Cemetary Stones

The pictures below were taken at a Cemetary in Chicago last week, these gravestones are exceptionally beautiful, and a couple of them have an unusual story attached to them.
The first two pictures are of a gravestone sculptured into the little girl who passed away many years ago, The story goes like this: This family decided to go on a picnic, everyone was having fun, and enjoying the day, but it began to rain, it began to rain really hard, and the thunder started and lightning, the little girl was then struck and killed by a lightning strike, the parents so devasted over the loss of their precious little girl, had this beautiful sculptered head stone made in her image which is incased in glass. It is said that on stormy nights, the sculptured figure disappears,along with other strange occurrences, night watchmen from the past of even quit their jobs. (So the story goes)

The next 3 pictures are of a statue that supposed to give you an eerie feeling when your near it, and a few other strange things, photos are not suppose to take well of him but mine turned out good, this statue was once all black , but due to years and years of harsh weather the only thing that remains black is his face, he is a creepy fellow.

The rest of the photos have stories I am sure, but what they are , I don't know, not yet anyway! Some of these gravestones/monuments are 18-20 feet high!

These photos were taken by me at St. Casmir Cemetary in Chicago.

The pictures below were take at St.Pauls Cemetary just behind Graceland cemetary in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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