 1150 WIBA" 419 area codes given in ads. No WHBY. JJR-WI
1150 WEAQ WI Chippewa Falls 3/15 0722 P but "95-9 Jamz" jingle cut thru anything. No WHBY, again! JJR-WI
1150 CKOC ON hAMilton 3/17 0715 P tho alone. ON lottery, .ca address given. JJR-MI
AMazing reporters, AMazing TIPS! DX-midAMerica.com
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 3/19 0734 P -distorted SS talking. WYLL nulled. Not in 10 min later. Assumed. JJR-MI
1160 WCRT TN Donelson 3/14 0730 P news update from Bott Radio Network. Promos for programs. WYLL weak. JJR-WI
1170 KFOW MN Waseka 3/17 0816 P Hugh Hewitt into ads. Lost. Program match. Not common at all! JJR-MI
1170 KTSB OK Tulsa 3/17 0753 P sports talk, 918 a/c, "Stillwater News Press" editor, and teams. All alone! JJR-MI
1180 WLDS IL Jacksonville 3/14 0753 P various games + scores, then "5:30 on WLDS" Alone. Rare. JJR-WI
1180 WKCE TN Knoxville 3/14 0728 P "WKCE Music" jingle after Day Tripper by the Beatles. Alone. JJR-WI
1180 WKCE TN Knoxville 3/13 0725 Vp "WKCE is proud to present.." out of nowhere! Alone. JJR-WI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 3/13 0722 P REL chatter, Faith Radio ments. No WOWO. JJR-WI
1200 WFCN TN Nashville 3/14 2259 f- in alone with weather forecast, ID for WFCN and W245CK. TL-IN
1210 KGYN OK Guymon 3/14 2259 f- ID before ToH mixing with WPHT. Heard clear Guymon and Liberal mentions. TL-IN
1220 WLSD VA Big Stone Gap 3/15 0718 P uptemo woman jock "WLSD 92-5 the Vault, the city of Norton.... a/c's of 276 & 423 given in ads. Alone! Logged in 1979 C&W am/fm. Rare! JJR-WI
1220 CFAJ ON Saint Catharines 3/19 0731 P "Classic 1220 streaming at Classic1220.ca" tween songs. Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CFAJ ON Saint Catharines 3/18 0708 P songs by Hollies, Phoebe Snow, "Classic 1220" in between. JJR-MI
1230 WMPC MI Lapeer 3/18 0744 P in fade up. area code "8-1-Oh" given. Only fit. Short & sweet! JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 3/18 0745 P WheelerDealerMN.com, podcast promo, NO calls, into talk. JJR-MI
1250 CJYE ON Oakville 3/20 0712 P REL teaching. Alone:no WSSP KBRF etc. //stream. JJR-MI
1260 WPNW MI Zeeland 3/18 0837 P fade up "Joy Worship 96-5, 98-9" Christian music. No one dominates freq.JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 3/17 0750 P "96-5 - 1260 AM KDUZ" tween Bowie, Aerosmith songs. Alone. JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 3/17 0654 P & fadey. LID, "WWWI AM and FADE, an R&J..." Alone. JJR-MI
1290 WCBL KY Benton 3/14 2300 f- mixing with others but heard a clear WCBL ID after ToH. TL-IN
1290 CJBK ON London 3/20 0730 P "from the ???? London newsroom..." -woman newscaster. No WHIO CFRW. JJR-MI
1290tCJBK ON London 3/19 0708 P AlpineCredit.ca (address in BC. Funny 1290 would not carry news. CJBK best guess.)- Top stories of the week: transit workers in France striking. Alone. Assumed. JJR-MI
1300 WNQM TN Nashville 3/13 0709 P alone w/REL. Steady. Adrian Rogers. No WOOD KGLO JJR-WI
1310 KOKX IA Keokuk 3/14 0707 P Iowa references, "Iowa Agri-Business Network" -WIBA weak, gone. JJR-WI
1310 WDXI TN Jackson 3/15 0710 P songs by Vogues, Lettermen, Kool 103, then lost to WIBA. JJR-WI
1310 WDXI TN Jackson 3/13 0751 P songs by Supremes, 4 Seasons, Brenton Wood, "Kool 103"-no WIBA. JJR-WI
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 3/16 0722 P tho alone w/REL chatter. WILS weak today, again. JJR-WI
