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How to conduct a Spirit Investigation

Permission, Respect, Safety

“Ghost hunting”, a more familiar term, has been taken up by several people today, visiting well known haunted sites, and trying to even make contact with those of the “Spirit world”. Shortly after watching the “St. Francisville Experiment”, I soon realized that “this” was the film I would use in the training of my team, of “what not to do” on a regular ghost hunt. If you are going to research any part of the Spirit, great care must be taken to ensure success. I see so many things that people do wrong in conducting a ghost hunts, that it’s beyond my comprehension. I hope this report will help those who are truly serious in finding out how to conduct a real Spirit Investigation.

Let’s get started:

The basics: ·

Take the research seriously. There’s a real problem with those who like to “play around” while visiting a haunted site. There’s no time for this. Human arrogance also has no place here. ·

Permission: Always gain permission by property owner, as well as those you come to visit. ·

Respect all surroundings. Both physical and of the Spirit. You are a visitor on their property. ·

Safety: Take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of you, your team members, as well as the property.

Now, let’s begin:

With over 250 on-site investigations conducted, I have learned, on many levels, that even basic “common sense” has been ignored, mostly due to human arrogance, as well as, not taking these kinds of investigations seriously. Some of the things stated in this report are contrary of to all you have learned.

First things first.

Your team’s attitude

You and your team are “guests” only. You are not there “to help” the ghosts, to cleanse, or, to free these earthbound souls, and, you are not here to goof off. You do not “understand” them, nor do you have the right to misuse your visit, in any way. Also, you are not there to visit “the dead”. I assure you, these Spirits are very much alive. Show no fear, at anytime. Spirits are unstable at best, and, some are not even aware of their passing. Ghosts come in a way not foreseen by man, as the past history of the Spirit has always proven. You are there to research the unexplained, and to get footage of ghosts.


There are also several misinterpreted expressions that are mentioned during a ghost investigation. V.S.I. has discovered that to research the “unexplained” realm of ghosts and hauntings, a lot of these statements related to hauntings simply do not work. Though many would dispute this, there’s no evidence that these practices succeed. Here are just a few:

The “White light”

Many people believe that the “white light” gives them protection from evil spirits while on investigations. “White light” has been determined by man to be a light in which, peace, protection, and God, the Creator of all, surrounds them. Nothing can be further from the truth. 2 Corinthians 11:14: “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” Yes, light indeed!

Performing rituals:


Rituals are “statements” given to investigators, physics, as well as mediums, by those who believe that the words help to cleanse, protect and communicate with those of the Spirit. Mere “chosen” words do not help. Spirits only get angered at these words, for they are not spoken in Spirit. Words by man do not help in the understanding of the Spirit. Never has, never will. V.S.I. performs no rituals of the property.


V.S.I. does not believe in conducting séances, period. All they do is anger spirits on the property. Performing séances within the walls of a “haunted” dwelling has always given negative results. When séances are performed, those who participate make themselves vulnerable to the spirits. Everything from physical harm to spirit possession can happen.

“Respect the dead”


You hear this a lot. Even Jesus Christ himself, had no respect for the dead. “Matthew 8:21-22: “And another of his disciples said unto him, “Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.” But Jesus said unto him, “Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.”

Luke 9:60 repeats this statement. You are not investigating the dead, but the living. Keep that in mind.

“Spirit Time”, the time of a ghost

It’s so important to know this. The time of a ghost is different than of the physical. As people try to communicate with Spirits, they refer to “worldly” time, and a ghost’s time as the same. What are decades to us, are mere minutes to a Spirit. The understanding of “Spirit time” is the partial awareness of a ghost’s existence. V.S.I. has learned through spirit communication that “spirit time” is in fact, “the time of a ghost” and helps immensely in the understanding of a spirit’s existence. V.S.I. stands behind this, and uses it on every investigation.

Use it, it helps!!

“Making peace with a house.”

A house is made of earthly materials. Matthew 6:21: “ For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” No peace is within a house, if a ghost dwells within it, because it’s “heart” and spirit stays within the house. You are not going to make peace. “True” peace is only made from within. If a ghost chooses to stay, it doesn’t rest in peace. Your visit to the haunted site doesn’t change that.

