Created 1 January 2002

Marantz 5420 Stereophonic Cassette Deck

The Model 5420 cassette deck is a phenomenal piece of engineering. The Marantz/Superscope design team built a solid cassette tape mechanism that includes dual recording source input and output, plus a "panpot" recording redistribution capability that is quite versatile and fun to use. Excellent analog monitor viewing capabilities, and a nice console design for comfortable control of recording/playback functions.

Model 5420 Specifications:

Marantz Model 5420 Stereophonic Cassette Deck

General Feature Details - First Year 1976 - 1980; Wood Case Yes; Silver Face Yes; Channels Two; AC Switch Yes; Power Requirements 120 VAC/60Hz; Power Consumption 25 Watt; Physical Feature Details - Width 17 inches; Height 6 inches; Depth 12 inches; Weight 19 lbs; Tape Deck Feature Details - Transport Record Yes; Transport Play Yes; Transport Pause Yes; Transport Fast Forward Yes; Transport Rewind Yes; Tape Eject Yes (Mechanical); Mic Inputs Yes; Tape Counter Yes (Mechanical); Counter Reset Yes (Mechanical); Memorized Location Return Yes; Dolby Noise Reduction Yes; Dolby Record Lamp Yes; Peak Indicator Lamps L/R; Record Lamp Yes; Bias Selection Chr02/Fe/Normal; Equalization Selection Chr02/Fe/Normal; Auto Shutoff Yes; Record Limiter Yes; Line Record Level Dual; Mic Record Level Dual; Record/Mixer (Panpot System) Yes; VU Meters Dual (blue/red); Deck Orientation Top Console; Technical Specifications - Signal to Noise Ratio (w/o Dolby NR); Fr-Chr & ChrO2 tape 52db; Normal tape 48db; (w/ Dolby NR) +8db; Total Harmonic Distortion 0.2%; Frequency Response - Fr-Chr tape 30Hz to 17Hz; ChrO2 tape 30Hz to 16Hz; Normal tape 45Hz to 14Hz; Wow & Flutter 0.07% WRMS; Input Impedance - Microphone 10Kohms; Line 68Kohms; Input Sensitivity - Microphone 0.25mv (-70db); Line 70mv (-21db); Line Output Level 900mv (+1db); Line Output Impedance 8Kohms; Headphone Impedance 8ohms.

Model 5420 Cassette Deck - Exploded View Diagram

Model 5420 Cassette Deck - Technical Review in High Fidelity Magazine, April 1976

Model 5420 Cassette Deck Advert, High Fidelity Magazine, April 1976

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