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 3/15 0753 P in fade up w/KELO. No WILS. LID at :59, after John MacArthur, Bott JJR-WI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 3/18 0835 P alone, "39 & sun, Sunday, Kelo News TALK 1320 & 107.9, Kelo.com" JJR-MI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 3/15 0751 P "News Talk 1320 KELO" contest #336-1320. LID at TOH - no WILS at all! JJR-WI
1340 KXPO ND Grafton 3/17 0806 P 6 mins of No.Dakota news. Only heard KXPO(ND) once. Best guess. JJR-MI
1360 WKMI MI Kalamazoo 3/18 0832 P hi:26, p cloudy, "WKMI or the WKMI app" No WTAQ. JJR-MI
1370 KWTL ND Grand Forks 3/14 0750 P "Sonrise Morning Show w/news on the top & bottom of the hr" no WSPD. JJR-WI
1370 KWTL ND Grand Forks 3/13 0745 P EWTN Sonrise Morning show (said a few times) Alone. JJR-WI
1380 WKJG IN Fort Wayne 3/20 0702 P Zip Recuiter, AMer Standard Htg-Cooling, "the Fan 1380, 100.9" chatter. JJR-MI
1380 KXFN MO Saint Louis 3/16 0715 P Gregorian chants, REL hymns. No WKJG, etc. JJR-WI
1380 KXFN MO Saint Louis 3/14 =0700 Vp w/REL songs:How Great Thou Art, AMazing Grace. "Relevant Radio" slogan noted, tho no calls. Assumed. JJR-WI
1380 WKJV NC Asheville 3/15 0705 Vp but cutting thru others. REL teaching //stream. No WKJG, etc. JJR-WI
1380 CKPC ON Brantford 3/20 0726 P REL teaching, "Arise Christian Radio-AM 1380" into traffic. Alone. JJR-MI
1430 WION MI Ionia 3/18 0828 Vp clear "WION" after Supremes' Where Did Our Love Go? JJR-MI
1430 WFOB OH Fostoria 3/20 0700 P weather, "from 1430AM, 105.7FM" If calls said, didn't hear. JJR-MI
1430 WYGI TN Madison 3/16 0711 Vp-P Songs by Chuck Mangione, Steppenwolf. Nashville's Greatest Hits. JJR-WI
1430 WYGI TN Madison 3/14 0723 P Hippie Radio jingle, Nashville's Greatest Hits, recent reports: stronger JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 3/14 0638 P "WZYX Rise & Shrine show" slogan said a few times. Atop. JJR-WI
1440 KPUR TX AMarillo 3/16 0705 P but AgNews cutting thru. wx: seemed cool (40's) Lost by :08. JJR-WI
1450 WHTC MI Holland 3/19 0745 P OKtirestores.net (Holland-Zeeland stores) into mx. Might have been nice to say calls. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 3/20 0722 P CJOY jingle after Aerosmith song. KXNO now coming in, but weak. JJR-MI
1470 KWSL IA Sioux City 3/17 0800 Vp LID, I Heart, Google, Apple ments into SS. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 3/17 0800 Vp "WFNT & WFNT.com" w/u KWSL. JJR-MI
1490 KLGR MN Redwood Falls 3/18 0818 P "here's your KLGR News Talk 1490 & 95.9 forecast" Weatherology.JJR-MI
1520 KRHW MO Sikeston 3/14 2257 g- C&W music, "Classic Country KRHW" ID. TL-IN
1540 WADK RI Newport 3/14 1842 p- in w/KXEL and an unid oldies/rock station, heard "WADK sports" and talk about the Celtics, NEW! TL-IN
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs 3/17 0744 P REL from Accelerate Church in AMarillo, Calls, next program. Alone. JJR-MI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 3/14 0722 P BetMGM chatter after a few psas. Alone, steady. JJR-WI
1600 KATZ MO Saint Louis 3/14 0800 Vp-P Black Gos programming in w/WZZW. LID, Hallelujah 1600, no KGYM. JJR-WI
1600 WZZW WV Milton 3/15 0745 P REL preaching, no KGYM. In again today //Pure Radio stream. JJR-WI
1600 WZZW WV Milton 3/14 0719 P REL preaching -KGYM weak. "Pure Radio" still in 41 min later for LID! JJR-WI
Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC
1413 UNID 3/16-17/23 2345 to 0040 UTC. 3 TA signals were present upon tuning in @ 2345, 1412.9988, 1412.9981, and 1412.9953. 1412.9953 was weak and buried in the 1410 USB mud but the other 2 were peaking almost 20 dBs over the USB level. At 0002 UTC a wide smeared signal showed up about 1412.9970, quickly peaked at 20 dBs over, then started to fade and was gone by 0009 UTC. If this was a grey-line event, 2 of the 9 chinese stations listed on 1413 have sunrises near 0002-0009 UTC, Hami and Ruoqiang. Hami's sunrise was @ 2355 UTC and Ruoqiang was @ 0016 UTC. Comilla, Bangladesh on this frequency had a sunrise of 0002 but their listed schedule sez they were off air @ the time. My local sunset was 2358 UTC. The 3 TA signals were most likely the 3 Spaniards listed on this frequency. TPK-WI
1431 unID 3/13-14/23 2350 to 0024 UTC. A weak, widened, and smeared signal centered about 1431.0000 showed up around 2350, peaked quickly to 10-20 dB over the 1430 USB, drifting slowly higher in frequency while fading and was gone by 0024 UTC. A widen and smeared signal suggests a sunrise or sunset and there is one station listed on 1431 that qualifies, Bandarban, Bangladesh! Bandarban had a 0000 UTC sunrise. The 6 Chinese and 2 Thai stations on this frequency all had sunrises an hour or more before hand. The 0000 UTC sunrise and my 2355 UTC sunset also implies possible enhanced grey-line propagation. TPK-WI
1431 DJIBOUTI, Djibouti 3/13-14/23 2330 to 0330 UTC. Carrier signal present upon tuning in @ 2330 UTC, 25 minutes before my local sunset. The signal was running 10 to 20 dBs above the 1430 USB level until about 0130 then started a gradual fade. Intermittent by 0305, gone by 0314 UTC. The frequency was holding steady @ 1431.0014. A frequency/fadeout-sunrise match. Latest MWList post(4-2-21) is 1431.0008 . Djibouti's sunrise was @ 0315 UTC. Note: Djibouti is the only TA listed on this frequency with any power-600 kilowatts. The next strongest station has only 350 watts. TPK-WI
1503 EGYPT, El-Arish 3/13/23 0345 to 0400 UTC. Found 3 signals on 1503 upon tuning in @ 0345 UTC, 1503.0003, 1502.9926, and 1502.9949. The 1503.0003 signal never rose above the 1500 USB level. It was faded and gone by 0354 UTC. A frequency/fadeout-sunrise match. El-Arish's sunrise was 0358 UTC w/ the latest(2-2-23) MWList posting @ 1503.0001. The other 2 signals were very likely the 2 Spaniards on this frequency. TPK-WI
------------------------------------------------------STANDARD BELOW, DAYLIGHT ABOVE
AMazing Mysteries/UNIDentified AMDX:
1150 UNID 3/7 0722 Vp "Real Country" morning, "Cub Cadet in St. Croix Falls" -Calls said 2x, like "WJMC" but that makes no sense. WJMC is 1240 in Rice Lake, WI. Stumped in South Milwaukee! JJR-WI
1620 unID 3/3 1930. Very poor but always there mixing w/KOZN-NE and sometimes WTAW-TX and a Lake County IL TIS. Someone was playing a steady diet of 1960's oldies. No match was found on the webstreams of the 5 regular stations, the Cubans, and the Virgin Islands. About a dozen online KIWI sdrs were also listened to with no luck. The station was off air when checked again @ 2020. A LPAM community radio station? A pirate? TPK-WI
550 KTSA TX San Antonio 3/7 0600 "Newstalk 550 KTSA" and A/C 210 Ad. Fair, no KTRS. NEW! GH-IL