“The Ouija Board”

Talk about adding fuel to the fire! Do not use this game! Ever! I have been to several sites where séances as well as spirit boards were used. The most common, the “Ouija” board, is taken usually as a “game” only. Though many use the game as innocent fun, untold dangers of which human understanding cannot comprehend often result. Once you “summon” spirits through this board, you have no control of what kind of spirits enter.

“Paranormal Experts”

In the realm of ghosts, there are two, and only two. The Father and the Master. Anyone who states that they are a paranormal “expert” is simply incorrect. The “unexplained” is what it is. If someone is in fact an “expert” in that of the unexplained, it would no longer be “unexplained”, would it?

There are several habits that you need to practice, to have a successful Spirit investigation, to protect yourself, as well as your fellow researchers. There have been several cases where investigations have gone wrong, due to being unprepared. The things I have learned in Spirit research are contrary to most practices in the field. While most investigations are “scientifically” based, I believe that true ghost investigations are based on the “Spirit.” After all, that’s what ghosts are. “Spirits.”

Remember, with spirits, you are entering in “uncharted” territory. There are many dangers in this “other dimension”, both apparent, as well as hidden. Remember, our spirit is the “real” us, in the physical, and doesn’t change when the flesh dies. The spirit appears in the womb forward, from the beginning of life. With this being said, there is good as well as evil, in spirit. The only thing that’s “different” is the “body.”

Fundamental habits “before” visiting a haunted site. ·

Always visit the community’s cemetery:

A lot can be learned from this. Pick out the most common “decade” of the deceased. These “dates of death” show the era of which the community suffered most in life. Also, research and visit the gravesites related to your visit. (Owners of property, family, etc.) ·

Research the history of the community: Knowing the community’s history helps in the understanding of “daily” living within the society. It will also help in the “identifying” of spirits. ·


The protection against “malevolent”, or “evil” spirits is always a concern. Prayer is essential for protection as a team, as well as an individual. You don’t want to feel the “wrath” of a spirit. Pray in “Spirit” to be protected in “Spirit.” It works! ·

Conduct a “walk through” of the haunted site during the day: Familiarize yourself with the property’s surroundings. Conducting a walk through of the property helps in the knowledge of haunted activity, as well as paranormal “hot spots.” ·

Have a plan of the investigation: Meet with your team members prior to the investigation. Go over the property site together, with each participant stating his or her intentions. Practice P.R.S. on both levels. (Spirit and Flesh) Check and explain uses of the “ghost hunting” tools. Make sure that all team members understand their purpose.

Good habits “during” an investigation: ·

Never go alone: Always have someone with you at all times. If there are only “two” in the team, stay together. If something “unexplained” does happen, you have a witness, as well as someone to record the event. ·

Always be recording:

Keep recording on audiotape expressing your feelings as well as recording audio and photographic footage. As far as video footage, (unless for “documentary” purposes), always mount camcorder to a stable foundation. By doing this, the recording process will not be interrupted by “natural” mistakes. Also, you want to concentrate on your “spiritual” surroundings, not messing with a camcorder. “Strategically” place recorders throughout the haunted site. ·

Always be alert: Be ready for anything. Concentrate on “your” immediate surroundings. Stay in touch with other team members. Use Permission Respect, and Safety at all times. Remain calm if anything “unexplained” happens. Never become “unstable” on a ghost investigation. If a team member does, it’s up to the investigation leader to evaluate the situation on whether or not the team member stays.

Bad habits of an investigation: ·

Goofing off:

This is the #1 mistake of ghost hunting. Take the investigation seriously. If your there to goof off, your wasting your time as well as your teammates. You’re not there to “scare” anyone, or abuse your visit to a haunted site in any way. ·

Poor planning: Always plan your investigation. Never go on a haunted site without permission. Most cemeteries are open to the public. These are easily accessible. Obey all rules, and if asked to leave, do so. Always know where your team members are. Be respectable of other guests as well as the ghosts. ·

Drugs and Alcohol:

They don’t go with a ghost investigation! Anything that impairs the judgment of a team member during an investigation cannot be good. Period! ·

Too much imagination:

On a haunted site, imaginations often get carried away. Most happenings can be explained; the ones that can’t are the ones you want to encounter. Don’t let your imagination run away with you.

“Explain until it becomes unexplained.”