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Welcome KJ Bleus' Classic Marantz Gear Showcase

Here's a glimpse at what I've been doing with my passion for classic Marantz gear from the 1970's. It all started for me back in 1972, when I purchased a basic audio set-up that included a Marantz 2230 receiver. From that humble beginning, as a poor student at the University of Wisconsin, I came to be quite attracted to the quality sound reproduction and looks of Marantz. In the mid 1970's I purchased Model 2220B and 2325 receivers, a 6100 turntable, and my first 5420 cassette deck. All those components are still in my possession, with additional goodies accumulated over the years.

During the early 2000's, I became reacquainted with the enchanting appeal of classic Marantz gear, and I've purchased several additional components to create a modest stable of dream systems that now are placed in several locations within my living and work environs. That includes two Model 3800 console pre-amplifiers, 170DC amplifiers, a 125 tuner, and (my most recent acquisition) a fantastic 4300 quadraphonic receiver (now in repair and modification mode). With that, I've also recently rehabbed two more used 5420 cassette decks, which I feel are really quite excellent analog decks for all-purpose recording and remixing old vinyl and other non-commercial collectibles. Rebuilt my original 2220B receiver and grabbed a nice 2235B receiver in wood case during 2010. Recently purchased two Cd-63 SE disc players to piece together a classic for daily use. Now that the internet is so very widely accessible, I felt it would be keen to expand and redesign the KJ Bleus web pages that display information regarding some of these fine classic components. Well, enough written about my Marantz gear possessions, I'll allow you to peruse the info/graphics on these web pages !!!

Marantz Model 2325 Receiver - The "old reliable" powerplant in my audio gear collection.
Oh Yeah, 44 years of constant use, and now completely rehabbed for a few more decades !!!

Marantz Model 2325 Receiver ~ Cover off view w/ vital parts identified, August 1975
Marantz Model 2325 Receiver promotional advert, August 1975
Marantz Model 2325 Receiver technical review article, August 1975

Marantz Model 2325 Receiver product reviews from collectors, at AudioReview.Com

Return of KJ Bleus' Rehabbed Marantz 2325 Receiver (March 2018) ..... Primo !!!

Bleusy's Marantz 2325 Receiver Rehab Showcase

Its been a long time coming, and the rehabilitation of Bleusy's Marantz 2325 Receiver was accomplished during early 2018.
Two years down the road and all is good, its a treasure to behold. Actually, I'm extra fortunate with the outcome,
as the service provider is no longer business worthy. Read and view the showcase pages that detail the project.

Jahrgang Audio Ingenieur's Marantz Receiver Showcase

The KJ Bleus recording studio (1996), originally powered (seems for ever now) by classic Marantz components

Marantz 5420 Stereo Cassette Deck

Featuring the Marantz Model 5420 Stereo Cassette Deck

Model 5420 Cassette Technical Specifications page

Model 5420 Cassette Deck - Exploded View Diagram

Model 5420 Cassette Deck - Technical Review in High Fidelity Magazine, April 1976

Model 5420 Cassette Deck Advert, High Fidelity Magazine, April 1976

More Classic Marantz Adverts - A "Blast from the Past".....

Demagnetizing Cassette Decks FAQ

Marantz Model 4300 Receiver (the "latest addition" in my audio gear collection!)

Marantz Model 4400/4300 Quadraphonic Receivers - Classic Marantz advert from 1974

Marantz Model 4300 Quadraphonic Receiver - Technical review from Stereo Review Magazine, April 1974

More neat images coming, when I've got some spare time to devote to this webpage. Next will be details on the Model 3800 pre-amp, then the Model 125 tuner. Sometime in the future I'll get into something about the Model 170DC amp. Hopefully, during the winter months..... .

Marantz Model 3800 pre-amplifier

Marantz Model 125 tuner

Marantz Model 125 Tuner technical review article, August 1975

Marantz Model 170DC amplifier

Coming soon - A progress report on the integration of a NakStack (that is, two Nakamichi unidirectional analog cassette decks) integrated with BlueSwapper's studio Marantz system. A demonstration that Marantz and Nakamichi components can co-exist successfully!!!

Welcome to BlueSwapper's Nakamichi Cassette Deck CyberSpot

New and Improved MarantzTalk 2020!!!

No fuss, no muss! By subscribing to MarantzTalk 2020, you will be able to participate in discussions with other classic Marantz gear enthusiasts! If you have any difficulties, or want to comment on the MarantzTalk email list, you can contact the eGroup administrator directly (email me below).

Information about MarantzTalk 2020 eGroup

Coming Soon ~ Classic Marantz specifications reference

Phenomenal!!! Marantz/Nippon Audiophile website

Marantz/Worldwide website

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