600 CKAT ON North Bay 3/11 1752 g- long local North Bay ad string, promo for Country Classics on Country 600. TL-IN
680 KNBR CA San Francisco 3/2 0159 p- weak but alone, talk about the 49ers and easy KNBR ID. TL-IN
730 WJMT MI Merrill 3/9 0611 P local city news, Police blotter. No CKDM for a change. JJR-WI
800 WVAL MN Sauk Rapids 3/9 0622 Vp MN farm news, funures, wx, Linder Farm Network. Assumed. JJR-WI
870 KPRM MN Park Rapids 3/11 1816 g- Top 40ish music, "Eight Seven Oh KPRM. TL-IN
880 WMEQ WI Menomonie 3/9 0629 P News Talk WMEQ. 2 car ads/different dealers back to back. Ouch! JJR-WI
910 WGTO MI Cassapolis 3/9 0610 P -WOKY splash. MeTV-FM slogan, 1980's Geo.Michael song. No WFDF! JJR-WI
920 CKNX ON Wingham 3/11 1746 g- Alone, C&W, "Keeping you company, this is CKNX. Proud of our country". TL-IN
930 WRVC WV Huntington 3/9 0355 ESPN "Sports all night" and A/C 304 Ad. In WKBM null. NEW! GH-IL
940 WIDG MI St. Ignace 3/9 0625 P RELevant Radio content. No (closer) WFAW all morning, no CJGX. JJR-WI
950 KOEL IA Oelwein 3/9 0653 Vp "AM 950 KOEL" popped in/out as quick! WNTD weak, WWJ in back. JJR-WI
950 WWJ MI Detroit 3/7 0646 P "WWJ NewsRadio 9-50" Nothing great. Chasing others, no WNTD. Unusual. JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 3/8 0647 P "WGTK traffic", then wx "from the Wave..." replacing ??? JJR-WI
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 3/8 0645 P tho alone, "on 100.7 WHIN 1010 AM" JJR-WI
1010 KBBW TX Waco 3/7 1800 Poor to fair w/ no CFRB and WINS. End of a religious discussion program followed by a few Christian promos and PSAs . " From deep in the heart of Texas, 105.9 FM in Waco, 101.3 FM in Temple/??Killeen, 100.3 FM in Roundrock and all over central Texas on 10-10 AM, this is KBBW Waco Texas USA." TPK-WI
1060 WILB OH Canton 3/4 0648 P replacing KYW. Talk of Pope Francis, Mass, etc. Living Bread Radio. JJR-WI
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 3/9 1800 "Classic Country KFTI" Fair, No KHMO. NEW! GH-IL
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 3/4 0647 P uptempo SS mx, LaJefa announcement at :47. WTSO in back. JJR-WI
1080 WWNL PA Pittsburgh 3/8 0644 P in again today w/REL teaching//stream. No WNWI all morning, again. JJR-WI
1080 WWNL PA Pittsburgh 3/7 0645 P REL teaching//stream. No WNWI, which was unusual. JJR-WI
1090 WBAL MD Baltimore 3/4 0628 P traffic "on WBAL News Radio 1090 & 101.5FM" Alone. JJR-WI
1090 WTNK TN Hartsville 3/8 0640 P alone, "Greatest Hits of all time-Fun 93.5 WTNK" 80s oldies. JJR-WI
1100 WZFG MN Dilworth 3/12 0659 CST p- ID "This is AM 1100 and 92.3 FM WZFG ..." in with but mostly under WISS, NEW! TL-IN
1110 WBT NC Charlotte 3/7 0615 P Charlott ments, calls finally. No KFAB. Some WXES. JJR-WI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 3/7 0722 Vp Real C. Variety, KXRB AM1140, FM 100.1 ad for ??? Auto Group "Chev-GMC" JJR-WI
1150 WIMA OH Lima 3/4 0626 P News Talk WIMA, w/OH and Buckeye mentions. No WHBY all morning. JJR-WI
1150 CKOC OH Hamilton 3/7 0613 P Bloomberg Radio 1150 - market futures. No WHBY today. JJR-WI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 3/1 0613 P Sask. Country-CJ1150, -16 Wind Chill -24. Uptempo host. No WHBY. JJR-MI
1180 WKCE TN Knoxville 3/4 0639 P Treat Me Nice, Elvis, "Mid-Century Radio WKCE" into another OLDie. JJR-WI
