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Welcome to Van Alst’s Spirit World! ·

What is the “Spirit World?” Is this where ghosts haunt? ·

What’s the difference between the “Lord’s time” and the “time” of the Earth? ·

Is this where lost spirits dwell? Is this “world” in another dimension? · What happens after we die? Is our “death” the gateway

to the afterlife? · Is the “deceased” of the flesh suppose to “haunt” the life of the flesh? ·

With all mankind’s advanced technology and scientific knowledge, why can’t we find the answer of ghosts and hauntings? ·

Why have “Ghost” sightings as well as events of the “Unexplained” becoming more evident in today’s society? ·

Is the “Spirit World” good or evil? ·

What does God’s word say in reference to the “spirit world?” ·

Is our “death” the end, or just the beginning? ·

What will our life look like when viewed from the “death bed” prospective? What will be important?

These, as well as countless other questions remain, with no one to answer them. According to the Discovery Channel, the Number #1 question in mankind is:

What happens after we die?

Death is a subject usually avoided, often feared, but is inevitably faced by all of us. To some, death is merely the doorway to the traditional concept to heaven or hell. To others, it’s the bridge to reincarnation, or a graduation to a higher place, and still others feel death as the end. “The scientific termination of existence.”

Many are too busy to concern themselves with the subject. Sigmund Friod said, “At the bottom, no one believes in his own death.” In the conscience, everyone is convinced of his own immortality. If you haven’t given thought to your own “death”, it is approaching, and is deserving of your consideration. Not in morbid preoccupation, but in curiosity and awe, the natural phenomena, as full of mystic now, as when time began.

Think about it.

The answers are here.

Enjoy the site.

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