About The Raven

Likes and Dislikes
I love all types of music , I find something I like
in every category, oldies, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, gothic,jazz, blues, pop, country,
rap, soul, classical etc.

Favorite All time bands:
Journey, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black sabbath, Nugent,
Eagles, Foreigner, Reo, Peter Frampton,
Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Guns n Roses, Joe Walsh, ZZ Top, Scorpions, Steve miller Band,
U2, Lynrd Skynrd, Aerosmith, Queen, Bachman Turner Overdrive, War, Nine Inch Nails,Evanescence, Puddle of Mudd and quite a few more!

Favorite All time songs:
Lights (jounrney), Strangelhold (Nugent), Do you feel like I do (Frampton),
Last Child (Aerosmith) You dropped the bomb on me (Gap band), Strawberry Letter 22,
Jackie Blue, Brother Louie, EmmaEmily, Horse With No Name, Someone save my life tonight,
Bennie and the jets, Free Bird, Lets get together,
I'll be around, Pillow talk, Could it be im falling
in love, reeling in the years, china grove, black water, drift away, Dirty Laundry, Relax, feels like the first
time, sugar sugar, getting hot here, blurry, feel like a woman
believe (cher) In the air tonight, Run to you,
spooky, most of these are the older songs and a whole lot more!
There are so many more, dance songs, and newer ones, but those are the ones i love to hear when out for a drive.

Lilacs, Red Roses

Coke, sierra mist, pepsi twist, mountain Dew (the orange and the red), banana shakes, miller lite,
bloody mary, daiquiris, margueritas, amaretto and oj,
tequilla, baileys, White zinfindale

Favorite Foods:
Steak Burritos, Tai food, Gyros, all shell fish, all oriental food

graveyard photos, painting, computer art, gravestone rubbings,writing dark poetry, visiting as many dark, goth, horror sites as possible, fishing. My favorite season is Fall, favorite holidays Halloween, Christmas

Cadbury bars,white chocalate, red vines, good n plenty, red hots, hot tamales, reeses, snickers crunch, Boston
baked beans, lemon heads, pumpkin seeds (Davids)crunchers (Jalepeno flavored) homemade salsa, and chips.

Black, red, purple, green

Pepsi, fish (like to go fishing, but hate fish), being on the phone, being lied to, when i am crabby, stuck up people, when people do not consider others feelings, to cook (but have to do it all the time) day time (prefer night)
Two Chinese Shar-peis, one black lab, one turtle, and five hermit crabs.

Perfumes i like: There is an oil perfume call "Egyptian Goddess" god it smells so good, but have not got any yet,
vanilla fields, musk,Liz claiborn, all soft scents.

Hair: kind of long, red and black change color often!

Eyes: Grey/blue
height: 5'8
Married, with children
I will probably add a few more things in time.

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