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 3/4 0624 Vp w/thru weak WOWO. Chaplains near time of death. Faith Radio. JJR-WI
1250 CHSM MB Steinbach 3/1 0610 Vp "Look for the Good in People" song, M-F morn chatter. Alone. JJR-MI
1270 WWCA IN Gary 3/7 0610 P Sonrise Morning Show (EWTN) -alone. Best guess. JJR-WI
1270 KYSJ MO Saint Joseph 3/8 0719 Vp w/others. "St.Joseph's...102" Catch of the day! Been a while. JJR-WI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 3/8 0700 P LID, WLIK jingle, CBS news, replacing other, I was chasing. OLDies. JJR-WI
1280 WGBF IN Evansville 3/8 0718 P News Talk 1280 WGBF after ad I could not copy. JJR-WI
1280 WGBF IN Evansville 3/7 0634 P News-Talk 1280 WGBF into Dave rAMsey. Alone all morning. JJR-WI
1290 WHIO OH Dayton 3/1 0532 P Ohio Valley's Morning News on WHIO. Alone. No CFRW. JJR-MI
1300 WRDZ IL La Grange 3/2 0647 P fluttery fades, tho POLish chatter, mx cut thru. No WOOD KGLO. JJR-MI
1300 WNQM TN Nashville 3/7 0716 P REL teaching. No WOOD, KGLO. //stream. JJR-WI
1310 KOKX IA Keokuk 3/7 0703 P but no WIBA! "the Road of Honor (Vet cemetery) City of Keokuk" in newscast. JJR-WI
1310 WCCW MI Traverse City 3/8 0205 g- classic country, Shania Twain song then "WTCM Gold" ID. TL-IN
1310 WDXI TN Jackson 3/10 0201 f- heard the word "oldies" and a clear WDXI mention, under WCCW. TL-IN
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 3/9 0642 P REL:JDr. J. Vernon McGee. No WILS! Mitchell Int'l TIS weak underneath. JJR-WI
1350 WOAM IL Peoria 3/4 0622 P very, very old NOS songs (1940's) Calls. Alone. JJR-WI
1350 WSIQ IL Salem 3/7 1850 f- ID "Your home for real country now on AM and FM, WSIQ Salem", NEW! TL-IN
1380 WGLM MI Greenville 3/5 2102 "WGLM March Madness.." Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1380 KHWK MN Winona 3/7 0700 P LID for AM-FM translator into ABC news. No WKJG, others. JJR-WI
1380 WKJV NC Asheville 3/8 0622 P online ments of Pure GOS. So GOS in for almost an hour. No WKJG, etc. JJR-WI
1420 WOC IA Davenport 3/2 0646 P tuned in to hear "WOC" into local newscast. No KTOE. JJR-MI
1430 WCMY IL Ottawa 3/4 0620 P "93-5 - 1430 WCMY" after Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Jimmy Rogers. JJR-WI
1430 WFOB OH Fostoria 3/8 0714 P State Farm agent, a/c 419, wx:hi 42, "AM 1430 & 105.7" Been a while. JJR-WI
1430 WYGI TN Madison 3/7 0630 P No More Mr. Nice Guy, Alice Cooper, News at :30 Nashville ments. Atop. JJR-WI
1430 WYGI TN Madison 3/4 0648 P Forest Hills in Franklin, LID for FM, AM, Nashville's Greatest Hits, Scott Shannon's AMerica's Greatest Hits. JJR-WI
1430 WBEV WI Beaver Dam 3/9 0707 P WI Bird Flu, local news, political ad. Usually WNXT here. JJR-WI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 3/8 0713 Vp w/Ave Maria ment. Host chatting w/Cath. Bishop. JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 3/8 0711 P 94.5 the Eagle after Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. JJR-WI
1470 KWAY IA Waverly 3/11 1740 g- C&W, "The music is just right, K-way country FM 96.3". TL-IN
1470 WIBD WI West Bend 3/2 0705 P ??? "hiring for all 3 shits in West Bend" "for WIBD news,..." No WMBD, etc JJR-MI
1480 WHBC OH Canton 3/7 0627 P w/"on WHBC" while chasing others. Lost to a weak WLMV. JJR-WI
1490 WTIQ MI Manistique 3/9 0702 P "Upper Michigan's Most Trusted news" Logged as Top40 in 1971! JJR-WI
1490 KXRA MN Alexandria 3/9 0638 P AMeriprise Financial, 817 B'way in Alexandria. w/others, but above. JJR-WI
1490 WLXR WI LaCrosse 3/2 0621 P "1490 the Eagle, Junior's Farm" (by Wings) into wx thru Saturday. JJR-MI
1500 WFED DC Washington 3/4 0700 VP CBS News sounder. All I heard, so this is assumed. JJR-WI
1500 WLQV MI Detroit 3/4 0605 P REL teaching, No KSTP! Nice! JJR-WI
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 3/7 0723 P many IL sports, local ments/tems in HS boys/girls sports. No calls heard. JJR-WI
1520 KSIB IA Creston 3/4 0659 Vp "Kool 102" sweeper tween several OLDies. JJR-WI
1520 WVXN WI New Holstein 3/4 0657 Vp Lido Shuffle, Boz Scaggs, o/???? LID:TOH JJR-WI
1530 WYGR MI Wyoming 3/7 0708 P -WCKY down for two mins alowing "Jethro FM" & real old C&W song. Rare! JJR-WI
1550 KAPE MO Cape Girardeau 3/7 0652 P fill in for Hugh Hewitt, NO CALLS into show content after ad. Assumed. JJR-WI
1570 WLKD WI Minocqua 3/9 0700 P w/NOS, LID for "105.7..." and the AM. Usually FM is NEVER mentioned! JJR-WI
1580 WHLY IN South Bend 3/4 0611 P softer SS song, LaRaza slogan. No CKDO. JJR-WI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 3/8 0649 P betting odds, special broadcasts. No CKDO. JJR-WI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 3/4 0654 P Baseball chatter, BetMGM, Audacy app. Never say call tho... JJR-WI
1600 WWRL NY New York 3/2 0303 "B.I.N 1600" Briefly peaked then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1600 WZZW WV Milton 3/7 0648 P REL teaching. Pure Radio feed. No KGYM until much later! JJR-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
610 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Entrouque Mar1 0344 UTC, fair with speech by man in SP. //710, 1180. CR-IL
660 MEXICO XEFZ Mexico San Nicolás de los Garza Mar1 0410 UTC g- American rock and oldies, matches stream for XEFZ but about 30 seconds ahead, ABC Deportes IDs, NEW! TL-IN
830 MEXICO XEITE Aculco Radio Omega Mar1 0331 UTC, weak and alone on frequency in SP with interview and Mexican music. CR-IL
860 CUBA Radio Reloj, Jovellanos Mar1 0401 UTC, "RR" code and time pips cutting through unid stations. CR-IL
870 CUBA Radio Reloj, Baracoa Mar1 0405 UTC, code and pips heard throug WWL and the wobbler. CR-IL
950 CUBA Radio Reloj, Arroyo Arena Mar1 0412 UTC, pips and code heard under local WNTD. WWJ also in the mix. CR-IL
1020 CUBA Radio Artemis, Bahia Honda Mar1 0417 UTC, mixing with KDKA. Matched with web stream. CR-IL

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Trans Atlantic loggings: UTC
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
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GH-IL Greg Harris, S. Chicago suburbs, IL
Icom R75/Quantum Loop/Terk Loop, Tecsun PL-330/Internal antenna.
Sangean DT200X/stock antenna, SRF-59 Ultralight/Stock antenna
TPK-WI Tom Kirk, Milwaukee WI
Rfspace CloudIQ sdr w/about 140 feet of wire strung thru the backyard
TL-IN Tom Laskowski, South Bend IN
Airspy HF+ Discovery w/outdoor YouLoop
JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI
Grundig Satellit 750 -Terk AM1000 loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee,WI
Icom IC-R75 MFJ-959B tuner,preamp Kiwa loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock
CR-IL Christos Rigas, Wood Dale IL
Drake R8, Sony ICF-2010, Quantum QX Pro Loop, Alpha-delta sloper
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